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Domestic Seller FAQ


What products can I sell on Marketplace?

All available product categories are listed on the seller commission page. Currently, all products selling on must be listed with price in Canadian Dollar. If you would like to request a specific category not listed above please email

How to copy your items from (US) to (Canada)?

If you have already listed your products through Newegg Marketplace on, you can list the same product listings to by following the steps here.

Are there promotional opportunities for Marketplace sellers?

Yes. Our promotional vehicles provide opportunities to help sellers drive sales, provided they meet our criteria. Our Merchandising Team works closely with our sellers to develop a structured plan, which identifies and targets successful marketing vehicles for optimal performance.


How and when do I get paid?

Merchants are paid every Wednesday on a Net 15 term for all orders that shipped in the Newegg system. Funds are deposited directly into your specified account once a week via ACH transfers, so you will typically receive payment between 15-21 days. Payment details will be emailed to you weekly, and you can also access each settlement under your Seller Portal Account.

For Paypal Users: You may select to enable Paypal as a supplement payment option to receive up to Canadian dollar equivalent to USD $10,000 of Newegg settlement to your account for each pay period. Any remaining balance over Canadian dollar equivalent to USD $10,000 on the settlement for the pay period will be paid via ACH to your bank account.

Why am I not receiving payments for my recent orders?

Below are several reasons why you may not be receiving payment:

  • The account holder name we have on file for your bank records may be incorrect, please double check in the Seller Portal.
  • The bank account information you have entered may be incorrect or outdated. In order to receive payment from Newegg Canada, transit (branch) number, financial institution number, bank name and bank account number are required. Please double check this information and update it with any changes to process your ACH payments.
  • Payments are issued to sellers who have accumulated $25 CAD or more in sales ($100 CAD or more in sales for international sellers). Payment will be held until your sales reach this threshold.

Do I receive payment settlements?

We will email you a statement every time we pay you. You also have access to download statement by logging in to the Seller Portal.

Follow these directions:

  1. On the navigation bar, click on “Business Report” and then on “Payment Reports“.
  2. Click on “Settlements” -> “Search” and then click on the “View Transactions” link for the settlement you wish to review.
  3. You will be prompted to the Transaction Detail page. From this page, click on the “Export All” button on the bottom right corner. You will be prompted to save the file; once saved, you can open the file to review your payments in Microsoft Excel.

Sales Tax

How GST, PST or HST is collected on Marketplace orders?

Marketplace Sellers are responsible to set up how the tax is collected on their orders.

Depending on customer’s shipping address and which province or territory the order is shipped to, Newegg Canada will collect GST, PST/QST or HST according to laws and regulations from relevant Federal or/and Provincial tax authorities.

Follow these directions:

  • Newegg Canada will collect GST/HST in all CANADIAN provinces for transactions on the Newegg Canada website and remit the GST/HST to sellers according to Newegg Canada Marketplace payment terms. Sellers take the responsibility to remit the GST/HST to the applicable government agency.
  • Upon Seller providing Newegg Canada with authorization and the related province registration number(s), Newegg Canada can help sellers collect the PST (QST for Quebec) in Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia for transactions on the Newegg Canada website. The collected PST/QST will be paid to seller in the next settlement. Seller takes the responsibility to remit the PST/QST to appropriate provincial tax authorities. Seller can provide authorization and corresponding province registration number(s) through ‘Tax Settings’ function on Seller Portal.
  • Marketplace Seller is responsible to set up how the tax is collected on its orders.

What If a customer contacts me regarding sales tax?

Please advise the customer to contact our support team by emailing We will be glad to address all questions and concerns.

I am a Seller using SBN service. How does this status affect my tax settings?

Regardless of whether Sellers are leveraging the Shipped by Newegg (SBN) fulfillment service or opt for their own fulfillment, sellers are seller of record. As such, Seller is fully responsible for the collection and remittance of taxes on the sales transactions seller conducts on DOMESTIC sellers have the option to collect PST in 4 provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec and British Columbia, only if they have a separate business registration # in any of the fore mentioned provinces. INTERNATIONAL sellers should follow the answer from above question.

Seller Account Settings

My seller account status is showing as inactive. How do I get it activated?

Your seller account may be inactive because it was recently created. As part of our quality assurance procedure, we ask sellers to begin the process by uploading product under their Seller Portal. Once a few products have been uploaded, we will review your listings and help correct any potential mishaps in the process.

This quality assurance procedure has effectively helped many sellers start off on the right foot and helps produce more sales. Once you have created your items, they will appear as inactive until your seller account has been activated. Our Category Manager will verify your items and then activate your account so that you can begin selling in our Marketplace platform.

If you have any questions, you may contact our support team at

Refunds and Returns

How to handle customer returns?

There are two options for seller to handle customer returns. On orders fulfilled by seller, seller can

  1. setup their own return address through Seller Portal if seller has a commercial address within Canada and seller is able to physically process the customer returns at the address within 48 hours after the return packages arriving at the address. Seller is not allowed to setup address outside of Canada for customer return purposes. For more details how to setup the return address through seller portal, please check out our seller portal guide by click the “?” on the top right corner once log into your seller portal account.
  2. elect to use Newegg Return Services through which Newegg will help seller to process customer returns on the Newegg orders seller ships out. To use Newegg Return Service, please contact our support team at

What is the difference between a courtesy refund and an RMA refund?

  • A courtesy refund is used when you want to issue a partial refund back to the customer.
  • An RMA refund is used when you are requiring our customer to return the merchandise back to you.

Please see our RMA Processing Guide in the help section located on the top right side of our Seller Portal for more information.

Please Note: A courtesy refund does not refund commission has collected and it does not refund Sales Tax (if applicable) back to the customer. Full RMA refunds accepted by you as a Seller will result in a refund of the commission has collected back to you.

Fraud Prevention

Can I get fraud protection?

Yes, you will get fraud protection if you follow all the appropriate guidelines, which are listed in the Merchant Agreement.


How much time do I have to ship an order?

You are allowed 72 hours to ship an order upon receiving order confirmation from us. After 72 hours, orders will auto-void and you will not be paid, regardless if you have shipped the merchandise or not.

Can I extend the 72-hour order processing deadline on certain items?

No, you are allowed 72 hours on all items sold on Newegg Canada Marketplace. If you know that certain items require more than 72 hours to prepare, we encourage you not to list those items on our marketplace.

Will Newegg pursue the customer for payment if I ship an order that was auto-voided (past 72-hour shipping deadline)?

No, Newegg will not be responsible for pursuing payment on your behalf. Fulfilling orders within 72 hours is the responsibility of our sellers.

Will Newegg refund me for the merchandise if I ship an auto-voided order?

No, Newegg will not credit sellers for merchandise loss. If an order is not shipped within 72 hours, sellers are responsible.

Does the 72-hour deadline Include weekends or holidays?

No, the 72 hour deadline includes working business days only. Each order has a date time stamp which indicates when orders will auto-void. The 72 hour time-stamp is calculated in Pacific Standard Time (PST). This timestamp is located in the Order List in our Seller Portal.

Please note: If you are not in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, please process your orders earlier to prevent auto-voids.

Shipped by Newegg

How do I use your Shipped by Newegg service?

After you have completed the Newegg Marketplace Seller on-boarding process, you will be able to create items in the Seller Portal and convert items to Shipped by Newegg (SBN) items.

Once you have converted your desired items to SBN items, you can create inventory / replenishment shipments for these items. Our system will guide you through the process step by step, including shipment creation, ship-to location, item and shipping label preparation and shipment tracking.

When you are ready, mark your shipment as shipped and send your inventory to designated Newegg warehouses by using Newegg’s partnered carriers or select your own shipping carriers.

Make sure you refer to and abide by the instructions provided in our SBN Resource Guide.

System Integration

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding account activation, product promotions, and other account concerns?

You may contact your respective category manager with your concern. If you are uncertain who to contact, please e-mail

For all other questions, please contact our Seller Services department for assistance.