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Absolutely Ballistic

Crucial Ballistix 2666 MHz DDR4 DRAM Laptop Gaming Memory Kit 32GB (16GBx2) CL16 BL2K16G26C16S4B
Crucial Ballistix 2666 MHz DDR4 DRAM Laptop Gaming Memory Kit 32GB (16GBx2) CL16 BL2K16G26C16S4B

Pros: Historically I have been a minimalist when it comes to having tabs open in my browser or having many applications running in the background on my laptop but with this RAM upgrade there is no need! I know I have nothing to worry about because a certain woman in my life insists that every possible page on the internet be open at all times when she is on the computer. I am confident she is attempting to count the number of pages that exist on the searchable internet, wait until she finds out about unlisted sites. In all seriousness I did not experience any slowdown with my (or my significant others) typical tab arrangement where in the past she had complained about the “slow internet”. Doubling of my RAM was quite beneficial in that sense. -Is DDR4 -Runs at specified frequency and timings without issue -Includes heatspreader to help with cooling, less beneficial in a desktop but more helpful in a laptop form factor -Good Aesthetic (not important in my laptop or any laptop I have ever seen, but still nice)

Cons: -Did not remember where I left my keys (get it, it's memory!) -Overpriced from sellers other than Due to current events there are supply chain issues right now.

Overall Review: If you need more or faster RAM this stuff will be an excellent upgrade at a fair price (as long as you are purchasing from Newegg, I saw some vendors overcharging). This is not the fastest stuff in the world but should work well for most typical laptop workloads. If you are on a high performance machine you should spring for the higher jigahertz model.

Most Critical Review

Powerline Extender

TP-Link AV600 Powerline WiFi Extender - N300 WiFi, Add-on Single Adapter, Ethernet over Powerline, Plug & Play, Compatible with all TP-Link powerline adapters with different speed (TL-WPA4220)
TP-Link AV600 Powerline WiFi Extender - N300 WiFi, Add-on Single Adapter, Ethernet over Powerline, Plug & Play, Compatible with all TP-Link powerline adapters with different speed (TL-WPA4220)

Pros: -Consistent performance for powerline -Sleek and good looking design -Provides Wi-Fi and Ethernet capability -The Wi-Fi works as expected -The wi-fi cloning worked alright for me but many other reviewers seem to have had serious problems but when I tested I kept the AP out of signal of each other so overlapping was only a minor problem.

Cons: -Directions aren’t the best and easiest to understand, especially for those of us who are not techies but does not have the technofile convenience I have come to expect such as directly connecting to the AP via IP. In their defense the online information is significantly better. -Device seems to get a bit toasty when used to stream or download from the network. -It's powerline (let me explain) and let me say that I have not had a ton of experience with powerline because I do not see it as a comprehensive solution. -Too many ways to cause issues on the powerline networking such as poor wiring, old wiring, and certain fuses/in-house wiring. -I personally had a lot of issues with powerline in my house because I have wiring that is over 30 years old and not the best but is to be expected since newer houses should be more conducive to a wired network. - Can only handle N and 300Mbps but I suspect that is only a restriction of the performance that they could squeeze out of powerline in most situations.

Overall Review: Honestly this is not a bad product but I cannot see a reason to buy a powerline adapter except for a very few specific situations like if you literally cannot run a single cat6 cable somewhere else and a range extender will not work due to the distance from your wireless AP. Perhaps something like a separate garage that shares wiring with the house? I would pretty much always recommend something else other than powerline but this solution does seem to present as a good powerline solution (if there is such a thing) so if you can't run a single CAT6 cable, use a range extender, or anything else and powerline is your only option then I guess this product will work well enough for you but please research your options and look into the limitations of powerline before spending your money on this.

Best product ever

Lowe's $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery)
Lowe's $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery)

Pros: No faults, fast, easy, and worked exactly as advertised

Cons: Possible improvements: 1. The gift card never runs out

Overall Review: I highly recommend this product.... if you want a gift card to Lowes, especially if it's on sale! I am a homeowner so I know I will inevitably use it so when they go on sale I buy them up.

It's Fun and Intense

Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition [Online Game Code]
Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition [Online Game Code]

Pros: - fast paced FPS that you really don't get from other modern FPS' - good visuals - relatively easy to run the game - simple to start playing - game gets more complicated and has a lot of layers to it - improved multiplayer experience

Cons: - I think the game gets a bit too complex, especially compared to the first one - many of the upgrades (for praetor suit) feel less than satisfying - A lot of different items/skills need to be used to get past many areas. I think this get's a bit too complicated for this style of game and goes against the spirit of Doom/run and gun.

Overall Review: - TLDR this is still a very fun run and gun style game but I think that too many gimmicks were added to overcomplicate combat. Even with my criticism I am still having a great time playing it but I do get frustrated when the game forces you to use some of the more gimmicky items.

Great Monitor at a good price

Acer EI342CKR Pbmiippx 34" 3440 x 1440p (2K), 144 Hz 21:9 FreeSync Curved QHD VA Gaming Monitor
Acer EI342CKR Pbmiippx 34" 3440 x 1440p (2K), 144 Hz 21:9 FreeSync Curved QHD VA Gaming Monitor

Pros: - monitor gets very bright, too bright at times (in a good way) - really good color accuracy, not quite to the level of professional but still really good - high refresh rate let's my gaming rig stretch it's legs - freesync makes games feel so much more smooth than ever before! - the monitor is as compact as it can be while it's size and curves

Cons: - would like more monitor stand adjustment but it's to be expected considering the price point - let's not talk about the speakers... they are fine in a pinch but leave a lot to be desired

Overall Review: - it's a refurb so I am sure some don't have the same experience as me but mine was as good as new and it really is an awesome monitor! TLDR: Great monitor for gaming and movie watching. The refresh rate/freesync support and color accuracy really are great. I would gladly buy this again and recommend it to anyone on a budget! the slightly higher brightness than other displays in this price range makes a world of a difference

Fun and simplistic game

Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition (Game + Season Pass) [Online Game Code]
Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition (Game + Season Pass) [Online Game Code]

Pros: fun game with lots of content to enjoy every mission starts out pretty repetitive can be frustrating, just means you have to update your strategy relatively simple concept great risk/reward mechanics

Cons: controls are not perfect, could be more intuitive

Overall Review: overall it is a great game that I can play with my kids. My children are all under 10 so it is hard to play video games that they can enjoy along with me, and even possibly try! This is definitely a game that they can watch and eventually try.

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nice flowers

Sunflowers are my wife's favorite and we're even a part of our wedding.... (A number of years ago now). The flowers arrived well packaged, the vase is awesome, and she could not have been happier on mother's day

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