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Metal Gear Survive - Xbox One

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  • Two ways to play - single player and co-op. These modes are linked via Base Camp, and character progress and gear carries between the two modes
  • Build and develop your Base Camp. This offers access to crafting weapons and gear, as well serves as a command center for planning missions in both single player and co-op modes
  • Gather resources, blueprints and raw materials for use in crafting. These can be gathered in single player mode by exploring the environment or won in successful co-op missions
  • Develop Base camp with new facilities to aid survival, including crop growing, animal rearing, and food and water storage. As your camp develops you'll gain access to high grade crafting items
  • Manage resources, including essentials such as food and water, as well as raw materials used for weapons, defences and expendables
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General information

Metal Gear x Survival

Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that integrates MGSV:TPP's intense gameplay elements into a survival action format. Experience Metal Gear like you never have before with the tension of stealth gameplay, tactics of base defense, and the grueling reality of survival.

Set in a dangerous, ruined world filled with creatures and hazardous mist, your success relies on your ability to read the evolving situation and make strategic choices - placing defensive units, predicting enemy behavior and designing attack patterns.

METAL GEAR SURVIVE Single Player Trailer


A pseudo-historical sequence of events…

The legendary mercenary Big Boss leads an army that belongs to no nation. Under the guise of a nuclear inspection by the IAEA, a hostile force known as XOF launches a surprise attack on Mother Base, Big Boss's base of operations. His soldiers put up a desperate fight, but their efforts are in vain, as Mother Base falls.

A moment after Big Boss escapes the area by helicopter, an intense light appears in the sky, and a wormhole opens over the base. The wormhole begins to suck up everyone and everything left, transporting them to some parallel world. A soldier who helped Big Boss get away is almost pulled into it as well, but manages to escape. A close friend of the soldier, however, isn't as lucky.

The soldier then mysteriously loses consciousness, waking up six months later in a facility belonging to Wardenclyffe Section, a secretive research organization of the U.S. government. A member of this organization, a man known as Goodluck, gives the soldier a special assignment with the following order: "You don't get to sit this one out. You're already infected with that lifeform I was telling you about."

The soldier then travels alone to the same parallel world -- to find a cure for this infection, and to rescue those sucked into the wormhole half a year ago. Waiting on the other side is a hellish landscape where victims of the infection have transformed into grotesque creatures known as Wanderers. The soldier also encounters a member of none other than XOF, and together their bitter struggle for survival begins...


In CO-OP multiplayer, you can team up with friends or other players from around the world and work together to clear various missions.

Salvage Missions

The mission is successful if you protect the Wormhole Digger for the duration of the attacks. The mission fails if the machine is destroyed.

Large hordes of creatures that are drawn towards the machine will attack in several waves. Coordinate with your teammates to fend off the enemies.

The mission is successful if you protect the Wormhole Digger for the duration of the attacks. The mission fails if the machine is destroyed.

Interceptor Units & Defensive Units

Sandbag barricades not only stop the enemy progression, they can also be used as higher ground for more efficient attacks.

Traps are one of the many types of Interceptor Units featured in the game. They can be very useful to slow down the enemy assault if placed on the creatures’ path.

Fences are the most common Defensive Unit. Striking with weapons such as spears can be used to attack the creatures gathered against the fences.

Sandbag barricades not only stop the enemy progression, they can also be used as higher ground for more efficient attacks.

Side Missions

While defending the base, side missions will be triggered from time to time. Clearing these missions will reward you with valuable items and weapons that will help you defend the outpost.

The perfect timing to go for those missions is between enemy waves. Communicate with your teammates to make sure the roles are well allocated among you. Some must stay behind to strengthen the defenses while the others are exploring the surroundings trying to clear those side missions.

Don’t be afraid to leave the outpost and go for those side missions. The items and weapons you can get are the key to clear the hardest missions.

Single Player

In Single Player mode you explore a strange ruined world as you seek answers and a way to return home.


The greatest obstacle in this mission are hunger and thirst. You must keep a close eye on your health, gathering and consuming food and water as needed.

You can produce food and drink supplies at your Base Camp. Keep an eye on your food and water requirements and carefully plan your expansion: Try to ensure you always have enough resources for your current mission.

Wounds inflicted by creatures and illnesses contracted from contaminated food must be treated quickly to ensure your survival.

The Mist World

The vast majority of the Single Player world is enshrouded in a mist of unidentified origin. This mist is extremely hazardous and you will need to pay careful attention to how much oxygen you have left in your air tank while within it.

This world is ruled over by the creatures dwelling within the mist. Your oxygen level continues to deplete during battle, so it is important to understand each situation and sometimes it will be better to avoid combat.

The mist world is one of many perils, but there are pockets of civilization within that may hide precious materials or valuable pieces of information. Repeated expeditions will be needed to unravel the secrets concealed in the world of mist.


Here is a brief overview of the functionalities available at your Base Camp in the Single Player campaign.


To survive in this hostile world, you'll have to master basic and advanced crafting skills. Crafting items from weapons to equipment and gathering and cooking food and water sources will be key.

You will need to craft all sorts of items using the resources recovered during your explorations in Single Player mode or as rewards during Co-op mode.You can craft items and weapons at your Base Camp.

In addition to collecting resources, you'll have to find recipes in order to create specific items. Recipes can be found while exploring in Single Player mode or obtained as a reward for successfully completing co-op missions.


This is the Base Camp, the operation center for the players and their crew. Players will need to upgrade and reinforce it to repel the creatures’ assaults.

In the Base Camp you will find facilities to fortify it against the creatures’ attacks, but also facilities that will help you produce food supplies, weapons or ammunition.

By exploring this world, you will find materials which will allow you to develop your Base Camp. The development level of your Base Camp as well as the product of your crew’s labor will greatly impact your capacity to develop new equipment, but also simply keep feeding the crew.

You can change the layout of your Base Camp as you wish. You can focus on the appearance or on the effectiveness, either way you will make it your own unique Base Camp.


A brief overview of the creatures that dominate this world.


A creature that you will frequently encounter while exploring the mist.

Wanderers are not highly intelligent and are weak at recognizing nearby enemies, making it easier to square them off one by one.

However, they can become distinctly tough to beat when you encounter them as a horde.


A creature that appears to have an abnormally swollen head and is considered to be a sort of subspecies of the Wanderer.

These creatures have a tendency to violently explode upon their death so you must be careful about how you deliver the final blow.

Some reports have cited cases where they did not explode, however, the reason behind these cases remains unknown.


A creature with strangely mutated legs. Thought to be a subspecies of the Wanderer.

Their distinctive legs gives them the ability to move around rapidly and jump over barricades with ease, meaning you cannot solely relying on your defenses to fend them off.

Trackers have a tendency to relentlessly target their attack towards an enemy that has been detected, so extra precautions must be taken when you are out on your own.


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