Do Not Buy3/17/2018 2:43:34 AM

Pros: None

Cons: I brought 2 of these privacy screen, and of course I wanted them so no one can see the screen unless you look directly at the screen. Unfortunately you can look at the screen at any side and still see what on the moniter . Now if you want the privacy screen for anti glare then sure that might work for you but that doesn't justify playing 50 dollars for something that half way works.

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Believe the negative feedback3/15/2016 11:34:59 AM

Pros: Non

Cons: Loud dies in 2 years

Overall Review: Its funny cause I came back to this product to see if there an updated version because I finally couldn't take how loud this cooling system was. As i was reading though the feed back some people was saying after 2 years the cooling system dies. I went and check when i brought my cool master seidon and it was back in 2014. I was like "well mine is still running fine"I kid you not but literally after a day of looking at those comment my computer started acting weird. After a process of elimination i open up my computer to find that the cooler master was hot to the touch i took it out and put in the fan that came with the CPU and all went back to normal. This cooling system will dies after 2 years and if it hasn't it will die soon.

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.4/23/2014 6:48:13 AM

Pros: This is a great graphic card, Installation was quick and easy, just make sure you have a power supply that comes with a 6 pin PCI express cable, and if you do make sure its long enough to reach the graphic card if not then you can buy an 6 pin PCI express extension cable here on new egg (this probably don't apply to everyone, but I know I needed an extension). At the time of me buying this graphic card it comes with a CD with all the driver on it with a nice program to monitor you gpu Temperature, usage, voltage and more. also allows you to over clock you gpu, memory an fan speed. it also comes with 150 dollar for in game item (50 for each game which is Heroes of Newerth, path of exile, and warface) games I don't have but now considering of getting. It runs my game great at a high setting. Games like skyrim can run on high with all the enb and texture mod I have on it. Newer games like Warframe and Nosgoth run great on high as well. I don't expect to get a new graphic card anytime soon with this one doing as good as a job as those expensive graphic cards out there.

Cons: Nope

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4/23/2014 6:22:50 AM

Pros: This is indeed a 6 pin pci express power extension cable just in case anyone was confuse by previous comments(I was, but not really cause i brought it). I needed one because the 6 pin cable on my power supply was super short and couldn't reach the new graphic card I was going to buy, so I just brought this extension cable and it connected with a nice click and with a snug fit. keep in mind its about 20cm long which is about 7.87 in inches. My power supply and graphic car are pretty close so I only needed 1 but still was a little tight when stretching the cable across to connect to my graphic card (probably because the card connector was place on top near the VGI ports). In any case just do the measurements first if your unsure then buy the cable.

Cons: None works fine

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Its ok for the price2/26/2014 7:21:56 AM

Pros: It runs decent enough, this is not for heavy gaming. With the lack of knowledge i had about CPU thought it would run my games better then the i3 unfortunately it doesn't. Its a little sluggish and I had to reduce most of my games graphic setting to low but this was due to my own ignorance. The CPU is good for the price and is great for a standard computer use for light gaming.

Cons: none so far

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