Great 165Hz monitor5/10/2021 8:00:32 AM

Pros: 1000R Curve Rich colors (subjective) VESA mount

Cons: Yes the stand Not really a con but kinda wish the back had some sort of passive RGB light on there ah well lol

Overall Review: Overall would recommend, great refresh rate and good colors was you play around and optimize to your liking. Whites can sometimes be too bright, I had to lower the brightness while browsing the web. I had no issues enabling free sync to work with my Nvidia card while also enabling G-sync on the panel. Flash black for a moment but worked fine after that been playing games no issue ever since. Lot this monitor does what it says and decently well

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Great Memory4/19/2021 8:39:27 AM

Pros: Great brand RBG goodness

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Well since I was building a white themed PC it matches very well and the LEDs show the white very well also.

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Great mid tier gaming card11/29/2020 8:42:26 AM

Pros: Fans are pretty quiet Small form factor Nice design with backplate OC out the box

Cons: LED that stays on after system powers off. That's it really

Overall Review: Great card for budget gamers especially with the upgraded GDDR6. Actually does better than expected in games once you messed with the settings if you so choose. Overall great card can't complain does what i need it for.

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Awesome Case lots of options6/19/2020 11:22:20 PM

Pros: Cooling capabilities, Design (sleek no nonsense type) Lots of options for air cooling or liquid cooling form factor Good air flow

Cons: Non really

Overall Review: Case has lots of options for air cool or liquid build, good cable management system to route all your cables. Overall good case and good quality. Its not a light case though, I opted to make bought sides tempered glass(ordered extra panel) and you definitely notice the heft, if you have to move this thing around. Loving it so far.

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Nice Panel Just be careful with it :)6/2/2020 3:34:33 PM

Pros: Good quality Fits Meshify S2 case

Overall Review: I unfortunately broke my original side panel when installing, all my fault, but then decided to get 2 and do both sides of case. Went with dark tinted because it gives a nice shade when RGB lights up. And to reflect some of the lights on the other side while also still having a darker tint to it.

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Quiet, Runs great, Fast5/26/2020 9:34:28 AM

Pros: Easy setup, very very very quiet, transfer data pretty quick too 7200 rpm drive @ 8TB external

Cons: None

Overall Review: Definitely would recommend

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Great 2k (3440x1440) for the price5/25/2020 7:06:48 PM

Pros: 34' Curve monitor Price 3440x1440 (2k) and nice VA panel

Cons: Not really a big con but the stand could have been made a lot better DP port is 1.2

Overall Review: Ordered and came within time specified. I love this monitor it does the job well for me colors are great and bright. Its a freesync monitor thats g-sync compatible which is how I'm running it since I use a nvidia geforce card and it works just as good. You do have to enable freesync on the monitor first then go to nvidia panel and do it there as well and you should be good to go. Overall this thing is lovely and for the price i would definitely recommend. yes its only 100hz and I do have a 2070 rtx super card but games still look great.

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Great SSD Easy Setup5/23/2020 8:39:07 PM

Pros: Fast

Cons: None

Overall Review: Pretty self explanatory, install boot go. I made this my primary OS drive and boy does it fly

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Great memory5/16/2020 1:18:16 PM

Pros: Rgb, ryzen optimized

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Cool RGB, works with my setup

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Good thermal compound5/10/2020 12:09:43 PM

Overall Review: Does whats needed

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Works5/10/2020 12:09:02 PM

Pros: Fits nicely no issues

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Does the job

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