Easy Setup, Runs Great6/30/2021 5:08:21 PM

Pros: - No loose connections from shipping - Great value for all the parts - Simple setup - Runs even the most demanding AAA titles on Ultra 1080p >60fps, most well over 100 fps, Esports titles obviously run with no issue whatsoever at who knows what frameratez - Included gaming mouse is decent and the keyboard is a very satisfying Hermes mechanical keyboard

Cons: - The motherboard is M-atx sized and the cheapest possible B560 with wifi, however it seems to work alright and has 2 m.2 slots (1 pcie 3.0, filled by the intel m.2, and another free pcie 4.0) - It could be the distance of my pc from my router but I believe the built in wifi card is not very good, I am able to get lightning fast dl speed but I am often kicked from online games for packet loss, I recommend using ethernet or adding a better wifi card, could be my bad luck though - cheap Oloy ram, no issues with it though

Overall Review: Overall I am quite pleased with this PC. I have been gaming on laptops or consoles for years, and I was finally ready to build a PC. With the insane gpu prices though I just bought this build instead. So far, no real complaints, and the only real necessity is to upgrade the storage. More fans might be a nice touch but mine actually stays at perfectly fine temps so Im not planning to upgrade any time soon. Tru Rating 4.5/5 Specs: Gigabyte B560M DS3H AC mobo MSI Ventus Gp Oc 2060 Intel 11400f w/ thermaltake cooler 16gb DDR4 3200 mhz OLOy Ram One fan in rear top, another in front bottom

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