horrible2/6/2015 10:00:14 PM

Pros: cheap

Cons: fragile design. design is threaded, not cage-nut friendly. very fragile screws holding the entire rail system. extremely long install time when compared to other rail systems like d3ll ready rails. you can tell rails were made by one company and the brackets made by another. wouldn't put anything expensive on them.

Overall Review: 15yrs i.t. experience and even i had to look at the instructions. terrible, inefficient design.

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No real PoE4/30/2014 7:41:26 PM

Pros: Reliable, solid construction, software based controller. A $140 Ubiquity setup equivalent to a $4,000 ruckus setup. I setup 2 AP's and the controller in 30 mins, drilling and everything (cables pre-run).

Cons: This could be a 5 egg product if it wasn;t for the fact that for some crazy reason Ubiquity doesn't make 802.3af complaint equipment. What does this mean? It means your expensive, top-of-the-line Cisco/HP/Dell/Etc PoE switch will not be able to power these things. It is unacceptable. You have to either 1) use their injectors, 2) Use their "Instant 802.3af" adapters, or 3) Use their proprietary "ToughSwitch". Not only will you look stupid wondering why they won't light up when you deploy them and connect them to your enterprise PoE switches, you will mess up your cable management at your rack, unless you buy their rackmoutn toughswitch, which is over $1,000, a completely unnecessary expense. Wake up Ubiquty, get in the 802.3af wagon by default, don't make us research stuff we already take for granted. Make ALL (yes, ALL!) your equipment 802.3af compatible. Even your power injectors, they are not standard, my Linkrunner AT will not recognize PoE from your injectors because they are not standard. Stop using passive PoE.

Overall Review: What a shame, this is really a 5 egg product if it wasn't for that fatal pitfall of not using 802.3af without addons. Hell, I;ve had $30 AP's that use 802.3af without a problem.

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last resort12/29/2013 3:25:56 AM

Pros: gives you an extra monitor

Cons: High cpu / ram usage, more expensive than a real video card. Slows down your pc, it's unstable even with latest drivers. Software will make other applications crash when the right keys are pressed (i.e. #2 key). Recommends a high speed usb port for decent performance. You will lose the monitor once in a while.

Overall Review: I only got this because the got micro towers at work, so adding a card was not possible. Use this adapter as your last resort.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Poor Tracking11/27/2013 2:45:32 PM

Pros: Beautiful, heavy.

Cons: Completely useless. Poor, incredibly POOR tracking. Google "rat 7 poor tracking". It doesn;t matter which surface you use (Icemat, wood, paper, fabric pads, gaming pads, etc) the tracking is extremely poor. After a year of putting up with it, I just replaced it with a generic $5 mouse I got from new egg, and I can already feel it outperform the RAT7.

Overall Review: I cannot emphasize how bad this mouse is. Please, please, DO NOT buy this mouse. I know the holidays are about to come and you might have been waiting all year to gift it to yourself. Or maybe you want it as a gift for your BF/Husband, etc. Please, do not buy, you have been warned. Save that money and buy a $50 mouse from any company besides Cyborg / MadCatz.

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Wort mouse I've ever purchased10/6/2013 2:06:02 PM

Pros: Very good looking mouse. Looks like all budget went to make it look good instead of making it work good. The weights make it feel like a "quality" mouse, but it's just an illusion, see cons.

Cons: 2 words: Horrible tracking. You will hear tales about "oh, it's because you are not using the right surface noob". That's a lie. The mouse will randomly fail to track. I've tried an icemat, fabric pads, a piece of wood, and all kinds of surfaces, colors, etc. The mouse randomly does it. Don;t be fooled by "dual tracking sensors" lie. I've honestly had $10 mice that are still working and outperfom this mouse in every way.

Overall Review: Stay away from this mouse and any R.A.T. model. This company offers no support, very vague answers in their faq, and have done NOTHING to solve the poor tracking issues. Please do yourself a favor and order from another brand. Google "rat 7 poor tracking" and you will see there are plenty of people out there witht he same problem, and the company doesn't care as long as people buy this mouse because it looks realyl good.

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Die after 4 months1/14/2013 10:24:33 PM

Pros: Low cost, easy to install, good low light vision.

Cons: Camera will start losing video and the dvr will notify you every time about the video loss. Avoid at all costs. You will eventually have to replace them. Think of them as disposable dome cameras.

Overall Review: How hard is it to make decent cameras?

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Evil Company9/13/2012 8:00:04 PM

Pros: Completes my raid card

Cons: Evil 3ware won't embed or bundle this with a card. It's a $5 battery for $100. I don;t have the time to solder stuff so just might as well cough it up.

Overall Review: meh

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Most bang for your buck9/13/2012 7:58:27 PM

Pros: cheap, huge, lightweight, dvi, hdmi, dvi, speakers

Cons: none.

Overall Review: It's a monitor, you won't find a better deal for this price.

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Work of Art9/13/2012 7:56:56 PM

Pros: Beautiful, indestructible, assembles in 2 mins, holds heavy wide screen lcd's, full 360° rotation, fuly adjjstable, sturdy springs, not pneumatic (pneumatic arms go bad after a while). Quality all over. Must buy!!

Cons: Honestly, none. It almost feels unfair to pay so little and get so much.

Overall Review: I just couldn't find a brushed aluminum triple stand from ergotron. I had to buy a 2nd arm for my dual setup. If they had a 3 arm version, I would have bought a 3rd monitor just because.

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Worst Mouse Ever8/30/2012 8:59:35 PM

Pros: Nice design, custom weight, nice grip on the wheel.

Cons: Absolutely horrible tracking. It is pointless to have an extremely good looking mouse when the pointer doesn't respond. I bought an Icemat thinking the pad was the problem, but it wasn't. My 6 year old, $10 laser mouse (back then) outperforms this mouse by far.

Overall Review: Don't buy it. Resist the tempation. I was lured too by the design, custom weight, etc. Trust me, this is not a quality mouse. It is a well designed and marketed mouse, but definitely not a perfomance mouse. You have been warned. If you do buy it, don't throw the box away, you will be returning is by the 3rd day.

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Man-Grade Fan7/28/2012 9:44:27 AM

Pros: Finally, a fan made for real men! This fan is loud, and sucks air out like no other. You can feel thrust if you turn them on and hold them in your hand. The air is not even hot because it doesn't have time to get hot! Worth buying if you got rackmounted equipment and you need to get that heat out FAST.

Cons: Beware, these things are L-O-U-D. Her a hair dryer, turn it on where you intend to install these bad boys. If you can't stand the hair dryer noise, don't buy these fans.

Overall Review: None. they rock, price is incredible. A must have for any 24/7 build.

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