Easiest OC Yet, Stable, Cool, Fast11/29/2013 6:44:12 PM

Pros: - One click of Asus tuner software got my new 6 core I7 with GSkill Ram to 4.2 GHz. Ran Prime 95 for 3 days with zero errors - Looks great - Board runs even at full load for hours... never hit 40C - Lots of tweaking capability in the BIOS - Easy minimal hardware required BIOS flash from USB drive - Dual LAN load balancing works great - 64 GB of DDR3 is very nice - Can use 3 dual slot graphics cards and still have room for a 2 8 channel SATA 6 raid cards - Well laid-out board

Cons: As mentioned by other reviewers, the naming convention of the BIOS file downloads is just stupid. It is bad enough that the BIOS file has to be named EXACTLY how ASUS wants it named but WHY on earth would they require the end user to re-name a download right from the ASUS website... that is just dumb. Fortunately I read the directions first so I didn't have a huge issue with this other than the fact that the P9X79-E WS is only listed on the commercial site.

Overall Review: Not shipping with the latest and greatest BIOS is understandable because of inventory management issues and release dates but requiring users to jump through so many poorly documented hoops and re-name update files is SO OLD-SCHOOL for such a high end board. ASUS is lucky I really like this board or it would be one star for the plain fact that somebody made a bad choice in setting up this update scheme and/or how they name their own files on their webiste vs. how they need to be named for use.

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Worst Case I Have Ever Purchased5/3/2012 5:17:28 PM

Pros: - ONLY Pro is that it looks good and "blends in" well with most HT setups due to it's generic smooth face design. This one fact is the ONLY reason that I kept it and spent the day customizing it to make it work. Since there isn't enough room to fit all the CONS in the space allowed I will start them here: - FALSE CLAIMS - Don't believe for one second the claims that you can fit all the drives they claim or any Power Supply you want! I built this latest system with an ASUS P8H77-M Pro Micro ATX board, EVGA GTX520 Ti Mid Sized Card, a "short" LG Blu-Ray drive, and an Antec Power Supply and had to HIGHLY customize this case with a die grinder and a drill to make TWO drives fit. They could have EASILY done so many things differently and not had the problems that they do with fitment... for instance, if they would have built the case 1 inch deeper (front to back) they would have solved most of the problems and allowed for a tremendous amount of fitment flexibility. CONTINUED...

Cons: OR they could have changed the way they mount the 2 - 3.5 inch drive bay covers on the left (facing case) drive holder in order to allow the top HD's to be mounted closer to the front of the case while still being behind the covers. OR they could have NOT put a USELESS fan mount in the center drive bay holder which would have allowed the center position drives to slide forward more (no way to fit a fan on it anyway so why have it?). OR they could have changed the center mount to allow you to remove the fan mount and slide the drives forward more (now they have lame tabs for the fan mount that stop the drives from sliding forward even after removing the mount). The far right HD mount is useless too because the MB is so close to the back of the drive you can't plug anything in since the drive is mounted at almost the same level as the MB in this location. - HORRIBLE fastener quality! Three of the MB stand offs supplied were the wrong thread pitch; CONTINUED...

Overall Review: 2 of the screws in the bag had missing threads! - MB Power connector and front panel USB 3 connector on MB can't be plugged in on MB because 5.25 in drive holder is in the way! Cut 1/2 in off the bottom and now it barely clears... shouldn't have had to do that. - Front Cover "Damper" - if you close the cover too fast you will have to wait for the damper to "catch up" to you or when you let go of the cover it falls open again! If you close it then hold it closed for a few seconds until the mechanism "catches up" then it will stay closed. LAME.. to fix it I countersank a magnet in both sides now it snaps shut and stays there no matter how fast I close it... shouldn't have had to do that! - No forethought - there is a rivet on the back wall centered above the first two expansion slot covers that prevents a double wide video card from sliding in easily.. I snipped it with tin snips about 1/8 in and then no problem.. shouldn't have had to do that! - Lots more but no more room! ZERO EGG

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