Perfect6/12/2018 4:20:22 AM

Pros: Plug n' play Works

Cons: None

Overall Review: Plugged into my win10 desktop and was connected to my bluetooth devices with seconds. No need for the included driver disk

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Works as advertized2/3/2018 2:45:37 AM

Pros: -Stylish -Functional -Self Powered

Cons: -Cable too short. Wish it was longer or had ability to use own cable.

Overall Review: Most likely use this with a laptop, but I am using it with a desktop under my desk, which is why I need a longer cable. I purchases a USB-C extension to solve my issue

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Quality, Durable, Attractive12/29/2016 5:59:16 AM

Pros: Holds everything I need in a compact form factor. Had it over two years now & still looks great.

Cons: - - -

Overall Review: Wallet is as small as it can possibly be & still function. This may be a con for some, but for me, it's a pro. I want the smallest wallet possible that fulfills my needs.

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Nifty lil bugger. Great price!9/15/2016 6:18:02 PM

Pros: -Small size -USB 3.0 -Nice read/write speed for a USB drive -Cheap

Cons: -It's refurbed. But it looks & behaves brand new so far as I can tell

Overall Review: Will probably have my mother buy another to keep her PC backed up

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
sharp jacket11/15/2014 9:09:02 AM

Pros: Just flat out nice looking

Cons: Zipper is a mildly difficult to start. No sleeve cuffs to keep out cold air

Overall Review: Love this jacket. Although staring at myself in the mirror is a little bit creepy

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Quick & Easy10/31/2013 8:29:29 AM

Pros: Install went flawlessly. boot time is WAY quicker. Win7 experience index went from 5.9 to 6.8, although the increase in speed feels more significant. My old drive was a 10,000 rpm velociraptor. I was very surprised with how light the drive is.

Cons: Perhaps that it isn't bigger. That's not an issue for me. My operating sys drive consumes about 25-40 gigs, depending on programs installed. I am using this in a desktop with multiple auxillary drives for documents, backups, dvr space, etc

Overall Review: Used EaseUS to clone my existing win7 install. A win7 boot repair disc was needed to get the system to boot to the new drive. Glad I took the time to make one. Also be sure to disable indexing & defragmenting once running on the new drive, as both are not needed & can shorten the life of the drive.

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good drive for the price2/13/2011 8:02:12 AM

Pros: looks cool. needs no additional power supply

Cons: came formatted to fat32. dumb me didn't think to check prior to copying massive files to it i'd think most users would have the best success with ntfs not a major con, but worth noting

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fast2/3/2011 11:55:37 AM

Pros: it's been 4 years since my last sd card purchase, so this was significantly faster than any of my previous ones

Cons: non. does what it's supposed to do

Overall Review: my sony steady shot dsc-w310 accepts up to a 32 gb card, so compatibility was not an issue

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Upload speed better11/22/2010 5:33:44 PM

Pros: on docsis 3.0 compliant comcast system, my upload speed doubled from 1.5mbps to over 3.0

Cons: none

Overall Review: download speed stayed the same at around 20mbps

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handy dandy10/28/2009 8:39:50 AM

Pros: what's to say? card works efficiently enough. i do think the tiny little usb adapter it came with is pretty nifty, assuming i don't lose it. fortunately it has a thoughtful key chain type tether on it to help keep track of it

Cons: none - item is precisely as advertised

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has all the extra features I really wanted10/22/2009 12:00:45 PM

Pros: pc is very responsive. i am in love! i was surprised how big the keyboard feels for such a tiny pc. and i'm not sure exactly why yet, but the touchpad feels more comfortable & easier to use than other lappies/netties. dual core processor wireless n 2gb ram winders 7 rates as follows in the windows experience index: processor: 3.9 memory: 4.8 graphics: 3.3 gaming: 3.2 hard disk: 5.5 overall not bad at all for a little netty.

Cons: had to remove a little bloatware, but nothing too serious

Overall Review: picked this up locally today. i just couldn't wait!

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Great value, but display is somewhat lacking8/29/2009 1:54:49 PM

Pros: Big & bright

Cons: a) Picture looks washed out from above. b) Massive, clunky looking bezel c) Buttons on back of bezel for some perplexing reason

Overall Review: I would have given this 3 stars if not for the screen you get for your dollar. I find I have to tilt this back more than I'd prefer because the colors are washed out when viewed from above, but look quite rich from below. I upgraded from a 7 year old 19" Samsung Syncmaster, which actually had a better quality display. Overall I must say I am happy with this thing. I feel like I work at NASA when sitting in front of this monster. Life is good.

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Hard to beat8/18/2009 1:39:07 PM

Pros: Excellent sound quality, excellent driver support

Cons: tad pricey

Overall Review: Running this on windows 7 64 bit, optical out to a fairly high end surround system. I immediately noticed a significant improvement over the Turtle Beach Riviera that it replaced. The Turtle Beach card was horrible in many aspects. Glad to finally have a worthy replacement.

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Hard not to like8/5/2009 2:49:40 PM

Pros: Stats match the sound quality. Installation & setup were a breeze running Windows 7 64bit release candidate. Got the optical out working immediately, which is more than I can say for Creative & Turtle Beach cards I have owned previously.

Cons: I had to pull the Turtle Beach card out prior to installing this card. :-(

Overall Review: I downloaded the latest drivers from Asus. Didn't even attempt to use the included disc.

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Good speed for the dollars1/16/2009 8:29:50 PM

Pros: 16mb cache.

Cons: None really, works 100% as advertised.

Overall Review: I bought a pair of these to build a cheap RAID 0 array with respectable performance. Size was a minor importance to me.

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Works as expected12/13/2008 5:27:45 AM

Pros: Worked without a hitched paired with my ASUS M2A-VM motherboard & AMD dual core 5600. Puts up with what minor overclocking I attempted with it.

Cons: None to speak of.

Overall Review: I added it to an existing 2 GB for 3GB total RAM for better gaming experience in GTA IV. These are the smallest RAM modules I have ever seen.

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Impressive Looking12/13/2008 5:21:56 AM

Pros: I upgraded from my ASUS M2A-VM's on-board video so I could play GTA IV. The game looks beautiful and better with it overclocked with the included dual core app. Vista rates it 5.9 graphics & gaming graphics in the Windows Experience index, up from the low 3's from my on-board video.

Cons: Takes up an extra slot covering one of my only 2 PCI slots. Thankfully I don't use them much anymore. I still have the one for my sound card.

Overall Review: This is my first experience buying a better gaming card so I can't compare it to much. But I feel like I got a good value for the buck after perusing through all the high end cards. I was immediately impressed with it's gerth when I pulled it from the box.

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Satisfactory card for Vista10/29/2008 1:44:08 PM

Pros: Cheap price. Runs Vista Aero theme well. Windows fully recognized card without need for driver/application disc. Up to 2048 x 1536 resolution so use on 1080p TV is no problem. Has DVI output.

Cons: Not for advanced gaming. Only rates 2.7 Graphics & 2.6 Gaming in the Vista User Experience Index score. I would prefer 3.0 or higher, but it does the job nonetheless.

Overall Review: If you're not a big PC gamer, this card should easily satisfy your needs. Will run all your typical applications & light games to their full graphical ability, even in a Vista environment.

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No problems - No worries10/23/2008 3:49:15 PM

Pros: Works well, high compatibility. Slapped it in & presto.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Ordered to use with MSI K7T266 Pro board/Atlon XP processor combo

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One of the best upgrades you can make10/13/2008 3:57:11 PM

Pros: Speeds up everything. Great in RAID 0, but great to use alone as well. This 74GB benchmarks faster than my previous 36GB.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Next to plenty of good memory, this is one of the most significant upgrades one can make to speed up a PC, and it's probably the most overlooked. Hard drive seek & read times are one of the most significant bottlenecks in a PC.

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Nice product - Nice price6/4/2008 6:35:29 PM

Pros: The item & its packaging both have a quality feel.

Cons: nil

Overall Review: It's hard to rate something like this & you hope you never really need it. But the research I did suggests this is a high quality product for a very good price.

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Works on Nextel i880/i8853/1/2007 2:50:58 PM

Pros: Highest compatibility. It just works. Amazing so much data on this tiny thing.

Cons: None really other than my greedy need for more space. I eagerly await a 40 GB model. I wish, hehe

Overall Review: Great Newegg price & service as always.

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