Great QLC drive10/16/2021 11:39:02 PM

Pros: Top notch when it comes to QLC drives and its performance. Intel has figured out the right combination of speed

Cons: Needs Intels 11 Gen processor or newer to take full advantage of its speed. Can be a bit of a pain to get it to be recognized by the system upon first I stall.

Overall Review: Overall I am very pleased and happy with this drive. Since It is faster than my os drive, and being that it's a Quad Layer drive I switched my OS to this drive as its best for read intensive workloads and my secondary TLC drive is now my drive for all my games since it can handle more write intensive applications. Thus allowing me to utilize both drives to their maximum potential and adhering to their longev6.

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Compact and powerful laptop4/30/2020 3:52:51 PM

Pros: - Backlit Keyboard - Aluminum chassis - Secondary Screen built into touchpad - Super lightweight

Cons: - Finicky secondary screen controls - can run extremely hot when gaming or running video editing programs - Glossy screen, can limit use in bright sunlight

Overall Review: Overall I love this laptop, its small and very lightweight. It is strong and powerful and has been able to handle video editing and gaming at the same time. The only downside to running such intensive programs concurrently is that the laptop will get really hot, thankfully the aluminum chassis helps to disperse the heat which is another plus for this laptop. The processor, Ram, and SSD help make this computer so powerful, and if need be you can always upgrade the SSD to an even faster one, but the one that comes with it is fast enough for most users. Sadly the Ram cannot be upgraded as its soldered on, but that just makes the laptop that much more secure as it prevents a thief from removing the memory and freezing it with liquid nitrogen and then extracting the data.....if you have bitlocker recovery keys, this is a great machine to help protect it. The secondary screen is great way to access the most used programs and even multitask with it, but be aware there is a learning curve and can be finicky at times. the screen can be toggled on or off and even switched between both as needed, I tend to only use it when editing videos and playing games at the same time. All in all I would highly recommend this lightweight ultra powerful laptop.

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Crucial to gaming rigs4/1/2020 8:47:00 AM

Pros: -Faster access for gaming -Ability to multi task smoothly -Cl16 @1.2v so plenty of headroom for overclocking -Heat spreaders to help dissipate heat when under stress -aesthetically pleasing

Cons: - Heat spreaders may not fit into the slot on certain laptops where the memory is stacked on top of one another. - not all laptops support xmp profile, so you end up running at a slower speed than 2666

Overall Review: This memory served a dual purpose for me, it replaced slow factory ram and also doubled my memory. This allows me to have better performance gaming and also allows me to multitask when working. Once i set the xmp profile in the bios I was rocking away, overclocking headroom is decent but my laptop already runs hot so I did not want increase the heat output. Overall this ram works as stated and allows for a much smoother operations.

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Nice and Slick6/5/2019 7:13:29 AM

Pros: - Large surface area - Anti-skid rubber backing - Cushioned - Neutral colors

Cons: larger than some desk, measure before ordering anti skid can make it hard to move from your desk, almost as if its glued down Corsair can use an updated logo, while great that its neutral looking it also makes it bland and boring

Overall Review: I live this mouse pad for the fact that it feels like a cushion under hand and makes long gaming session play out with ease. Its super slick surface allows the mouse to glide over it without any drag, making this one of my favorite gaming mouse pads to use. I had a mouse pad that covered my whole desk and this has since replaced it due to its nice click surface. I also love how it doesn't slide around under heavy gaming sessions, but the only caveat I have with that is that the rubber backing feels like its glued down when trying to move it and I have to almost peel it off my desk, I have a mahogany wood desk and this shouldn't be happening. But aside from that issue I would highly recommend this to others as its truly is a nice click gaming mouse pad

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Great entry level PSU9/27/2018 7:59:13 AM

Pros: My biggest pro is this has 54 amp on the 12 volt rail Fully modular Standard size PSU....can fit older cases with ease as well as newer ones, I prefer standard size over sfx Stable even under full load whisper quiet fan 80+ Gold....PSU is rated for at least 87% efficiency at 20% load, 90% at 50% load, and 87% at 100% load

Cons: the cables should all be flat, braided cables are nice but i prefer flat as i can route the cables better behind the mobs tray.

Overall Review: I replaced an 450w corsair with this as I had trouble booting my computer when I switched from water cooling to all stock cooling. The added power draw from all the fans caused it to not boot with the old PSU but once I installed this it booted up perfectly fine. I even managed to overclock on my I7 slightly and still be within the power specs. Having 54a on the 12v rail is an big plus as this uses japanese caps, its able to supply a constant voltage without any damaging fluctuations. Overall I am very happy with this and will be getting another one for my sons build, 650w is the perfect balance for light gaming and general computer work.

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Very sleek and smooth5/15/2018 4:36:47 PM

Pros: > Blue mechanical keys > low profile key presses > RGB lighting > Customizable macro keys > Sleek design and looks

Cons: > needs software to control the lighting > USB cord is too short > keys are rather loud when pressed

Overall Review: This isn't my first keyboard over 100 dollars, but, I have to say I was rather impressed by its sleek style and brushed metallic surface. The key presses are shallow and offer feedback with an audible click....this sometimes can be annoying when typing fast at night as it bothers others. The rgb lighting is static without the software installed, I used it for a week without doing so but then you really miss out on all the keyboard haste offer. I was able to choose various lighting modes once the software was installed, for movies I had a subtle blue hue and for gaming I had a pulsing red or fire orange pulsing to the beat. I liked the programmable macro keys as i was able to combine multiple key presets into one to save time while playing games and also act as hot keys when not in games. Overall i was throughly impressed with this keyboard, the only reason for 4 eggs instead of 5 is the USB cable being so short. I had to run straight under my desk instead of through the cable guides as it would not reach the keyboard perch. I also had to take issue with how loud the keys where when pressed, my wife often yelled at me when typing at night because of how loud they were. But, I would still buy this again and again as it's one of the best keyboards I have used

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Great starter cooler3/13/2018 10:13:51 AM

Pros: Small and compact Logo lights up

Cons: Noisy fan Tubing is stiff Short tubing

Overall Review: For a starter this is a great all in one watercooler. You would be hard pressed to find a decent water cooler at this price that can keep your processor cooler than this. Now, with respect to that it is mainly a starter cooler, reason being is that you will hit a ceiling of how cool your temperatures can be and then you will be looking for a better cooler. This is good for low power draw processors as I found that the temperatures can easily be beat by decent air coolers, but given the look and simplicity of its install this will work good for some. the install was a breeze and can easily be installed in almost any case in place of just a fan. Best performance has been with a fan installed push/pull configuration. Routing the tubes can be cumbersome as they are a bit stiff, but once you lay out how you want to route them it shouldnt be a problem. Once installed and powered up, you are greeted with a nice cool white lit up logo...great for cases that have a see through window. Given that this is comparable to a decent air cooler, one would decide which route to go. If looks and tidiness of your case is a priority then this is a given, if cost to performance is your priority then air cooler may be the way to go, But, if you go this route then this cooler would meet your needs and is a great start to getting into water cooling and learning about its capabilities and limits.

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A great 280 cooler!!3/13/2018 9:09:51 AM

Pros: * 280mm radiator * Magnetic levitation fans * Braided sleeved tubing * Flexible angle connectors * Copper based cold plate

Cons: * Tubing can is on the shorter side * Fragile connectors * Pre-applied thermal paste * 280mm mounting holes do not lineup with most cases * fan screws are too long, but work

Overall Review: This is a really good cooler, one of the better ones I have used ad tested. I generally use a triple 120 radiator and I found this cooler to cool similar if not better than my triple setup. This has dropped my temperatures by almost 10 degrees compared to my triple setup, so in my book that's a great win. Installation is a breeze when connecting to the processor and motherboard, my only caveat was trying to install the backing plate while the motherboard was installed in the case. Even with an access panel i had to remove the motherboard because the backing plate was a bit large and hit the sides of the motherboard tray. Installing the radiator I found that the screw holes did not line up with all the 280mm screw holes in my case, I did manage to get it installed but its worth mentioning as not everyone will have the same luck. I also found the screws were a tad too long and would hit the fins of the radiator, a few discreetly placed washers and i was able to mount everything without any issues or causing any damage to the radiator fins. There is pre-applied thermal compound on the copper cold plate, this may be good for those who are ok with factory thermal paste, but based on past experience I have always had better luck and cooler temps when using something other than factory thermal grease. For this install I switched to MX4 and couldn't be happier. Temps while under 100% stress load was actually almost 10 degrees cooler than my custom triple radiator water loop, but in that regard it was a cpu and graphics card loop so that's a given it would be slightly higher temp. Once installed and everything mounted you can go online and download corsair link, this software is used to control the customization of the lighting and monitor pump status as well as temperatures and raise or lower fan speeds. I found the software to be good, sometimes a bit buggy. but overall it worked great. In all and all, I would recommend this to others and will be buying another for my next build

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Decent mouse with nice feel1/6/2018 8:42:01 PM

Pros: > Packaged nicely > Comfortable feel > Customizable >Variable DPI Settings

Cons: > Too light > No weights or option to add weights > Regular rubber cable, not braided or nylon coated > Needs software to change program color or buttons

Overall Review: When I got this mouse I was impressed that coolermaster had thought to create a few different mouses based on the type of grip people use when choosing a mouse. I personally use palm and claw grip, although i tend to do the opposite of any given mouse. This mouse feels good in the hand, but you will quickly notice how light the mouse is and at times feels flimsy. There is a nice rubber coating on the mouse with honeycomb texture on the sides where you grip. This texture can become slippery on intense gaming sessions so be cautious if your hands sweat a lot. Button presses have a nice tactile feedback with a pronounced click....gaming at night can be problematic if the clicking noise bothers others. These buttons can be programmed, but like the color changing feature, you have to download the Cooler Masters Portal, which will then detect your mouse and then proceed to install the software for the appropriate mouse. Both of these have to be downloaded form Cooler Masters website so you have to search for it, which can be troublsome given how often their website changes. Once the software is installed, you can proceed to setup profiles and change the LED lighting color as well as choose to set which DPI settings you want as well as change button presses. All of this can be cumbersome for someone who has never done this and there is no help guide so it may be a burden and force users to just stick with stock settings. Asside from all of this, I thoroughly enjoyed using this mouse as it fits my hand perfect. The buttons are positioned where I dont feel like they are a burden and easy to get to. Once the software is figured out, the rgb lighting and buttons are easily controlled and saved to user profiles. Gaming has been a breeze and there has been zero lag when playing first person shooter and racing games. overall I would buy this, but not for its fanciness but because its comfortable to hold and use. the rest are just added bonuses and you either love it or hate it. I held my review for over a month because I wanted to make sure my gripes and issues are still present or if anything changed, and honestly the only thing that did change was how i now prefer to hold my mouse when gaming. Good job Cooler Master, im hooked

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Excellent SSD9/8/2017 12:17:34 AM

Pros: 495 read/ 486 write speed, not quite what advertised but theoretical speeds will always differ from real world speeds and actual use. Small 7mm form factor, will fit alot of newer thinner laptops Basic design that's all about performance 3D Nand Acronis true image license so you can clone your hard drive easily

Cons: Only 3 year warranty No physical disc or media for acronis, must be downloaded No other cons aside from bare basic looks

Overall Review: This SSD is my third brand that I have used and is also the fastest. I originally installed this in my laptop for use and quickly learned just how fast it was and switched it to my aging desktop. This drive breathed new life into an old desktop thanks to it's speed, which was an issue with some older SSD I have used. I am attributing this to WD use of 3d Nand and the controller they used which imo is much better than what they used in their first foray into SSD. I used this drive as a main operating system drive and from complete shutdown to full start the desktop booted in less than 20 seconds. With my prior SSD the computer still took anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and a half, thankfully I use to leave it on all the time due to that but now I can turn it off as needed without worry about waiting for a long startup. The read and write speed is great and one of the reasons I will be looking to replace all the drives I have with these, here's to hoping it's longevity will out last it's mediocre 3 year warranty.

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Fastest setup4/4/2017 6:53:44 AM

Pros: Very easy to setup with the use of the app Can add additional nodes to expand coverage area Very sleek design that blends into any setting

Cons: Coverage can be spotty Additional nodes cost a lot Restricted to setup via app, so your limited to what you can change and do Not recommended for advanced power users who customize the way their Network works

Overall Review: This is a great product and very easy to setup, provided you have the app beforehand. It can become a pain to try and get the app and register when you go to install. You are limited to what can be changed via the app and restricted to just that when on the go, but users can set and change advanced features when logged in via Hardline. Nodes can be added or removed with ease as well as placed wherever you need additional coverage. The nodes are good looking and can blend with any decor. I have mine placed in the corner of bookshelves and you hardly notice them unless your looking for them. I would highly recommend this product for casual users, but if you need to change more advanced features and need to do so while on the go then I would recommend to look elsewhere. But for basic users this will suffice

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, Your feedback is important to us. A single Velop node is powerful enough for a 2,000 square feet of coverage. We'll have one of our Escalation Engineers look closely into your current network setup to ensure that your Velop System is at its maximum strength. For now, Velop can be configured and installed via Linksys App, however, our Team can walk you through with the advanced features or configurations through its Web UI. Please email us your contact information and the link to this review at or you can give us a call at 800-986-0518, anytime. Regards, Jay Linksys Support
best of the best11/16/2016 6:06:56 PM

Pros: Great range decent speed throughput outlet pass through adjustable antennas

Cons: WPS did not work, had to make connection with Ethernet cable no 5Ghz band In an area where this gets 100% signal from the router it drops out as saying too close to router. Moving to an area that gets less than 75% signal strength seems to make this go into a connection/disconnect frenzy over and over again.

Overall Review: I found that placing this where I can extend my network proved harder than I initially thought. When this gets 100% signal it would drop out and exhibit an orange LED which marks this unit as too close to the router. I have moved it further away where it got 60% signal and went into a frenzy connecting and disconnecting from the network. I ended up moving this to an area where it gets 75% signal and it worked great. In fact this has worked the best out of the 3 I have tried that extends the 2.4Ghz band. Antennas are easily adjusted for optimal signal and the outlet pass through allows this to be hidden out of site. \

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Good extender11/16/2016 5:53:41 PM

Pros: Classy white diamond finish internal antennas offer more streamlined look great range good speed

Cons: no pass through for outlet can easily be damaged due to extending from the outlet more than other devices WPS did not connect first try, had to try multiple times before it connected

Overall Review: I have to say I really liked this extender compared to the re210, while the 210 seemed to work better actual connection and throughput test showed this extender connected not only faster but held the signal and connection much better than the re210. Easy connection with WPS, although I had to run wps multiple times in order for it to connect the first time. After the initial setup I ended up changing my router and resetting this device was easy and connected to the new router first try. Range is decently good as I can go outside around my house and to the back of our garage which sites on 2 acres. Signal holds strong and connection very stable. My only concern is how far this sticks out from the wall and how its designed to be plugged into the top outlet receptacle yet offers a wired connection that cannot be used if the second plug is in use. Maybe future design will have the ethernet port on the side

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Decently great11/16/2016 5:43:14 PM

Pros: Decent looks LED can be turned off or left on Good speed Wired connection for connecting devices that do not have wireless capabilities

Cons: Poor range Inconsistent stable connection on 2.4Ghz band Wired connection does not always work consistently

Overall Review: I installed this between my office and the kitchen as the kitchen is usually a dead zone due to being an add on to the house. While all devices show a full signal, actual connection was very spotty and sporadic. Sometimes it would work great regardless where you were in the kitchen and other times you had to move closer to the extender to even load a simple web page. I have moved this around and connected to various locations and the only place that works the best is the same area where it sends a spotty signal out. This of course is all on the 2.4Ghz band. The only plus is that the 5Ghz band seems to work the best and has the most stable connection. I have actually tested the speed and range of the 5Ghz and can go outside and around my house and still have signal and stable connection. The wired connection works but occasionally I would drop out like there was no internet connection. a quick restart and connection would be reestablish and everything would be fine again. I have to say I was actually let down by the performance and consistency of this extender

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Great Starter set5/14/2016 8:09:08 PM

Pros: AIO=All In One unit makes mounting very easy Low noise Multiple mounting options Great Red and Black look my favorite color combination @ full speed the fan is still quieter than my current corsair fans

Cons: Tubing length could be slightly longer I have a lian Li case so mounting the radiator was not an issue as I have top/bottom and rear mounting locations but I can see it being an issue if I mounted this in my mid tower case instead of my full tower. No separate fan control for the included fan hub nor is there a separate way to power it....running four fans off one fan port is asking for trouble and I would not do it. I used a Molex connector and let it run at full speed. My only other issue with this is the mounting plate, you need to have access to the rear of your motherboard in order to install this and for some people that means taking their computer apart in order to install this and others do not. I say this is a trade off that's well worth it though

Overall Review: I have had custom loops set up for my CPU and GPU for close to 10 years now, over that course of time I had replaced 3 pumps and 2 reservoirs. Each time having to tear apart my loop to replace a part and at the same time clean everything. When I first saw AIO coolers I was not impressed, but fast forward to today and a lot has changed and tech has gotten better. I found myself wanting to give this a try and since I had to replace a radiator recently I already had my rig taken apart, this made the change a lot easier. My radiator developed a hole due to corrosion between different metals used in my loop, so I tore it all apart and cleaned everything. I then installed this with the backing plate in my Lian Li case, I mounted the radiator on the bottom of my case...I have my GPU custom loop running with a radiator at the top. I ran a custom loop on my GPU and this on my CPU, running Crysis my CPU never went above 48C and my GPU maxed out at 44C. With that little variable difference in Temps I would not hesitate to buy another if it was ever offered for GPUS. With that said I already have another on the way for my sons computer.

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Decent first SSD4/24/2016 8:59:47 AM

Pros: * great price * Looks good * Decent warranty * Fast read/write speed compared to mechanical drive

Cons: * 7mm design may not fit all computer/laptops * only bare drive with no included hardware or software to clone hard drive, so if your buying this keep that in mind * feels really cheap compared to other SSD * TLC controller may not be up to the task of longevity * Not as fast as other SSD, but can get the job done

Overall Review: @7mm in design it will not fit all laptops. Some of the newer ones utilize a slim 5mm drive... My laptop being one of them, luckily it fits my secondary laptop to which I tested this on. The drive comes bare with no included hardware or software so one must keep that in mind when ordering. Luckily have everything I need to run any hard drive/SSD in my computers or laptops so there was no need for anything additional. Install was rather quick and painless, a run of Acronis True image software and I was able to clone my OS with relative ease. start up time has been reduced from 2-3 minutes to just under 20 seconds with this drive. file retrieval has been great as it seems almost instant, testing I had read speeds of 501 and write speeds of 403 which are within spec for this drive. This would be a great starter drive for those looking to get into SSD without having to spend a fortune and your backed with a solid warranty. These drives are cheap and fast, I will be utilizing it as a portable hard drive due to the speed and less likelihood of losing my files as you can experience with a disc drive.

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Asus Quality2/29/2016 9:27:26 AM

Pros: hi-fidelity audio chipset Water cooling favorite M.2 Socket 3 up to 22x110 Plenty of fan headers, 6 total

Cons: Lack of USB 2 and 3.0 ships with old outdated bios installed Only dual channel memory is supported headers not labled on motherboard

Overall Review: I got this motherboard and decided to make a new build so I did. What I found was that the bios was outdated and needed to be updated right away, no one likes to use an old bios as it can cause hardware problems. The update is rather easy via usb and the bios update button. after that installation of windows and everything else was smooth. I found by tweaking the settings I was able to enable auto overclock...I run water cooling so I'm not worried about overheating, auto overclock works great and ramps up when it needs to. But the memory is only dual channel so I could not benefit from my quad channel memory, also disappointed that there are only 4 memory lanes as I'm used to having 6 on all my computer builds. Initially I couldnt get my XMP profile to load but after the bios update it loaded perfectly fine. Seems to be a great board so far, my only main complaint is the lack of USB ports and the bios was a bit difficult to navigate.

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Budget headphones2/29/2016 9:09:05 AM

Pros: Self adjusting headband Retractable mic Ear cups angles toward your ears for

Cons: Price Short cable Need to use a splitter Lack of Bass shallow vocal response from mic Cannot adjust tightness because it is self adjusting

Overall Review: These headphones are great for the low end budget folks, as it is priced its priced amongst the mid level headphones and I personally would prefer to pay more for better headphones. While these sound good for gaming, it does lack when using for anything other than just gaming. I had to tweak the EQ settings in order to get the most out of these, Sound was lackluster due to very poor bass response which I was able to add some back via the EQ. The highs were great as was the mids so I wouldnt try and use these for music if your all about the bass. The microphone was very muddy and shallow, no amount of tweaking I found fixed this so at this price point I am rather disappointed. I will keep the microphone turned off and just use my external mic which seems to work much better than these. Overall I have to say I was rather disappointed because while they look good and are comfy, the lack of bass and shallow mic response would turn me away at this price point.

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Decent Budget Camera2/29/2016 7:50:36 AM

Pros: Quick and effortless setup Adjustable Night vision Both wired and wireless options Small form factor

Cons: Limited adjustment range Poor night vision Only offers standard definition resolution of 640x480 Can only be viewed by a limited number of apps on your smartphone, otherwise you are limited to just the app for the camera and you have to create an account with TP in order to view

Overall Review: I liked this camera because it was effortless to setup. While it does require an initial hard line connection, I used my network extender to set it up, once done you can configure it for wireless use. I placed this above out back door since our front door never gets used and is sealed off. We can check and monitor the back door for when someone knocks or tries to get in very easily. I have the camera hooked up to a 5" portable screen that is always on and it saves everything to a 500GB SD card. While Day light feature is great, the night mode is mediocre as its range is very limited. I would say less than 5' due to where I live it is very dark and very little light from the night sky so the camera relies soley on the night mode LEDS. In such a small form factor you can only fit so many LEDS to compensate for no light conditions and in very dark areas it does a poor job. But, since this is over my back door 5' range is perfect for that scenario. Great little camera for what it is, just make sure you can minitor or have it always connected to a device because you may not always be able to see what is going on if you have to log into an account all the time just to view the content. you are also limited to how you can record if you wanted to. Overall I'm looking to buy some more in the near future because they are cheap and I managed to be able to record its content via an external screen that had recording capabilities

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Excellent10/6/2015 2:18:12 PM

Pros: Speed: consistent with rated speed if not sometimes performed better Red and black looks great in almost any case Came with backup software that allowed me to port my freshly installed OS onto it without any troubles.

Cons: Speed can sometimes fall below specs but I'm assuming its because of my system and the way I have all my hard drives setup. Software can be a bit intuitive so make sure to follow all on screen instructions.

Overall Review: Great drive for the price and even better performance than some higher end drives. Full fledged Acronis image software was included which was a huge plus as I had just freshly installed a new OS onto a larger hard drive weeks prior and this made the switch so much easier and hassle free. great drive and runs true to its spec

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Excellent10/6/2015 1:59:39 PM

Pros: Comfort Cushioned ear cups 3M cord volume control box/inline amp... Design Software

Cons: echo from Mic too large for people with small heads Tiny drivers make hearing a bit hard Real surround is a joke imo because of these tiny drivers....more on that later Ear cup lights stay on when not in use and can turn a dark room rather bright if left plugged in

Overall Review: So let me start by saying that I love these headphones, yes I have some gripes with them but its not enough to stop me from using them. I am a big movie person, I play a lot of games as well so I got to try these in various settings and while the surround can be decent it lakes a lot of adjustments to make it work well. You have individual speaker control via the volume box but if you change the main volume at all it resets each individual speaker so all that testing and setting up is wasted. This was my biggest issue and because of this I want to say the "real" surround is a joke because the drivers are tiny and if they cannot hold a setting the sound is often muddied and lacking overall bass/tone/clarity. But this aside I used a different software that allowed me to tune each individual speaker and that works great. watching movies you can really hear the explosions and such, playing games you can almost hear the breathe of someone trying to sneak up on you. The microphone echoed on me and others who was listening also said I echoed. I tweaked the sensitivity a bit and it helps but there is still a faint echo. Maybe with a better software update it can be fixed. Overall I love these because of how comfortable they are and I can wear them for extended periods of time and not feel weighed down by their massive size.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer We sincerely appreciate the detailed feedback. We are working on a driver software upgrade that will address many of the details you mentioned. We are certain you will be very pleased with the update. Once it is available, it will be posted on the Official G.Skill website. [direct link provided below] The G.Skill RIPJAWS SR910 is a true 7.1 Dolby Digital head set so we are certain you will be pleased with the results. Gaming experience and movie surround sound will be more realistic than ever. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
External Link(s):
RIPJAWS SR910 Downloads
New model ving to be king6/16/2015 5:21:52 AM

Pros: Well packaged Heatsink design and overall feel is high quality aluminum... Cherry picked Hynix MFR ICs "Runs well with G.Skill Pi memory and underclocked holds stable"

Cons: Due to the heatsink design it is rather large and cumbersome in that it takes up almost a half slot on either side so if you plan on running multiple sticks make sure your board has room. Heatsink is made of metal which is great as it will help dissipate heat, BUT, the surround is made of metallic plastic and it kind of makes the unit feel cheap. Given this premium price I would expect the whole design to be aluminum and not plastic. Smp profile would not select automatically and had to be manually selected and voltage adjusted accordingly <--- this was combined memory, see other thoughts.

Overall Review: While it worked with my G.Skill Pi memory I did have to play around with the settings as it would error upon start up. My memory is about two years old so not as fast as these were rated for, hence why I had compatibility issues at first. But once I tweaked the settings a bit I managed to get everything to run well with one another, with these being severely underclocked but stable running Prime 95. For regular use I wouldn't mind running the added memory, but since I game and watch movies a lot I had to give these a try on their own. I removed my old G.Skill and installed these on their own....BAM SMP profile was selected automatically and ran much faster than I thought they would. This memory is a godsend for those who overclock their rigs, I was able to achieve a stable 2800Mhz @ 1.65V which is the limit of my old processor as well and the most my board can handle stable. I tried tweaking every which way to get higher stable clocks but nothing would run long as this profile did. Ran stable for 3 days before I ended the test and ran my rig like I normally do. Watching and rendering movies are slightly faster now, and gaming doesnt slow down at all like it did with my previous memory. Overall I am excited and happy to have tested this out. Now its time to rebuild my rig so I can get the most out of this memory, may even get the 32GB set since I do game a lot and the added memory helps, plus rendering movies will be smoother and faster

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Nifty backup rig6/16/2015 4:27:32 AM

Pros: Lightweight- can be used for travel USB 3.0- fastest available that is also backwards compatible More useable space than my last 4TB hard drive, the exception being this one was already formatted so its plug and play Ample length for power supply and USb cord, was able to keep everything hidden when set up as a routine backup drive. Fast for a disk drive of its size, faster than my 7200rpm Seagate 2TB for which this replaced.

Cons: Its truly plug and play, but on older computers you may need to install drivers or at the very least make sure your USB drivers are updated and can register the full 4TB, or in this case 3.6TB usable space. MY laptop only registered 2TB and I had to update it in order for it to register the full 4(3.6) TB. Passive cooling so when run continuously it does get hot and when running a full backup on a 1TB machine it ran borderline hot where I couldnt touch it. Needs an internal fan to help keep things cool for true backup needs. Power brick could be of a smaller kind or one that plugs into a transformer of sort like on laptops. As it stands it requires a large outlet and may take up two spots on a power strip. Failed to finish my initial backup due to heat, but it was on a 90 degree day so I put one of my 3krpm fans on the vents to help cool it and it did help to an extent. Was able to rerun backup and it took 3 1/2 hours for a 1.2Tb backup.

Overall Review: I like this drive as it is fast for the speed at which it runs and its also quiet. which is a rarity among all the drives I have, needless to say I freaked out a couple times because I could not hear it and thought it had died, but alas its just that quiet compared to other drives. At least drives I own. The power brick I can deal with as I have a universal power strip designed for power bricks as all my backup equipment has them....cant wait for companies to step up and use step down transformers so we can have single space plugs. The hard drive is truly plug and play, plugged right into my main desktop and did a small backup with ease using USB 3.0, but on my laptop I had to update drivers which was no big deal seeing as I never use it. File transfer is rather fast and a bit slow with USB 2.0 but that is to be expected as it doesnt have the capability to transfer at higher speeds. Warranty is only 1 year and that concerned me seeing as the design is passive cooling. This bothered me not knowing which drive was inside, so I did open it up to check as my disk manager was not reporting the drive properly. Upon opening I found the drive to be HDD.15 ST4000DM000, like another review mentioned these drives do not have the best reliability. After my initial testing and having to use the fan on the vents to do a backup, i decided I wanted to make the fan permanent. I traced out the fan slot on the cover I removed and cut it out. For this part I used a mesh fan cover and a slimline 92mm Silverstone fan. I know this voids my warranty entirely but after having several drives fail over the years I rather run on the side of being cautious and over prepared to help the drive last longer than a year. All in all I would buy this drive and use it for backups, but only when needed and not plugged in all the time to better extend its life cycle

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Mouse pad to end all mouse pads2/17/2015 5:23:21 PM

Pros: ~ Huge, made so you can rest your keyboard and mouse on it for a smooth transition from one to the other ~ Large enough so you have more space to move the mouse around without running off the mouse pad ~ Silky smooth surface that allows ANY mouse to glide across it with ease ~ Soft enough that it doesnt damage the mouse/keyboard or anything around it

Cons: The only con is that its HUGE, but if your buying this then thats something your not really going to be worried about because you already know what your getting into

Overall Review: When I first got this I thought it was too big, but I use a 50" TV as my computer monitor and this mouse pad fit right on my TV stand end to end. I was able to set it up and place my keyboard and multitude of mouses I use on a regular basis on it and still have room. For gaming I use a MX Revolution, which can be finicky at best when on certain mouse pads but with this one it glides smoothly and tracks accurately. For general browsing I use a Logitech Trackpad mouse since I can do certain things with gesture controls and that also glides much better across this mat than my previous hard razor mouse pad. I really like this mouse pad as it works great for me and my mouse(s) work better on this than others I have used. Tracking with both is true and the pointer doesnt jump all over the place if I accidentally bump it. Looking foward to using this with an actual desk whenever I decide to get one, but for now my TV stand works perfect

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Great portable drive1/4/2015 8:45:10 PM

Pros: Time machine Mobile backup app Multiple file sharing within wired and wireless network Slim, lightweight and easily transportable

Cons: My only con is that in a Windows environment the software has to be downloaded before the operating system will recognize the drive, aside from that there has been no issues to report.

Overall Review: I held off on writing my review because I saw that it was also compatible with Windows PC. I set out to rebuild my windows desktop to test out the features and to see if it worked just as good as it did with a Mac. To my surprise it worked quite well, in fact it was actually faster when connected to my desktop computer than when it was connected to my Mac. When initially connected to either computer it is highly reccomended to install the software in order to fully utilize the hard drive, this includes all preset backup plans and you can even create your own. I backed up my mac in almost 8 hours and my PC in 6 hours, both had the same amount of data to be saved which was roughly 400GB. I thought for sure there would be conflicting issues with having both saved to the hard drive, but at last there was none. The mac only recognized the mac files and same with the PC. After testing I installed the app to my android phone and saved all my files via the cloud to the drive hooked up to my PC and then I conducted the same when connected to my Iphone 4S and did the same. Afterwards I went to see if I could share files between the two devices and I could, but only when I specifically chose a certain file and then accepted it on the receiving device. Overall I am very pleased with this hard drive and am glad that it is an addition to my networking cloud that I can appreciate.

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