Big Navi3/3/2021 7:45:55 AM

Pros: Runs COD at 250 FPS at 1440p. The graphics are so crisp I don’t even turn RTX on. Also I use my gsync monitor with v sync enabled at 144hz and it works fine. I would love to see this card in action on a free synch monitor.

Cons: I’m not sure it’s the graphics card but I did get crashing on Hitman 3. You can overclock the card but it runs loud if you do that and at 1440p what’s the difference if you have a 144hz monitor.

Overall Review: If you want a card to max out 2k and just run smooth this is the card for you.

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Great quality2/15/2021 1:37:36 PM

Pros: ItS built to keep the wires clean and it looks like a professionals computer when it’s done properly. People complain about air flow issues but I think if you use an air cooler as opposed to a water cooling system you don’t gain a lot of heat in the case. Picture the cpu fan blowing toward the front without a fan in front of it and the fan for the front below cooling you your graphics card. Heat naturally rises so you don’t have any fans at the top to allow convection to occur. My Gpu doesn’t run hotter than 63-65 with a time spy score of over 18,000. My 5800x only heats up to 75 under top load and scores above 11,000. I run Hitman 3 at 144 FPS at 1440p ultra settings no problem.

Cons: I don’t like that the side with the SATA hd mounts uses magnets to hold the case. I don’t have a modular power supply so I have a lot of extra wires to hide. At first it was hard to get the wires from not pushing the door open but with persistence and zip ties I was able to get the glass door to shut..

Overall Review: I recommend this case if you want a high quality look with gaming capability.

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