Blazing Fast3/17/2021 10:28:50 PM

Pros: Blazing Fast NVME SSD. 3.15 GB Read/2.89 GB Write.

Cons: Similar To most NVME drives this drive runs very hot. 51* c, in my Intel I7NUC. Western Digital Dashboard DOES NOT WORK, on my Intel NUC. Installed several times/versions. Crashes@splash. Odd because WD Dashboard works with my Intel/ROG based computer.

Overall Review: It is a very fast and incredible drive that is a better buy than other more expensive nvme drives with similar performance. This is my second WD Black SN750 Nvme. I would buy it again.

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It Corsair. I works3/12/2021 6:59:58 PM

Pros: All I expect from ram is that it works. Corsair products are always fine. Works well in my NUC.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I recommend for NUC's and laptops.

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More than I need. Paired with i7 7820x Skylake 8 core9/22/2018 9:25:02 PM

Pros: Everything about this board is excellent. Top grade. I love ASUS products when they work. I have been using this board now for a about two months, and it seems reliable. Everything about this build is incredibly fast. I was super curious if quad memory would actually make a difference in real time, with rendering video, and audio. Speed has increased 60% over AMD FX 8350.

Cons: What nothing in any of the documentation for the board tells you is that if you use the e-z auto tune, and you choose gaming pc vs desktop, it cuts lan speed to no more than 10 mbps through ethernet, connection, however doesn't effect wi-fi speeds. Because there is no documentation for this specific app within the mobo I thought I had a defective board, and rma'd it and went through the whole process of shipping and rebuilding because no one caught this. When I rebuilt the pc, the same thing occurred; using the ez tuning app in bios messes with the lan speed. I realized the error, and decided not to use app, but thought I should pass on to anyone trying to figure this out.

Overall Review: As I headlined my review, this board is more than I need. I decided I wanted a rendering pc, that could also game. Because of my choice of chip the board does fine with Intel Turbo. Since I cool using a Corsair H60 AIO don't have room to oc, but I don't have a big need to oc. The few games I have tried work well. Rendering speed has more than halved from previous PC with AMD FX 8350.

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Adequate Cooling for an i7-7820x skylake 8 core in a ROG x299 e gaming mobo Case: One 120 mm slot....9/20/2018 3:01:46 AM

Pros: Incredibly easy install. Keeps chip in 30-40c idle/50-70 full load Averages 65 Full Load.

Cons: Would like 10 degrees less at idle, but it is 140 Watt TDP. Really unable to overclock besides Intel or ASUS turbo in automatic. Read several reviews of chip, which according to the reviews make this chip a challenge to cool. Many thought there was no real reasons besides bragging rights to overclock.

Overall Review: Given that I had one fan slot, I installed this cooler, and had mixed results; feelings. Ordered a H75 and that has two fans, and the radiator is a little larger than the H60, and was difficult to install. After installing, and running some very basic apps, I found the H75 with one slot 2 fans, a larger radiator, did no better than the H60 with one fan. The biggest difference is the noise level. Even at full throttle it is hard to hear the single fan configuration, with the H60, however the H75 was incredibly loud. My final opinion is that the H60 is sufficient cooling for a monster chip that really doesn't need overclocking. I am running memory as XMP, and the 8 cores rarely on most apps even approach half throttle.

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It works, first try. Makes me misty eyed.4/16/2017 10:04:41 PM

Pros: I cant believe I bought a piece of tech, and installed it per instructions, and it worked. I saw my FX 8350 with AMD fan(40c-60c load)go to (18c idle35c load). I worry that my readings are real but everything is steady at 4.4 Ghz, but mutiple apps comfirm.

Cons: Had to move GTX960 down one rung; PCIe 16 to second on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 v1 monster. Still 16x on second rung.

Overall Review: Anybody curious about the benefits about liquid cooling vs fans, especially considering such an easy installation. A note, it would indeed be easier if you had another hand to hold the block while screwing it down, but like when using the fan cooling solution it always was a little precarious getting those clips locked. The fact that you can screw down the clips slowly and avoid possible damaged, all without having to install a back plate. For 70$ shipped, it is done. When building Ryzen system in the future I'll use this model.

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Like This Adapter12/17/2015 6:52:52 PM

Pros: One of the last wireless adapters with an Ethernet connection for Internet connected devices w/o wireless built in. Setup was done in 10 mins.

Cons: This adapter drops connection. A simple unplug/re-plug in power, and it's back.

Overall Review: Read several negative reviews on product, but got a really good deal, and I don't regret the purchase. It performs better than I expected.

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Incredible Upgrade9/17/2015 5:41:42 PM

Pros: The combination of My AMD Vishera 8350/Gigabyte GA990FXAUD7, seemed to lack with previous memory rated 1600 and clocking @1333. When I attempted using XMP overclocking through Mobo, I would hang at Gigabyte Splash. Left It automatic. During the duration of Windows 8/8.1 this combo continually crashed, although all components passed separate tests. When I used The Gigabyte ovclk. app(EasyTune6) It would also crash, especially using Nero Video2014/later 2015. Reading through Mobo Manual I re-read Memory, and thought I'd try a higher rated speed memory, confine it to two dims and overclock using XMP utility. Worse that could happen I would have to pay for shipping and restocking, if my upgrade didn't work. But the best happened, I am clocking 1866 Memory 2X 8 GB, and it has been working flawlessly. I even upped the multiplier on my CPU, and running@ 4.2 GHz air cooled. I can easily recommend this memory.

Cons: Price

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Tempting Form Factor Eventually Delivers10/1/2014 10:34:37 PM

Pros: This tiny box about as big as a personal pizza. Celeron Processor, price point acceptance. Celeron Dual Core isn't totally bad as I had hoped. This little desktop needs to looked at for what it is, not what it isn't. Works well as a music streamer, Windows Media Player Virtual Jukebox, Media Center PVR.

Cons: What this computer is not, is a multi-tasker, video rendering, or video gaming computer. There is a little pamphlet that shows you how to turn on unit, hookup keyboard mouse, and monitor, changing memory, swapping HDD for SSD, but no specific questions answered, like how do you access recovery partition. Do you make backup discs, or can you make a USB backup, non of this answered. Asus sure could take a lesson from HP regarding User Manual.

Overall Review: I wrote an Email to ASUS customer service, and their reply was to use system restore. So how do you make a recovery drive....they didn't have an answer. I discovered you have to use 16 GB USB drive, using Windows Recovery, click create recovery drive, and the rest is self evident. I managed to do a recovery to a Samsung EVO 840 500 GB. and put the 500 GB WD Blue (original HDD)in storage. A couple words of advice, especially another reviewer almost threw his through the window; Don't mess with any of the BIOS settings. Otherwise processor runs 70+*c constantly. Really the only setting perhaps is upping the RPM on the system fan....even at max can't hear it. Once I accepted the stock setting the temps dropped, and the 70-75% processor time. This is unit replaces an HP laptop from 2007 with a broken internal screen, using the HDMI OUT as a HTPC, ran VER Y hot, AMD Turion x64 ran 76-85* and sat precariously on top a center channel speaker. So I can recommend this VIVO box as a HTPC. I also like the Vivo 42, which can have two SSD, unfortunately this one only has one SATA in.

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Superb Quality from Polk9/5/2014 2:13:46 PM

Pros: Deep clean Bass. Replacing a 10 y/o Yamaha Subwoofer, and the sound of this new Polk Subwoofer is very satisfying.

Cons: I do have turn down the level depending on the source. ie.. DirecTV, home Theatre PC, or Internet radio. Sometimes too powerful, and must be turned down.

Overall Review: I was worried, but when the price was reduced , I took the plunge. I was blown away at the power of this sub, connected to a new. Denon HT receiver, and my 14 y/o Polk Seattleites. Overall I love this purchase.

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Mixed Results8/31/2014 7:50:06 PM

Pros: Slide in scheme. close the door. USB 3.0 80 MB reads/110 MB writes SSD (atto)

Cons: Wouldn't fit a Crucial C300 SSD. Door just wouldn't close Button should be labeled open close, not on off.

Overall Review: Lost the joy on this product not worth send back.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry to hear about the issues that you have been experiencing with this device. We have taken note of the observations you have made of this device, and will work towards creating more efficient iterations of this device. Thank you for purchasing one of our products, and for leaving us your valuable feedback. -Regards SYBA CST 09052014
Effective Cooling But Can't Use7/13/2014 8:19:01 PM

Pros: Simple design, case fan high efficiency. In My Case I had planned on using it to replace 140 mm Cougar Fan to use as side Panel fan in Cougar Evolution Case. Arctic Fan reduced temp 5c, but after about a minute the side of my case would start resonating. It was as loud as a two table fans in my office. I tried installing/uninstalling twice with different size case screws. I had to reinstall the Cougar, take the temp hit, cause Cougar fans are absolutely silent.

Cons: Vibrations causing case side panel to resonate. Although the cooling is effective, I can't recommend.

Overall Review: Because the cost of shipping doesn't seem worth an RMA. I will use in a future build maybe.

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HGST Deskstar NAS $TB 7200 RPM HDD5/14/2014 7:26:07 PM

Pros: Size of Disk. The Speed of the Disk. Retail Packaging. Copying with Extreme Copy this disk read/wrote at 158 MB, when copying files from previous Hitachi 2TB drive that was running out of space. This drive bests the Hitachi 2TB(which maxed out at 108 MB. But when copying1 3/4 TB it took 5 hours to complete. Lot of video files. Very impressed assuming it lasts for at least the warranty period

Cons: So far none. Would be great to see these $50.00 less.

Overall Review: Assuming everything stays well I will enjoy both the two drives I bought.

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True Image 2013 Doesn't work with Windows 8.110/28/2013 2:35:51 PM

Pros: Great program for anything before Windows 8.1.

Cons: Doesn't work with Windows 8.1 After updating to Windows 8.1, and trying to backup system, system restarts after about 40 seconds. Only able to get it to work offline.....very inconvenient. Their official word is imcompatible with Windows 8.1

Overall Review: It seems that Acronis Doesn't care that it still 2013 and their program doesn't work in 2013. No explanation no customer service. Software Companies at their worst.

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Any program that doesn't work is bad.10/28/2013 1:37:17 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Forced to upgrade because Acronis True Image 2013/w plus pack is officially incompatible with Windows 8.1. Well True Image 2014 still crashes my system, when trying to backup.

Overall Review: These companies expect us to open our wallets, but are really callous to people who have problems. ASUS; Acronis and yes Microsoft don't care.

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Windows 8.1 seems a step backwards10/28/2013 1:32:13 PM

Pros: Start button back woo-hoo. With Start 8 it is moot. You can change the start screen with desktop image.

Cons: Any upgrade shouldn't make programs not work. Unfortunately Windows 8.1 and Acronis programs absolutely don't work on my system. They crash system, and do not give any explanation why.

Overall Review: Acronis and Windows 8.1 don't work together. So why upgrade? Acronis's attitude is surprising. They actually don't care. They aren't providing an update compatible with Windows 8.1. I am speaking of True Image 2013..Oh Wait it is still I gather they don't care about the money I have already spent. I tried their Acronis True Image 2014 Trial on Windows 8.1 and same results.....crashes system restarts, and no error code. Leaves me disgusted with Microsoft and Acronis.

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Last Hope For Older Weak Dell Dimension E3106/30/2012 11:47:32 PM

Pros: This card is a savior for a REALLY WEAK Dell Dimension, that origianlly had Windows XP MCE 2005, and had multiiple installation errors, no recovery media. Intel Board that doesn't even qualify for Intel Matrix Storage Application. I can't believe how cheaply made these computer were manufactured. Dell locked out the one PCE-X1 slot, so what was left was PCI slot. This card filled the bill.

Cons: Limited by PCI as 64-bit interface.

Overall Review: Works well as Media Center [Basement-Workout] computer. This card breathed life into a Dump Run computer into a saver. Added a Clear QAM/Hybrid tv tuner, happy with results.

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Great Device, Typical Motorola Instructions5/18/2012 12:34:52 AM

Pros: Works Effortlessly

Cons: Motorola Instructions typically way too vague.

Overall Review: There was no difinitive instruction regarding charging unit using an AC Charger instead of A Cigarette Charger... None of the specs included amperage, or voltage...I decided to use the charger from my old horrible Motorola Rival. It works just fine. Charges in 15 mins....

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NIce little Card for HTPC, or Minor Office Work3/23/2012 6:56:56 PM

Pros: This card and the price point for it are really sweet. 92 Cuda Cores....small quiet fan on the heatsink...although it idles at 65%;GTX 465 idles at 20%, the GT 430's fan is whisper quiet. Couldln't have asked for more....this card beats my old 9800 GT. DVI, VGA & HDMI ports very nice. Good Card EVGA!

Cons: None yet

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Promising BUT Flawed Card3/19/2012 7:29:13 PM

Pros: 1024 MB Memory Low Profile 96 Cuda Cores EVGA

Cons: Fan is cheap, and as soon as card was seated, and I booted up there was a scraping sound....Closer inspection one fin on the lightweight fan protruded past the shroud, and had cracked. Fan didn't move. Probably could have snapped off offending fin, but why in a BRAND NEW card.

Overall Review: Read several more reviews and see there have been other users with same Fan issues. Will choose another model. I have been using EVGA cards for almost 10 years. I usally love their products. This fan should be incorporated into a 2 slot shell. Maybe then the fins wouldn't scrape.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I do apologize if the fan blade broke. Please contact our 24/7 technical support so we can assist you with a replacement (888)-881-3842 Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager
Diamond 6570 Loud Little Card3/13/2012 7:46:09 PM

Pros: 2GB Memory. Small Form Factor

Cons: Very, Very Loud Fan. Louder than an EVGA Nvidia 465 GTX running at 40%. The ATI Catalyst Fan Software apparently doesn't work on cards w/o power supply. This card is being recognized as being in a PCI-E x8 slot. Nvidia cards are properly recognizing the slot as an x16.

Overall Review: A little disappointed. May return if fan becomes irritating. I now have 29 days to decide....

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I like how small it is.9/20/2011 7:41:33 PM

Pros: It works. Speedtest showing 30 mbs...... Went from 9 mbs max, with Wireless G.......on My HP Pavilion dV6704 Entertainment PC

Cons: So Far None

Overall Review: I wish all new products worked so well out of the box.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello lakephillip, Thank you for writing your review. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your new adapter. Please write us at if you ever have any questions or comments for us. Best Regards, Belkin Support
So Far No Coasters6/7/2011 4:48:27 PM

Pros: Was skeptical but was surprised at the fact that out of 5 burns no coasters. All work great...nice change from disappointing no name brands

Cons: None so far

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Card Good Horrible Installation Instructions4/12/2010 12:22:31 PM

Pros: Clear Qam reception (unscrambled digital cable)

Cons: Configuring this card can take hours, when it should take minutes.

Overall Review: If it weren't for another NewEgg reviewer I wouldn't have known for Clear Qam reception you have to split your cable; one end to NTSC or (TV in), as well as ATSC...the confusion comes from the fact that ATSC is over the Air Digital, but Clear Qam is Cable. But to activate the Clear Qam tuner you have to access ATSC input. Convoluted, but after several hour works.

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Windows 711/3/2009 1:36:06 PM

Pros: Big improvement over Vista & XP

Cons: While it is not perfect I enjoy this version of Windows Lack of Support from Logitech is distressing.

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EVGA Products The Best2/28/2009 6:58:19 AM

Pros: Higher End Single Slot Nvidia 9800GT with 1 GB Ram The cooling fan truly is automatic. When using advanced 3-D graphics the fan runs at 70-80 automatically, after closing whatever 3-D app and returning to normal operations the fan automatically calms down to 35-45 range.

Cons: This product should have been a 5 egg but this EVGA Card has a cooling fan that is obtrusive. I was disappointed that you can definitely "hear" the cooling fan.

Overall Review: This card replaced an EVGA 8800GT Superclocked 512 MB card. Quite silent. I could overclock to 700 mghz core clock, and keep the fan at 70-80 and not even notice it. Not so with the 9800. As soon as fan hits 50 and above you can hear it clearly.

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