Really good4/27/2021 12:43:42 PM

Overall Review: I really like this SSD, I have 2 different team group SSD's now, and I think they are great. Price was good, they work really well and fast load times!

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Good quality4/27/2021 12:41:57 PM

Overall Review: Great ssd for the the price, I have 2 different team group ssds now and I think they are great. Good load times, and so far have been really reliable

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Love kingston memory4/27/2021 12:40:00 PM

Overall Review: Ive always used kingston memory and ive never had issues, i find it a little on the pricey side though

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Its okay...wouldn'twouldnt buy again4/27/2021 12:38:44 PM

Pros: Has extra usb outlets

Cons: Noisy fans, they don't really help cool all that much, the blue LED is ridiculously bright, and the power to the usb's is divided amongst all of them so the power diminishes as you use more of the outlets.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a cheap usb hub this would work, but like i said the power is split between the outlets so if you're using both at the same time you wont get full power to both devices

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Great headset for the price4/27/2021 12:32:57 PM

Pros: Super comfy, good sound, good chat/game mixer, long cord

Cons: The noise cancelling I find does a phenomenal job sometimes, but at times its too good and if i speak softly enough it doesn't pick up speech

Overall Review: I recommend this product to anyone that wears glasses, super comfy i can wear these for hours

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
So far no issues4/27/2021 12:29:01 PM

Pros: Thin, crystal clear, easier to install and very sticky

Overall Review: Overall good product, I would buy again

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Cheap work pretty good but doesn’t work with mic2/15/2021 7:34:01 PM

Pros: Cheap! They work Lasted longer than the “genuine Apple” one I got. Can charge and listen simultaneously

Cons: Doesn’t work with mic so buyer beware

Overall Review: So cheap if it breaks it’s not a loss, heck you could buy 10 of these for one “genuine Apple” one. Doesn’t work with mic so keep that in mind

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I don’t think that’s genuine Apple2/15/2021 7:30:22 PM

Cons: After a short while, stopped working

Overall Review: Wouldn’t get another, stopped working maybe a couple weeks after I got it.

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Great product2/15/2021 7:27:39 PM

Pros: Easy to install Look good works good Bios is easy to navigate

Cons: Aura sync is awesome but I can’t sync up my Wraith Prism CPU cooler to it

Overall Review: Definitely loving this MB. Would recommend to anyone especially if they are into RGB

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Does it’s job!2/15/2021 7:23:59 PM

Pros: Looks good! Feels really well built Cables looks sharp The modular setup is great!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great unit, does it’s job looks really nice, cables that come with it are pretty nice

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Stoked on this beast!!2/15/2021 7:21:24 PM

Pros: Fast! Wraith Prism cooler is freaking cool! Download the cooler master software and change the fan color, ring color and logo color. So many options if RGB lighting is your thing.

Cons: Annoying I can’t use aura sync on my MB to sync it up with the rest of my gear. Not a huge problem if you’re going with a solid color, but can’t sync up rainbow effect or anything of the sort.

Overall Review: Love this thing! It’s fast, and I can’t multi task out the ying yang

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Looks good works good2/15/2021 7:12:40 PM

Pros: The RGB is bright, and I can control it with aura sync through MB.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I haven’t had them installed very long, but they do their job and do it well. The price was right so I bought them.

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Love this case!2/15/2021 7:09:54 PM

Pros: A ton of ventilation Lots of spaces to run wires Multiple positions for mounting fans Multiple psu locations Removable plate in the back to mount 2.5” drives (up to 3) Big tempered glass side

Cons: Not really a con but because I have a really nice looking PSU I wish it wasn’t covered up in the bottom. But it’s good in a way to keep all that extra heat separate from the main part of the case.

Overall Review: This case is great for cable management, keeps everything tucked away, lots of space to work. Looks great

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Easy setup, works as advertised6/10/2020 7:45:38 PM

Pros: Fast shipping, easy setup, and it works. I can store all my games and I don’t have to keep deleting stuff just to update a game.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Overall great product and I’m happy I made the choice to buy this

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