Where's the extreme?4/29/2019 7:56:45 PM

Pros: As always from Corsair, fantastic packing and materials. Everything is in order, the instructions are easy to follow, and it "feels" like quality. If I could sum this cooler up, it's completely functional. It works like any other AIO cooler on the market from similar brands. I say that because I tested it against an older H** model, as well as a middle of the road unit from Deep Cool. I saw no appreciable difference between the three models on my overclocked CPU. I tried it on the back of the case, top of the case, push/pull, push/push, etc. The only time I could get meaningful deltas was to strap two fans to BOTH sides. While it worked, it's a realistic configuration to expect someone to live with outside of experimenting.

Cons: I'm not sure if my unit was defective, or they just put extreme in the name for marketing purposes. As far as I could tell, you'd be better off buying a basic AIO from any reputable brand and get similar performance. Again, the unit is adequate. I had no overheating or weird noises, just underwhelming performance compared to how this is being positioned.

Overall Review: Maybe I needed to get the RGB model for lower temps?

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Bright, quiet fans3/14/2019 8:12:35 PM

Pros: Definitely a great set of fans, especially if you have a window on the side to view the internal components. I happen to have a black and white themed build, and these were the perfect accent to showcase the final product. The blades spin nice and freely with no perceptible noise and my tower sits on my desk just a few feet away. The light is bright, but diffused enough that it won't blind you (looking at you power and HDD activity case LEDs). I have no doubt these will last years like all my other Corsair fans and perform in top form the entire time. - Great build quality - Quiet - Bright, diffused LED's - Nice packaging

Cons: - No PWM control, you'll have to use a fan controller if you need/want to control the speed - No rubber or vibration absorption material in the mounting holes

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Beautiful entry in the lineup10/11/2018 7:19:04 PM

Pros: This case looks way more expensive than it is with it's flowing lines, excellent design layout, and glass panel. I appreciate that the design team actually made logical placements for everything without sacrificing aesthetics. There is plenty of cable management to keep unsightly wires out of the large windows view. The added PSU shroud is a nice touch that is appreciated. The fact that you could have one or two M.2 drives (depending on the board), 4 2.5" SSD's, and 2 3.5" drives all in one case in a way that doesn't clutter up the insides is awesome. I certainly hope Corsair keeps up with this design language going forward, I'm a huge fan.

Cons: I think if they are going to offer a light on the front, it should just be the RGB version. No sense to me in offering a white only LED and an RGB LED for the same case in the same paint finish. Not an outright "con" but the top magnetic filter has rather large holes. I haven't had a completed build running long enough to determine how effective it is in keeping dust out, but visually it doesn't look promising compared to others.

Overall Review: Some reviews have mentioned the lack of a 5.25 or ONLY two 3.5 bays. Optical media has all but been dead for years now except for blu-ray. And with storage capacities how they are, one or two large mechanical HDD's are all you need. On board m.2 and SSD's are what is selling so it makes sense to design for it, like they did here.

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Missed the mark entirely7/20/2018 9:31:21 PM

Pros: Is this a hard drive? yes. Does it work? Sort of. This drive missed the mark entirely. I'm not sure what Toshiba was thinking. The drive is one of the slowest 7200 RPM drives I have ever tested. Other reviewers here have stated that the drive dies within a few months of real world use and I believe them. This is not a quality drive, I would avoid it at all costs. You can get similar drives with comparative capacities at the same price point from other vendors that actually work. I think this is the first 2 star review I have ever given, period. This is a product failure that should be avoided.

Cons: - Incredibly slow and inconsistent write speeds for 7200 RPM drive - Poor reliability based on other reviews on this site and others

Overall Review: Do not recommend and would not buy this drive

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Great 3TB backup drive6/5/2018 6:13:19 PM

Pros: - USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 backwards compatible - Small Lightweight - Included cable is sufficiently long If you're looking for a backup drive, your best bet is to look at the top HDD manufacturers, filter by the size you want and then grab the cheapest. Just about everyone is using the same hardware so you really can't go wrong. This drive fits in perfectly with that strategy. It may cost a tad more because of the burst speeds it's capable of, but who really wants to wait around to fill up 3TB at bottom of the barrel speeds.

Cons: - Glossy plastic top will smudge and scratch like crazy - LED light could be better implemented (too small/too bright) Overall, there are only nitpicks when it comes to negatives. Like most consumer drives in this space, they have been built down to a reasonable price and offer the minimum's of what people want. You get OK looks, sufficient performance, portability, and not much else. The software was not something I would consider a feature. I would skip it entirely unless you're a complete computer novice. The built in backup software for Windows and Bitlocker will work just fine. I really don't understand why vendors are still using glossy plastic in their products. It's smudges and scratches like crazy with even the lightest touches. Making the top the same matte white that the sides are would have been an improvement. Not enough to take off an egg, but a complaint nonetheless.

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Can't go wrong5/1/2018 11:19:36 PM

Pros: Now that GPU prices are starting to stabilize to sane levels, it's time to start thinking about your next rig. Ensuring the next generation of GPU's will be properly fed (either team green or red) by reliable, rock steady power is something to keep in the forefront of your mind. If you are looking for something that won't let you down, will keep quiet, and prove it's worth of the next number of years, this is your PSU. Even in 2018, most people will hesitate to recommend a PSU that comes bundled inside a cheap case, or an off-brand that no one has heard of. There's good reason for that, why would you risk hundreds, if not thousands of hard earned dollars on something that could take it all out in a moment. Never go cheap on power supplies, and Corsair is definitely a name you can trust. The RM750x is more of the same when it comes to their power supply line. It's fully modular which helps with cable management and airflow, it's fan doesn't come on unless under a large load, and the warranty is awesome.

Cons: You can read any of my reviews on Corsair power supplies, there are no cons no matter the budget. From entry level to high end monsters, Corsair has spent the better part of a decade ensuring they are a name that is synonymous with reliable. I have NEVER had a Corsair PSU fail, give me POST problems, or even hiccup. The AX850 I run in my 6 year old server has been running almost 24/7 (give or take for maintenance periods) with zero issues.

Overall Review: Make sure you actually need 750 watts. With power efficiency increasing for CPU's and GPU's on every die shrink, it doesn't hurt to use some free online calculators to see what kind of power budget you will actually require. In my opinion, 750 watts and above is only required when running dual GPU's+ or a TON of hard drives and accessories. If you are doing a single CPU and GPU, you may be better served with a lower wattage model from Corsair.

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Great addition to the lineup with some quirks3/11/2018 10:18:44 PM

Pros: Corsair continues to launch quality products into the peripherals market, and the K68 is no exception. It does have a few quirks, and I'll get to that a little later, but first let's look at the positives. The typing experience, a keyboards first and foremost job, is wonderful. The key presses are accurate, and not too loud like some other mechanical KB's. I prefer a little bit of a wider keyboard myself, and in the beginning I was hitting the Caps-Lock key a few too many times, but I got used to it. I had a 2 other touch typists try it out and they really enjoyed how it felt and responded. The texture on the space bar during gaming sessions was a nice little touch, it would be hard to slip on this one. Multimedia keys are always a welcomed addition to any keyboard, and the ones included in the K68 get the job done. I do prefer a scroll wheel for volume up/down however. The build quality is typical for Corsair. Nice, clean design and long lasting components that sits somewhere between middle-high end. The red LED's are bright but diffused enough that you don't feel like you're looking into a red sun when gaming at night. Nicely done.

Cons: The keys themselves, while completely fine in use, do feel thinner or less structurally sound than the ones on my G.Skill KM780. I'm not using the word "cheaper" on purpose, because they don't feel cheap, just not what I have been used to for over a year on my other main keyboard. In the same vein of keys, there is no key cap tool to easily remove the keys. They are marketing this as dust and spill resistant right? Well what happens if I do accidentally spill something under the keys and I want to clean it up. With a key cap puller, it's a breeze. Without one, you'll be sitting there plucking at keys with your fingers for awhile, or switch to a flat-head screwdriver and hope you don't scratch something. The inclusion of one for whatever few cents it would cost would seal the deal for me on this one.

Overall Review: I'm confused at making this a one color LED model. In 2018 and the proliferation of RGB lighting, I don't see why all of their $100+ keyboards aren't RGB and then you just pick your favorite color(s). Maybe it's because of cost, but there are plenty of RGB mechanical models from other vendors at lower price points. In the end I really don't have any "complaints" (except for no key cap tool), and if you want a solid performing KB with red LED lighting, you won't have any either.

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Replacing my Logitech G35's12/29/2017 11:05:04 PM

Pros: I have been using the Logitech G35's almost exclusively for the last few years. For someone with a giant head it was always hard finding a comfortable over the ear design for long gaming sessions. The Void Pro is fantastically easy to wear for extended periods of time. There have been moments where I have forgotten that I have a fairly large headset sitting on my head, thank goodness it's wireless or I would be tripping over cables non-stop. The sound lacks some of the bass I was used to on my G35's unfortunately. I would argue that it's for a more balanced sound rather than just having punchy bass for the sake of it. Friends have stated that the sound from my microphone in apps like discord and teamspeak is MUCH improved and they could definitely tell a difference.Much more natural sounding instead of "talking in a can" effect some cheaper mics produce.

Cons: The battery life seems a little on the lower side for a headset it's size. I have a similar sized bluetooth headset for my mobile devices and it lasts somewhere in the 18-22 hour side, instead of the 5-8 I get with the Void Pro. I'm not sure if the 2.4 Ghz wireless radio uses that much more power than bluetooth, but I have to plug these in ever night. The glossy plastic surrounding the RGB illuminated logo is a finger print magnet, and in my opinion detracts from the overall aesthetic. I would much prefer the same matte finish or soft-touch rubber like what is on the mic boom. The CUE software is better than most, but I can't seem to find an easy way to find out the charge level of the headset. Seeing what the battery level is as soon as the app is open would be nice. When no audio is playing, you will often hear a very annoying beeping sound. I believe it's a warning that the headset may turn off soon (default is 5 minutes of inactivity) but what's the point? If they headset is going to turn off...just let it turn off, no need to notify me.

Overall Review: Overall I would rate this headset as a "buy". It's now my primary headset, and despite it's flaws I am more than happy to keep using it. I believe this is the second iteration, VOID being the first and now VOID PRO. If Corsair takes all the feedback seriously, I think they are going to hit the 3rd iteration out of the park.

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Recommended for productivity workloads9/7/2017 10:52:08 PM

Pros: If you're building a new computer, or upgrading your current rig and you want some sweet M.2 performance, should you buy this drive? Maybe. First it's still using the SATA interface instead of PCI-e, so you will see read/write speeds comparable to mainstream 2.5" SSD's. If you already have an SSD or have used one before, do not expect any performance changes. It will still be way faster than a mechanical drive, but nowhere close to the M.2 units using PCI-e. If you have open M.2 slots on your motherboard, but not the budget for the high end drives, this will do just fine. WD is able to use SanDisks 3D NAND technology since their acquisition, so you know reliability will not be a concern. Chances are you will retire the entire computer before this drive goes bad. In my use case, I went with a higher end, faster unit for my OS, demanding apps, and a few games. The WD Blue drive was placed in my second M.2 slot for lighter loads that still demanded instant access and it works out great! The marketing I've read seems to push this drive more for office and productivity workloads and I believe that's the right move. It's large enough to offer real storage space, it sips power so work laptops can benefit, and it will keep up with whatever spreadsheets you throw at it.

Cons: Between the well known reliability, build quality, and free Acronis software, there are no real cons to be had.

Overall Review: If you're looking to enhance the capabilities of your work computer/laptop I think this would be the perfect fit if you have the interface available. If you are looking for the absolute cutting edge check out any drive using the PCI-e interface instead of SATA. Western Digital themselves have an offering in model # - WDS512G1X0C, so look there if you want more speed.

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Another Corsair Home Run6/8/2017 10:52:33 PM

Pros: I've said it in other reviews, and I'll say it here. You never want to skimp on a power supply on a new build, even if you're working on a small budget. Go with a cheaper case, less storage space maybe, but never a cheap no-name PSU. With this 2017 refresh, you now really have no excuses left. Corsair has worked their way from the top down, making a name for themselves with premium, absolutely bulletproof power supplies. I guess it got lonely at the top, and now they want the entry level segment too! It may not be modular, or have fancy lights, but it does have legendary Corsair reliability. If you're building on a tight budget but you need to make sure your other components are supported by clean, steady power, this is it.

Cons: Although the box is sturdy, I would have preferred to see some foam cushioning encasing the unit inside. It does come wrapped in a thin bubble type bag. I'm sure on the economics side of things a smaller box and no foam allows them to sell premium parts for a lower price. That said, there was no visible damage to the power supply I received for review.

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Extremely good unit!4/8/2017 9:13:10 PM

Pros: I can't think of a better power supply to pick up when you don't have room in the budget for anything else, but can't risk buying something unreliable. Corsair has built their reputation up over the years with high quality and reliable power supplies as the foundation. All of the other components have come with time, but the Corsair name means something when talking PSU's. This budget friendly option is no different. It has the minimum needed to get you running and nothing else, but that is not a bad thing. The build quality is of course excellent, and like most other Corsair power supplies it's quiet until you're really pushing your system.

Cons: When you are in this price point for a power supply, the only cons you can consider are reliability. It may not be modular or have the highest efficiency but it absolutely will last you as long as any other piece of hardware in what you run this in. If for whatever reason it gives out, you have that rock solid 3 year warranty to lean on.

Overall Review: Although this is marketed for low powered or small home office machines, you absolutely could put this into a decent gaming computer and it would run for years.

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Great product, awful software.2/10/2017 5:43:33 PM

Pros: So far the unit seems to be working just fine for a little under a month. I have my external storage devices and main (low power) server plugged in, with an estimated running time of about 30 mins on battery only. Unplugging the unit from the wall to simulate a power outage will get you a short, high pitched beep, and a notification in the software. Everything kept running just fine until mains power was restored about 10 minutes later. Even as something as sensitive to power loss like a RAID array didn't seem to mind the (smooth) transition from mains to battery power and back again.

Cons: The software, "Power Panel personal Edition" is awful. It's design language resembles Windows XP, which came out 16 YEARS ago. Yes, it provides all of the information you need after a few clicks, but it does not inspire confidence and is far from modern or aesthetically pleasing. The software definitely needs a visual and organizational overhaul to be taken seriously in 2017. Although outfitted with an ethernet (RJ45) port for network surge protection, it does not allow any actual network connection. Because of this, you will only be able to view or manage the UPS on the computer tethered to it via USB. And if you are out of the house/office, you can't get any notification via email from the unit or the software, so you either hear the beep of the alarm or you don't.

Overall Review: Because of the outdated software and lack of network management I would give this UPS a "buy" if I really needed one and it was the only one in my budget. It will get the job done, but expect nothing else.

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Perfect travel solution1/19/2017 1:33:42 PM

Pros: As others have mentioned, the Officejet 250 is easy to setup, easy to use, and does the job just fine. That should be a given for any name brand printer, scanner, etc especially in 2017. What I was most interested in, was who this product is marketed towards. I myself have never really thought, "Man! I wish I had a portable printer with me right now!"...or so I thought. After really thinking about it, I remembered more than a few times I was staying in a hotel and the "Computer Services Center" was closed, out of order, or just plain awful. Then I began to imagine, what if my job was 80% travel and I had to rely on those little hotel computer nooks to do my job. Or, what if I was doing an event somewhere that I didn't have access to mains power, but I needed to be able to print information for guests on the fly. It was then I realized, while I certainly didn't have a need for a portable printer, the need absolutely exists and I think this product fills those requirements really well. It's lightweight enough that it can be transported virtually anywhere. It has enough communication protocols to be able to be used by a myriad of devices without trouble. And finally, the battery ensures you can keep on performing even if you are without mains power. Brilliant!

Cons: Although it's common for printers to NOT come with a USB cable, I really, really wish they had changed their mind on this one. If you are having to print off battery power somewhere, the last thing you want to have to worry about is wireless connectivity and the problems everyone faces with it at some point or another. Including a cheap USB cable that you could connect to your laptop and not worry about signal issues would have been the icing on the top, especially for the price. Wired has and will continue to trump wireless in speed, reliability, and ease of setup for the foreseeable future.

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Fantastic image11/8/2016 5:57:17 PM

Pros: The Husky HD has the best quality video image I have used in a consumer security camera, period. This will definitely give you clear images of a face or license plate when you really need it. We're so used to "security camera" to mean blurry and muddled pictures, that when I first turned it on I was truly blown away. The IR emitters also do a great job at providing "light" for the night vision mode that it too is very clear. I wasn't able to test with Alexa but it is very cool to see more hardware manufacturers supporting the booming home automation sector. Viewing the available scripts for IFTTT by Ezviz shows quite a view scenarios to plug and play. The setup is relatively straight forward (see more in cons) using the Smartphone app, and I was up and running in about 15 minutes. The app is easy to use and has plenty of features - no frustrations there. I was surprised the outside construction was some type of metal, not a hard plastic like some. Absolutely lends some confidence to the overall build quality and outside durability.

Cons: I could not get my unit to connect to wifi at all. I tried two different routers and three different phones and I got a "failed to connect" every time. For some reason, it uses a method of "pushing" the wifi name and password from a smartphone to the camera. This was infinitely frustrating as the instructions seemed (and are) simple, but it just wouldn't work for me. I would have much preferred the ability to enter in the wifi credentials once connected over ethernet in a settings menu than what they presented here, even if it was an alternate method hidden in a menu instead of their "wifi push". I was able to get it to connect one time, but then I had no camera feed whatsoever. I don't know if it was something I was doing or if the unit was faulty, so I'm not going to deduct a full egg for it. I do know that both the app and the camera were on the most recent versions, so if it is a bug, it hasn't been fixed yet.

Overall Review: You cannot use this camera outside of the Ezviz ecosystem. I already have 3 different security cameras running on Zoneminder at home. I was unable to find any documentation on the Husky HD on compatibility so I emailed Technical Support. Unfortunately, they responded that their cameras are only able to be used by their app or web client, no third party support at all. So if you are only going to use Ezviz cameras, this won't be a problem. If you thought about maybe adding this sweet HD camera to an existing setup containing other brands, you're out of luck. Speaking of their web client...it's OK. You can only use Internet Explorer. Not Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer. Let that sink in. The interface is mostly intuitive and attractive, and the fact that you HAVE to enter a verification code to view the video is great! This means NO ONE is seeing your video except you. But I much rather prefer the look and usefulness of something like Dlink's web interface. Overall a great bundle and I could absolutely see myself buying a 3 camera kit if I was in the market.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Bryan K., Thanks for the review! We always appreciate when our customers take the time to leave feedback about our products and share their experience with other customers. We’re sorry things didn’t go smoothly. Make sure that your router is broadcasting a 2.4GHz network and your mobile device is connected to that network during setup as well. We take the security and privacy of our customers’ cameras seriously which is why all videos are sent through our cloud in order to provide end-to-end encryption. We care about the experience our customers have with our products and would love to help you set up and meet your security needs. Give the EZVIZ Technical Team a call at 1.855.MYEZVIZ (693.9849) or email us at service@ezvizlife.com. We love to help! Best Regards, EZVIZ Technical Team
Everything you need, nothing you don't10/4/2016 12:33:50 PM

Pros: At first unboxing, the switch is much heavier than its size would imply. This is thanks to the all metal construction that makes up every external surface. It is definitely not an item that "feels" cheap by any stretch, and it provides confidence that it's made to last and be reliable. In the last two months of testing, I can attest that its look and feel match up to its performance. The GS316 is designed to be a simple to use, plug and play style device for people who need the available ports but don't want to or don't know how to configure a smart switch. To start I just powered down my loud and power hungry 48 port (yes, it is overkill) monster and put the Netgear in its place. After two years of hearing fan noise, I immediately thought something was wrong on power up because I didn't hear anything, just LED lights doing their dance. Ah, yes, the fanless design! I had forgotten how much I missed the silence. I assume the metal enclosure acts as a heat sink if it ever gets that toasty, but I LOVE not hearing anything coming from my closet now. So 10 minutes swapping hardware and cables and I confirmed that everything on the network was back up and running. Plug and play is right. Because most switching (and routing) equipment available to consumers run on the same handful of chips, there isn't much of a performance difference from one to the other. It handled all devices and traffic without issues or hiccups which is to be expected. Like I mentioned at the top, I've been using the switch for about 2 months with heavy traffic and I have had zero complaints.

Cons: The only downside, and it is minor, is the wall wart power supply and wall mounting kit. The power supply feels hollow and cheap. I'm sure the build quality is fine and they use less material for cost savings, but after feeling how awesomely made the actual switch it doesn't seem to be up to par. Again, it's very minor and you're not going to be interacting with it once it's plugged into the wall or probably even looking at it but still, I was a bit disappointed. The included hardware for wall mounting is a solid plus! Except for the screws. I loathe products that come with cheap metal screws and unfortunately this is one of them. And sure enough, I started stripping the head on one when mounting in my network closet. It wasn't a big deal to go in the garage and find a replacement but if you're going to include the hardware, make sure it's up to the job at hand, otherwise you just waste metal.

Overall Review: Overall I am very happy with this switch. It's aimed directly at the home user who loves hardwired over wireless or the small/home office and it nails it. If you need the extra ethernet ports and you just need it to work without configuration, I think you'll be very happy too.

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Middle of the road | Good storage value8/23/2016 12:56:11 PM

Pros: The SP 32GB Blaze offers great storage value for the cost. If you are looking for a very inexpensive way to carry data around and that will give average read/write performance this will fit the bill. And because it's so cheap this will be the first drive I'll lend to a friend/co-worker when needed. The design is sleek but subtle, and is big enough that you won't easily lose it on your desk or in a drawer (looking at you, tiny bluetooth dongles). The body itself has a nice to the touch matte finish that won't slip when plugging into hard to reach USB slots. The red activity light is bright enough to notice when reading/writing but not annoyingly so.

Cons: The sliding mechanism to expose the USB connector seems to get stuck every once in awhile which requires to to dig your nail in and down with decent pressure to release it. I found this happens every 1 in 10ish "slides" of the connector, but keep in mind I was literally sliding the connector hundreds of times to see how well it holds up. Even after sliding it more times then it would likely see in real world usage over it's lifetime, it shows no signs of weakening or affecting the USB connection.

Overall Review: These would be perfect for plugging into Routers, Media Extenders (roku), or any other device where you want to add your own media (or use as a backup). The speed will be just fine for these uses and the capacity to price ratio is perfect.

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I'll never go back5/13/2016 9:13:39 PM

Pros: It's amazing how much detail you miss out on without even knowing it. It really is a night and day difference between a standard 1080P set and this 1440P beauty. Pictures at higher resolutions are so crisp and vivid. Movies in the format look absolutely astonishing (The Martian was what I used), and gaming is so much more immersive. I love that they included both an HDMI and DisplayPort cable in the box so you're good to go connectivity wise on day one. I seriously cannot stop drooling over this thing. I've invited people over to my house just to come look at it and watch portions of The Martian and it blows their minds. The built in speakers are actually pretty decent so if you don't have any alternate audio outputs you can make do. Lastly, LG did a wonderful job with the split screen software. I've used it non-stop when working from home and I don't know if I can ever go back. - Dead pixel free - Can be incredibly bright if desired - Color is SO vivid and accurate - Exterior design is very sleek and strudy - Menu navigation is intuitive and a breeze to change settings. Other vendors need to take note, this is how you do menu systems

Cons: Although not really a con, make sure you measure you're desk before clicking the buy button. This thing is HUGE and absolutely dwarfs my 23" 1080P panel. If you're not used to large format displays, it can be a little frustrating getting accustomed to the differences. Google's homepage for instance is a wasteland of just white pixels with a teeny tiny search bar in the middle. Don't open at night in a dark office unless you want temporary blindness (kidding of course). Also any TV shows or Movies formatted for 1080P will have those annoying black bars on the sides. Some games unfortunately don't have 21:9 as a native aspect ratio so you may have to deal with HUD or UI stretching as well.

Overall Review: You will probably lose some friends over this. Once they see it and how glorious it is when it comes to consuming and creating content, they won't want to talk to you again out of envy. *I was offered this product in exchange for a review*

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Replaced my Razer Anansi4/8/2016 2:29:45 AM

Pros: I had no idea G.SKILL was making gaming accessories now so this was a pleasant surprise to review! I would love to shake the hand of the person in charge of the design for this keyboard. I would bet he/she/they are all gamers because it has anything you could ask for in a gaming keyboard. The RGB lighting is crisp and bright, but diffused enough it won't keep you awake if you have your computer in your room (and leave it on at night). The construction is VERY sturdy. There is no flex, creaks, squeaks, or rattles on this beef cake. An added bonus to the weight is it will not move on you during an intense gaming match. I love that they included replaceable keycaps and a container for the spares that attaches TO the keyboard itself! Never again will you have to look in your various bins and boxes wondering just where in the heck you left them. Speaking of attaching to the keyboard...the mouse slack keeper is worth half the price of this keyboard itself. Something so incredibly simple is just amazing to have. No more sniper shots ruined by a catch on your mouse cord. The media keys, macros, function keys and mode selectors don't get used as often but they work a charm when needed. As long as this thing lasts (of which I have no doubt) then I don't foresee a reason or want to change to a different keyboard anytime soon. p.s. I LOVE the on board volume level. It reminds me of an 80's boombox and it's the perfect touch.

Cons: Like most vendors stepping out into the programmable peripherals space, their first gen software is over complicated and hard to use. I've used Corsair's CUE and Razer's Synapse and just like those it's really rough the first go around. I'm hoping it gets updated going forward to make it a little more user friendly, but it gets the job done for now. (G.SKILL, maybe add a tool-tip if I hover over a button so I know what i does? Some of those icons mean absolutely nothing to me so I end up clicking and trying to figure it out on the fly). My beloved volume roller and status bar can be finicky at times. For instance, if I roll it down to lower the volume it will go down two bars and then jump back up one, and then back down one bar. Same goes if I roll it to the up position. It feels "glitchy' and would be much better if it was just a slow, smooth transition. For some reason I keep hitting the CAPS LOCK key way more often than on my other keyboards I've used. The layout doesn't look drastically different than my previous KB but it activates on accident more than I would like. This is most likely user error, but I noticed another reviewer stating he/she had a similar issue.

Overall Review: The included palm rest does nothing for me. I have larger than average hands and I found it changed the resting position of my hands too much. For fellow large handers, skip it. *full disclosure, I was offered this item in exchange for a review*

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Bryan Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you can fully appreciate the unique design and special features of this keyboard. As far as quality, you will not find one better built than the RIPJAWS KM780. It is designed for extreme gaming and extensive sessions, so you can rest assured it will be a great performer for quite some time. Your insightful feedback is greatly appreciated. Firmware and software upgrades will continue to enhance features and enable new functions, so check back on the Official G.Skill Download page for all the latest versions and details. [direct link below] Included in the download package, you will always find a user's guide that corresponds to the FW/SW versions. Here you can discover what options and changes can be done to fit your personal preference. We are certain you will enjoy the keyboard even more as we roll out more updates to fix bugs and maximize capability. For any further questions or concerns about the keyboard, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com G.Skill Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum/
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RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Downloads
King of Cool3/7/2016 2:09:37 AM

Pros: As with every Corsair product made in recent years, the little premium you pay on top gets you legendary build quality and fantastic support. This all-in-one (AIO) water cooler is no different. If you are wanting to overclock the heck out of your CPU, but don't want to mess with custom loops then this is what you want. The large 280mm radiator will help you dissipate loads of heat and quickly at that. The included mounting hardware is great as usual and is quick to install on your socket of choice. You also have the ability to customize the illuminated logo to match any LED lights or fans you may already have in your system to give it that little extra personal touch. Again, this is clearly a product for the overclocker and enthusiasts who are not afraid at the possibility of pulling out the dremel if needed. I cannot emphasize this enough; if you are not overclocking (like a mad scientist) then Corsair has other models better suited for your needs. I tossed this on my FX-8120 @ 4.7Ghz (a 1.6Ghz overclock!) and it didn't break a sweat. I tried going higher but I was actually running into RAM issues, NOT CPU heat issues.

Cons: Because of the added size, this will most likely only fit in cases specifically made to accommodate a much larger radiator assembly. This isn't a deduction or real negative, just please be aware you will need to plan ahead if you want to use this AIO cooler. The tubing is also quite rigid so you're limited in the positions you will be able to finagle it into place.

Overall Review: Some reviewers have listed loud fans as a con which I don't think is very fair. "Extreme Performance" is in the name and for most high end PC components that is mutually exclusive from silent or near-silent. This AIO water cooler is for builders who want to achieve very high over clocks on their CPU's and not have to worry about how to dissipate heat so they can have a stable frequency. Yes, the fans can get loud when pushed but if you are wanting a quieter but still high performing cooler, Corsair has other models better suited for you. **Full disclosure, I was offered this product for review purposes**

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Stop waiting, upgrade!2/8/2016 10:05:04 AM

Pros: It seems like we've been hearing about all this great new tech coming to the PC industry for awhile now, but it's been slow to be combined into one package. Well, now with this motherboard you can build a new computer and not worry about missing something cool coming down the line. You're getting: - DDR4 RAM - M.2 SSD's - Intel Skylake CPU's - USB 3 Type C connectors This really does have it all when it comes to fresh to the market, brand spanking new tech. And it works great together with Windows 10 with top notch BIOS and driver support you've come to expect from Gigabyte. With the resurgence in PC gaming, we've seen just monster GPU's being launched and the new PCIe strengthening bracket is awesome! There's nothing more worrying than having your $600 GPU feeling not so secure, especially if you're taking your rig to a LAN. I am so impressed with Gigabyte that I actually turned this test board into my daily driver and retired my older PC (also a Gigabyte board...see a trend here?).

Cons: Because there is so much new tech on this board, be prepared to check for BIOS updates regularly. This is the price to pay when you're an early adopter. Luckily I haven't encountered any deal breaking bugs or issues, but I still keep updated to make sure it stays that way. The most recent BIOS update includes better compatibility with RAM and M.2 SSD vendors.

Overall Review: *Full disclosure, I was offered this item in return for a review*

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Proven Quality1/15/2016 8:40:43 PM

Pros: Corsair has been at the top of their game concerning PSU's for awhile now. Look at any extremely high end rig build and 9 times out of 10 they are using a Corsair unit. When you have hundreds to thousands of dollars in computer hardware, the last thing you want is to skimp on a power supply and fry something. If the professionals trust Corsair with their cash, so can you. I have had 4 different Corsair unit's in the last few years and EVERY single one is solid as a dang rock. You get stylish design, a stellar warranty, and fully modular capability. The PC industry is in the middle of another Golden Era. Now more than ever manufacturers are trying to one up each other with hardware that not only looks great for all those cases with windows and LED lighting, but performs as you would expect or beyond.

Cons: None whatsoever. The packaging is right, the build quality is top notch, and the warranty (like you'll need it.I never have after years of continuous use) will keep you worry free.

Overall Review: Unlike some other computer components you can save a few bucks on by going with the cheaper route, a solid and quality power supply is never one of those things. Ever. If you want something that you know will work out of the box don't bother looking at another brand, just find the appropriate wattage and click add to cart. *full disclosure - I was offered this unit for review purposes. I have however, purchased many corsair units for personal builds and am using an older AX 850 for the last 4 years with 0 complaints*

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Helpful Kitchen Addition8/22/2015 12:09:13 AM

Pros: Do you know how much a banana weighs? What about a TV remote control? Well you would if you had one of these. The first thing I did upon opening the package was what anyone probably does (i hope i'm not the only one) with a new scale, I weighed everything within arms reach. Food and non-food items alike got tossed on this bad boy with sweet LED lighting and it worked flawlessly up to 11 lbs (it's cut off). This would be the perfect kitchen addition for someone trying to control their weight by knowing exactly how much of one thing is going into your meals. If a meal plan tells you to put 4oz of chicken into your lunch for work, you can do it with exactness like never before. Another review below said he uses it in his office to weigh mail they send out so it has non-food uses as well.

Cons: If you're buying this to use as an inexpensive but accurate scale up to 11 lbs then you will not see any cons. It's a no frills yet stylish package that will work just fine.

Overall Review: It blends really well into my kitchen counter tops that I don't even notice it anymore unless I go looking for it.

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More OCZ love!7/24/2015 5:36:03 PM

Pros: Like I stated in my OCZ ARC 100 review last year, OCZ is pumping out solid performers in this space like nobodies business! The styling is great, the build quality is outstanding, and the performance is smile inducing. Again, I don't know what changed when Toshiba took over (probably helps having a steady supply of silicon) but I cannot recommend these drives enough. If you're looking at picking up a new OCZ drive but are hesitant because of their past reputation, flat out ignore it and buy it anyway!

Cons: I have nothing bad to say about this drive at all. I am just so thrilled a company was able to come back from the brink and not just stay alive, but to claw their way back up to the top and for all the right reasons. I know I probably sound like a fanboy at this point, and that's because they've made me a believer 100%. I'll leave the benchmark numbers up to the other guys and girls as they are going to be pretty much the same. Just know I am happy hardware geek, and you can be too!

Overall Review: *Full disclosure, I was offered this drive for review purposes*

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Mac with thunderbolt? Buy this.6/12/2015 2:52:58 PM

Pros: Although this works with iMac, I would say the intended market is the Apple macbook crowd without a doubt. I borrow a Macbook Pro for a month to give this puppy a test drive and I loved it! If you're not sure what Thunderbolt is, think of this as a USB hub on steroids but even better. Using the one connection you can plug in just about anything you would need while sitting at a desk. When you need to go mobile, just unplug ONE cable and that's it! The fit and finish of the Dock is top notch. It feels quality and has a certain heft to it that makes you feel confident it was made with great materials and care. That added heft also makes sure it doesn't slip around on the desk.

Cons: I really didn't have a single negative thing to say about this, which is rare because I like to nitpick. Everything that is listed on the features page it does, and it does it well. It is sold as performing X,Y, and Z and nothing more so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Overall Review: The Apple IT guy in my office was so impressed that he went out and bought one for himself to use at work when he isn't on the go and is very happy with his purchase.

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Great Hardware Hamstrung by Software4/28/2015 10:19:36 AM

Pros: The Linksys EA9200 is a very handsome piece of equipment. The soft matte finish, brilliant but not too bright LED's, and unique antennas combine to make one sharp package. Reading through the spec list one would assume this thing is blazing fast, and it is...sort of. The interface is clean and what is being used on most new Linksys products so it should be familiar right away. I leveraged the different radios inside to segment my Wi-Fi networks into their different bands respectively and it has worked out great! Speaking of Wi-Fi, this thing is WAY faster than my older Asus RT-N16 with about the same signal strength and the same distance in my home. Because of the powerful hardware inside I'm able to stream content from my NAS to an HTPC in the living room, watch netflix on another device, have people gaming with no lag all at the same time! I have not been able to really bottleneck this device at all when it comes to throughput which is fantastic as faster broadband speeds become more available around the US.

Cons: Now, the parts that weren't as awesome. The software is very basic for a $300 (retail) router that is competing to be the highest end consumer router you can buy currently. The kind of person who will spend this much on a router will most likely be an informed person who wants to tinker and have control over their network with advanced settings, something this is sorely lacking. The most recent firmware added VLAN tagging, which was helpful but it is still missing a whole host of features that routers from other brands offer. For the initiated you may ask, "just throw DD-WRT or Tomato on there, problem solved!". Well, as of this writing there is no support for either one. I also did notice some stutter and lag in the UI when the screen transitions with this sort of fading animation. My button presses weren't always recognized either, I suspect it's because the page hadn't fully "loaded" even though it looked like it was. This isn't a deal breaker for me at all, but with all that power under the hood I feel it should be smooth and seamless. Now, an interesting thing I found was Wi-Fi download speeds for me seemed off. I have a 75 Mbps down line, I was able to sustain speeds of 170 Mbps on my network, but download speeds and tests resulted in just 20-25 Mbps on average (a full 70 over ethernet). I'm not sure why I was getting so much less and couldn't really pin point the loss. This was with QoS off and on, it didn't seem to impact it at all.

Overall Review: But wait! This is still a FANTASTIC piece of hardware and will most likely live up to your expectations. Just know that unless/until they release an updated firmware, you will be missing on some advanced features you would expect to have at this price point with these specs.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Bryan, Thank you for taking the time in crafting a very informative and detailed review on the EA9200. Your feedback has given us a very valuable insight on how our product is working. Rest assured that we’ll share this with our relevant team for continuous product developments. If you want to share more about your experience or if you need our help, you may email us at LinksysCares@linksys.com. Please include your contact details, location, and the link to this review for reference. Regards, Linksys Support www.linksys.com