Massive cooler, with high Temps8/26/2021 9:08:53 AM

Pros: -Its an RTX...... -Decent FPS upgrade compared to 1080 Ti -RGB is not too gaudy, well implemented. -Comes in a large box, which definitely helps with damage prevention during shipping.

Cons: -Ridiculously large cooler, honestly comically large. Seems like a lot of wasted space, as during gaming (1440p medium settings) core temps get up to 82C, with memory temps hitting up to and over 100C. For reference, ambient temperature is 20C, and two 140mm Noctua fans as intakes. I run an aggressive fan curve, as soon as it gets over 75C fans are set at 100%. I'm not even overclocking.... -Price is exorbitant, sure there's supply issues but come on...

Overall Review: -If I were to buy a 3070 Ti again, I would go with a different brand.

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