Nice mouse, like it.8/17/2017 5:42:10 AM

Pros: Just had this mouse a day now. Fits hand well. Looks nice with back light that rotates colors. Has 2 buttons on left side and button on top. What I like most is it is easily configurable. The software allows you to configure the mouse speed and buttons and you can even setup macros for it.

Cons: Found the mouse speed to be a little too fast by default so I adjusted it. Mouse pad may have something to do with it which I still need to replace. The main thing is the two buttons on the left side. By default they are set to backup and forward in web pages which could be a plus. I seem to hit that backup very easily though. This can be easily changed in the software so for now I turned mine off.

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Cooler Master Hyper 2128/12/2013 12:35:05 PM

Pros: I like the fan, it has the capability to add an additional fan for a push pull air flow. Not noisy either. Comes with adapter to add another fan.

Cons: None

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Asus DVD Burner8/12/2013 12:30:52 PM

Pros: Works well, no problems. I have had it a couple of months.

Cons: None

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