Fast, great fingerprint recognition9/9/2016 8:38:24 AM

Pros: Great value Great performance Android M, with regular upgrade commitments from the manufacturer Fingerprint login is smoking fast Very good camera system Very good battery life, so far Fast charging

Cons: Kit does not include earbuds USB-C cable is annoyingly short Minor bloatware: Can't get rid of Facebook app and a couple of others

Overall Review: I read a number of reviews of this phone before ordering, and got the impression that the SIM/SD tray could accommodate either one nanoSIM and one SD card, or one nanoSIM and one microSIM. The phone does not appear to have support for a second SIM, at least not in the US version. This is not a huge problem for me, but when I travel abroad I'll have to be especially careful not to lose the nanoSIM, which is quite tiny. (I have T-Mobile's awesome free international roaming but they don't cover Eastern Europe.) The EMUI launcher is not terrible, but Google Now launcher auto-synced from my account, and I switched to it. This is a matter of preference. EMUI is iPhone-like, with no app tray. The camera is very good and excellent at shadow detail. I think the image sharpening is just a touch hot, but not a problem. Great manual controls. I switched from a second-gen Moto G, and the performance difference is amazing. "OK Google" just works. However, beware of enabling it on top of apps, as it will hijack voice input. Neither Google Translate nor Microsoft Translator would work until I disabled that feature. This is likely an Android issue, not specific to the Honor 8. Upgrading from HSDPA+ to LTE also is a big win, as LTE signals cover wider areas, and T-Mobile has skipped HSDPA upgrades on some of its towers.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great feedback, Stephen. We are pleased to hear all of the great features that you like, including the fingerprint sensor. It has an Auto-learning skill to improve the recognition of your fingerprint over time, so as much as you like it now, you will like it even more down the line. Also we are sorry to hear there may have been some confusion with the Honor 8's sim options. With this phone it only supports the nano-sim in slot 1, slot 2 is reserved for the micro-SD card. (DM)