almost perfect for HTPC2/8/2011 3:35:31 PM

Pros: Video quality is excellent (at least at 720p), wifi is great, the PCI Express x1 slot convinced me.

Cons: Digital audio out is only on 2 channels, somehow this is the industry standard (Asus has the same problem), which is why I took an egg out.

Overall Review: I bought an Asus DX1 for 5.1 digital sound, which makes it a perfect HTPC system (running on Windows 7 Ultimate). Of course, the total cost went up by about $80.

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Average5/16/2010 11:15:45 AM

Pros: Small footprint, handles 720p well (with VLC), pretty snappy under Windows 7 Ultimate

Cons: Digital audio is only 2 channels over SPDIF, and 1 channel only over HDMI (although both channels are active, I can only hear the left speaker) - this after installing the latest BIOS & drivers, as other reviewers suggested. Analog audio (if your recevier accepts it) is 5.1, but it sounds kind of flat.

Overall Review: My intention was to build an HTPC, but the audio issues mentioned above changed my mind. I'd like to hear if (and how) anyone could get 5.1 digital audio from it

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