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Bare & Beautiful hair removal system
Bare & Beautiful hair removal system
  • Features: Painless hair removal in great comfort, no waxing no shaving necessary; great for sensitive skin using harmless radio signals to penetrate deep into each of the hair roots on your skin without redness of “plucking” for removing those undesired hairs on your skin. Instantly removing hairs from large skin areas of eyebrows, chin, upper lip, arm, underarm, legs and bikini line, and those of the "hard to get to" areas.
  • Wet/Dry: Dry
  • Cordless Operation: Battery operated device, cordless
  • Power Source: Battery operated: 4x 1.5V triple-A battery; operating current: 150 mA; frequency output: 27.125 MHz; tweezers tip range (vpp): 0.4 to 0.6
  • Model #: WB-118
  • Item #: 9SIAEMH6JP9086
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  • $245.95 
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