Four Years and Still Running Great12/31/2017 1:37:11 PM

Pros: Small size is great for a desktop with limited space. Perfect for a business machine -- maybe good for gaming with a graphics card. Absolutely beautiful construction. Faster than it deserves to be.

Cons: Little room for expansion. Replacement motherboard probably too expensive or not available.

Overall Review: Built this for my wife's office. She's a court reporter. I used a Core i3-3220, 4GB G.Skill RAM, 500GD WD HD, DVD burner and a floppy. Last year I needed to replace failed RAM. Other than that, this thing is actually quite fast -- faster than I would expect it to be. I've built many PC's and this one is amazing. This was the second Shuttle I built for my wife. The first one, an XPC SN21G5 running an Athlon 64 4000+ and 1GB of RAM, unfortunately went in the trash because the motherboard died and there was no replacement available. Such a shame since the case was absolutely beautiful. I would happily build another Shuttle when the time comes to upgrade.

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Short Lifespan7/27/2017 6:49:20 PM

Pros: Looks nice and worked for a short period of time.

Cons: One stick died after less than a year, the other after less than four years.

Overall Review: Started having errors and lock-ups. Narrowed it down to one stick of RAM. Kept going with the single stick, which lasted over two more years until the PC would again generate errors and freeze multiple times a day. Replaced with new G.Skill RAM and everything is now back to normal. (I have nothing against G.Skill -- it could happen to any brand.)

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Kevin Good to hear you like the appearance of the RAM. The metal blue finish is a unique color unlike any other memory on the market, so it can add a nice appeal to any system. It is odd modules may have failed, but rest assured all G.Skill memory kits are backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty so we can replace it right away with a new set. Visit the G.Skill website for complete RMA procedure ( For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
Best Cooler I've Ever Used7/19/2017 3:23:52 PM

Pros: - Cools very well - Is practically silent - Looks great

Cons: - Large - Heavy - Relatively expensive

Overall Review: Despite the cons listed above, I would recommend this cooler to anyone who has a case large enough to house it. I've had it for over a year-and-a-half and it's been absolutely perfect. Despite the description, mine idles at about 775-850 RPM. When the CPU is under load and begins to increase in temperature, this cooler rises to the occasion and speeds up to keep the CPU cool. And despite what others have said about the installation process, I would say that it is no different than any other cooler in its class -- installation is usually a bit difficult with any high-end cooler. Having said that, you only need to install it once so I don't consider installation a concern. As an aside, I wanted my last build to be quiet, so in addition to this cooler I also have an EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 power supply which does not spin the fan unless under load (super quiet), and an ASUS GeForce GTX 970 STRIX which also does not spin the fans unless under load (also super quiet).

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Very bright light1/25/2016 5:26:17 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, very bright -- at least that's how I remember it before it blinded me!

Cons: Adhesive is not very good. My light strip fell off and I had to reattach it. Also, the connector at the end of the LED strip isn't very secure.

Overall Review: I bought this so that I could see when my PC was dusty and needed to be cleaned (everything in it is black and difficult to see without light). I can definitely see it now! And, to be honest, the colors are fun.

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Wow. Just wow.12/20/2015 10:47:39 AM

Pros: I installed this card in a new build (ASUS Z97-E MB, i7-4790K CPU). And it's factory overclocked out of the box. Wow. The only game I play is COD Modern Warfare 4, and this sucker cranks. I turned off the FPS limit in COD and FRAPS reported ridiculous FPS numbers. At some points during gameplay it was reporting over 750 fps. Ridiculous. Whether that's accurate or not isn't important. What is important is that the game runs smoother than silk. I've now set the FPS limit to 125, and gameplay is just as good. And it's quiet. The fans don't even turn until the card reaches into the mid 60c range. During normal PC use, it's absolutely dead silent. Bravo, ASUS.

Cons: This card is bulky and heavy, if that makes a difference to you. Of course, that's more of an observation than a con.

Overall Review: I would absolutely recommend this card. I wanted my new build to be quiet, and this card certainly is while at the same time performing in a stellar fashion. As an aside, to keep things quiet I have a quiet Fractal Design Define S case, an EVGA 850 G2 power supply (the fan doesn't run until it get hot -- similar to the video card), and a be quiet! Dark Rock 3 CPU cooler. Finally, a quiet PC.

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This CPU is the Sweet Spot12/20/2015 10:31:12 AM

Pros: This is a great CPU. Everything runs great and I overclocked mine to 4.6GHz with air cooling (on an ASUS Z97-E motherboard). Not much else to say except to step up to a faster processor is going to cost $$$.

Cons: It didn't leap out of the box and install itself.

Overall Review: I recommend this CPU. Using my motherboard's automated overclocking utility in BIOS (a no-brainer), it jumps up to 4.6GHz. IntelBurnTest reported the CPU as stable at that speed. You could probably push it further by manually overclocking and using water cooling, but why bother?

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Great for the Price12/20/2015 10:16:55 AM

Pros: This is the cheapest board I've ever purchased. I was building a new PC to replace my old machine which has an ASUS P6T-Deluxe board that cost nearly $300 six years ago. The only game I play is COD Modern Warfare 4, which plays fine on this machine -- mostly due to my ASUS GTX 970 Strix graphics card -- although COD was barely playable with the built-in graphics in my i7-4790K CPU. Everything loads quickly and I haven't noticed any shortcomings. If you want the absolute best, then by all means spend $300 on an "ultimate" gaming board. If what you're looking for is a board that works, this board is fine.

Cons: None, really. It's quite nice for the price.

Overall Review: The BIOS is very nice. I used the automated overclocking utility and my CPU went from 4GHz to 4.6GHz. I've read the reviews that complained about the I/O shield. Is this really important? Install the shield and forget it. It's a static item. FYI, if you use HWMonitor, you'll most likely see the motherboard temperature being reported as somewhere around 115c. This is an erroneous reading. The BIOS reports my MB to be about 28c. This is a known, yet unimportant issue (google it). My PC specs are: i7-4790K, 2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws X Series, 500GB WD Velociraptor, 750GB WD Black, EVGA 850w G2 PS, and a be quiet! Dark Rock 3 CPU cooler. All this is in a Fractal Design Define S case (no front drive bays) running Windows 10 64-bit.

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Great Quiet and Spacious Case12/18/2015 7:54:01 PM

Pros: This case was made for the water cooling enthusiast. That's not me. I bought this case because it's a quiet case -- I was tired of hearing the constant din of fans (I just retired from I.T. and the drone of fans all day long can drive you mad). If you're looking for a case that can accommodate water cooling, this is it. There is a tremendous amount of room for radiators and fans. This is accomplished through the absence of front drive bays. That's right, no optical or floppy drives or card readers in this baby. In fact, no hard drive cage, either. The drives mount on the opposite side of the case. No more worrying about that huge graphics card not fitting -- believe me, whatever card you have, it will fit. If you're not into water cooling, don't worry. You can add a ridiculous number of fans (a total of three in front, three on top, and one in the rear). Very simple, clean, elegant design. Great cable management. And quiet. Did I mention that it's quiet? Well, it's very quiet. The fans are very quiet and it contains noise absorbing material, as well.

Cons: There are no cons. Really. None.

Overall Review: This case is wider than most, so don't be surprised. The first thing I noticed was the motherboard installation was the easiest I'd ever done. Instead of using six standoffs (what my motherboard called for), there is a pre-installed post in place of a standoff. At first I wondered why, until I installed the motherboard. That post held the motherboard perfectly in place while I inserted the five remaining screws. What a great idea! Cable management is terrific. There are pass-throughs all over the place. You can hide your excess cable on the right-hand side of the case and not impede airflow. The lack of front drive bays, in particular optical drives, is insignificant unless you constantly watch DVD movies. Buy an external drive and install your software. Or, copy your CDs and DVDs to an external or network drive and install from there. Or copy to a USB thumb drive...the list goes on and on -- use your imagination. And don't forget to buy an external card reader. FYI, in keeping with the quiet PC concept, I installed a be quiet! Dark Rock 3 SilentWings CPU cooler (very quiet), an ASUS GTX 970 Strix graphics card (it's overclocked out of the box yet the fans don't even run until the card heats up significantly), and an EVGA 850 G2 power supply (again, the fan doesn't run until it gets hot). And to improve airflow (and to just basically look cool), I installed modular cables manufactured by Cablemod. You should check them out. In the end, I have a very quiet, very elegant looking computer thanks to Fractal Design. Bravo!

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Waste of Time3/7/2015 2:04:56 PM

Pros: Cheap.

Cons: XP SP3 and Windws Update have no driver for this device (it doesn't come with a driver disk). Try finding one -- an exercise in futility. Once I've wasted more than 15 minutes trying to make a device work, I'm done. I have better things to do.

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Nice for the Price9/21/2014 7:21:10 AM

Pros: Beautiful design and execution, feels very well made, fans are very quiet, cools well, looks great on a desk, has USB pass-through ports. But, there's room for improvement.

Cons: Although this cooler works well, there are some drawbacks. This thing is no lightweight -- it's large and it's heavy. I would never consider carrying it with me away from home. And this cooler is powered through a USB cable which draws power from your laptop. The last thing your laptop needs is another device sucking up battery power. Make sure to use it while your charger is plugged into your laptop, and keep it on a flat surface for unrestricted airflow. Additionally, for the price you have to wonder just how long the fans will last. Good fans aren't cheap, and this thing has four of them. The fan speed switch feels cheap, and the legs on the bottom are a bit flimsy.

Overall Review: You can run the two top fans, the two bottom fans, or all four fans. Because of the location of the vents on the bottom of my laptop -- one at the top and one at the bottom -- I needed to run all four fans in order to provide cooling to both vents. With all four fans running, two of them were blowing needlessly. It would be nice to be able to control the fans selectively so that only the fans beneath the laptop vents were running. Also, the provided USB cable is easily misplaced. In my opinion, it would be better to hardwire it to the cooler and have it stored in a channel somewhere on the cooler. Having said all that, I would still recommend buying this cooler. For home or office use, it's perfect. It does a nice job cooling, it's relatively inexpensive, and it looks, well, cool!

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Huge Capacity, Reasonable Price8/2/2014 2:08:38 PM

Pros: It’s huge. I mean, REALLY huge! 5TB…that’s 5,000GB or 5,000,000MB.

Cons: None, but I do make this observation: If you fill this thing and don’t have a backup and the drive dies, you’ve lost an enormous amount of data. Good luck to you!

Overall Review: I received this drive from Newegg for my review. Setup was straightforward – attach the external power supply, plug it into a USB port, and Windows takes care of the rest. Instant recognition. The drive measures about 7" x 4.5" x 1.5". It comes with a power supply, a 4 foot USB 3 cable, and a Quick Start Guide. The enclosure is plastic yet feels solid enough, and it has one blue LED which is lit solid when powered on and flashes rhythmically during data transfer. There are ventilation holes in the rear, but no fan. During file transfers the enclosure became warm but not hot. There is no power switch. This drive is USB 3; I tested it using USB 2. It’s rated at 5TB, and there are 4.54TB of free space. There are files preinstalled on the drive for the purpose of product registration. Using HD Tune Pro 5.50, here are the results: Average transfer rate was 29.5Mb/s with an access time of 19.9 ms. Rotational speed is reported to be 5,980 rpm. As a test, I copied 14.9GB of data comprised of 15,522 various size files in 792 folders to the Seagate Expansion drive took 11:31. It’s probably much faster with USB 3. But, so what? Do the numbers really matter? I ignore them. This drive isn’t built for speed so I don’t give much credence to the objective tests; it’s built to accommodate a tremendous amount of data. Truthfully, it’s no different than any other external USB drive, only the capacity is MASSIVE. Would I recommend it? Well, if you need tons of space, this is your boy – but make sure you have a backup. As for reliability, I can’t say yet. Keep in mind, though, that it only has a one year warranty. As an aside, some reviewers removed the drive from the enclosure and tried to use it internally, then complained that it didn’t work and gave it a bad review. What were they thinking? It wasn’t made for that purpose – buy an internal drive! As for the other negative reviews, I didn’t experience any of the same problems.

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Zagg InvisibleSHIELD for Maxx HD6/15/2014 7:41:59 AM

Pros: Easy to install, protects glass.

Cons: This screen protector has an "orange peel" surface and a rubbery feel. Swiping is not smooth as your finger grips the rubbery surface. If you play games such as Scramble with Friends where you need to slide your finger, this screen protector is a detriment.

Overall Review: The screen protector went on exactly as described. There were small bubbles and imperfections which, as the instructions said, disappeared on their own. I wish there was a glass screen protector such as those made for the iPhones. Those are beautifully smooth and provide excellent protection. Until then, I'll stick with the Zagg to protect my phone.

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Seagate Expansion 750GB4/8/2014 5:42:10 PM

Pros: I recently received a Seagate Expansion drive from Newegg for review. I received the 750GB model. The drive is a notebook sized 2.5” drive in an enclosure which is only slightly larger than the drive itself. This is certainly something that you could toss into a briefcase or even a jacket pocket. Included with the drive is a USB cable and a Quick Start guide. The plastic enclosure feels sturdy and has four small rubber feet. Nothing rattled when I shook it. There is no power cord – the drive is powered through the included USB cable. The only indication that the drive is powered on is a small, bright blue LED, which flashes during disk activity. My desktop PC, running Windows XP Professional, immediately recognized the drive when I plugged it in. The desktop I used for the tests has an ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe motherboard, supporting USB 2.0. To test the drive, I used HD Tune v2.55. I also tested by connecting the external drive directly to the rear motherboard USB 2.0 ports. HD Tune reported the Seagate Expansion to have an average transfer rate of 29.8 mb/s when connected to the Cooler Master case top USB port, and a slightly better 33.4 mb/s when connected directly to the motherboard’s USB port. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my 25+ years of computer experience, it’s that objective tests usually don’t tell the whole story and can often be misleading, so I decided to perform a somewhat subjective test: copying random, mixed size files from my desktop to the Seagate. I created a folder on my internal drive and filled it with 436 assorted files totaling 2.58GB. I copied the files to the Seagate Expansion drive and timed it. It wrote the files in 1:42. Reading the files back from the drive took 1:39. I next performed the file copy tests using a five year old Dell Studio 15 laptop with 32-bit Windows 8.1. The test results were much slower than with the desktop. No surprise there. Reading from the Seagate to the laptop took 2:09, while writing the files to the drive took 3:35. I was curious to see how the drive would work using USB 3.0, so I connected the Seagate to a Dell OptiPlex 7010 with USB 3.0 and running Windows 7 Professional. Here things got interesting. Connected to the USB 2.0 port, the file transfer reading from the Seagate took 1:30, while the write time to the drive was a surprisingly long 2:35. On the other hand, when connected to the USB 3.0 port, the read time from the Seagate was only :35, and the write time was only 1:21.

Cons: My only gripe was with the cable. It’s a bit short for my application, since my desktop USB ports are located at the top of my case. End-to-end, the cable measures about 18”. In my situation, I had to let the drive dangle from the cable – which isn’t really a big deal since the drive is quite light and the cable is a snug fit, so it’s not going to fall off easily. But still, the cable could be a bit longer. Of course, cable length probably isn’t a concern if the drive is being attached to a laptop.

Overall Review: Should you buy this drive? After testing the Seagate and doing some personal, subjective tests, I can tell you that it’s not a speed demon. But, having said that, it’s 750GB that fits in your pocket. The drive truly is plug-and-play as XP, 7, and 8.1 all recognized the drive immediately and worked flawlessly. In my opinion, if you need tons of room in a portable drive then I highly recommend the Seagate Expansion Portable Drive. It’s small, lightweight, has a large capacity, doesn’t require an external power supply, and it’s reasonably priced. Of course, if capacity isn’t an issue then nothing beats a USB thumb drive!

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Great Wireless Adapter9/13/2013 6:27:57 AM

Pros: Strong signal strength, option to either mount it directly into a USB port or use the extension cable/base to relocate it for a better signal, decent price.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've had two of these for over a year and a half. I have four PC's in my house: two wired in a home office, one wireless upstairs in a bedroom and one wireless in my basement. After trying name brand adapters and having poor signal strength, I decided to try these. Wow, what a difference! I just ordered another one for my wife's office computer.

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Great Product9/9/2013 9:55:45 AM

Pros: Small. Perfect for a desktop that's actually on a desktop. Runs well with an i3-3220 Ivy Bridge CPU and 4GB of RAM running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Heat pipe system works well, exhaust fan air temperature is barely warm.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is the second Shuttle build I've made, the last one six years ago and still running great. As with the last one, this one was simple and very quick. I agree with some who have said that the pre-wired SATA cable is a bit short if you use it for the drive mounted in the lowest bay. I instead used it for the DVD in the top bay and the length was satisfactory. Once assembled, it started perfectly and I installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit without a hitch. The included driver CD loaded all drivers successfully. Some things to remember: no com port, no parallel port. Both can be ordered from Shuttle, although they are becoming harder and harder to find. USB adapters are probably the better way to go. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a compact PC.

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Faster Than Expected9/9/2013 9:47:50 AM

Pros: Fast. A great CPU for a business machine.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I bought this CPU for a build using a Shuttle XPC SH67H3 barebones. For business apps, it's faster than I expected. All apps respond quickly. Chip seems to run cool as the exhaust from the case barely feels warm.

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Follow Up Review8/22/2013 10:53:44 AM

Pros: After more than a year my DS212J still runs like a champ, and is still dead quiet with two Western Digital Red drives in Raid 1. I'm quite impressed with it.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I don't understand how someone can complain about the interface and the "bloatware." The interface is straightforward and simple to use. The "bloatware" is a plus -- if you need it, it's available to install. If someone wants a simple storage device, they should attach an external USB drive and share it on their network. This is much more than that. Next time, read the specs before you purchase something and then condemn it. You can read, can't you?

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Great Case8/15/2013 5:27:12 PM

Pros: I bought this case in October of 2009. It's built like a tank, has ample cooling, and the handles on top are a plus. I have multiple desktop PC's in my home and I blow them out on a regular basis. The Storm Scout is by far the easiest to carry. Contrary to the troubles some others have had with this case, mine has worked perfectly from day one. All switches, fans, et cetera, work as expected.

Cons: Weight. This case is heavy, but that is to be expected with any steel case so please don't consider this to be a complaint.

Overall Review: Although the included fans provide ample cooling, they are a wee bit loud. I replaced them all with slower rpm, low noise fans. In addition, I mounted a fan on one of the side panel mounts in order to blow cool air directly toward my video card. Something to consider: My video card, a GeForce GTX 560 Ti, barely fits. If you're going to install a mid- to high-end video card, make sure it will fit!

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Great Drive11/10/2012 11:35:50 AM

Pros: Fast and quiet, runs cool.

Cons: Price. You trade capacity for speed. But, you knew that before you bought it and were willing to make that sacrifice, so you can't take an egg off for that.

Overall Review: Exceptionally quiet and runs cool. My previous experience with the Raptor series was two 3.5" 36GB Raptors in a RAID 1 configuration. They worked well enough, but made far more noise than this 2.5" Velociraptor. I'm impressed so far.

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Great Range Extender10/4/2012 6:50:20 AM

Pros: Small, integrated power supply, inconspicuous, works very well, easy setup, and inexpensive.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Before you do anything, do yourself a favor and download the latest firmware and user manual (that’s good advice for any product, not just this one). I hard-wired it to my PC, performed the setup and firmware upgrade, then turned it off and moved it to my den in the rear of my house. Once it was plugged and operational, I connected to it with my Motorola Xoom. Signal strength was excellent. When I opened my browser, I was quite impressed to see web pages loading much quicker than before (I was previously attached wirelessly to my Asus T-N66U router located in the front of my house). I’m quite happy with this product – particularly since I bought it on sale for $25 and free shipping. My only regret is that I didn’t buy two or three (they’re out of stock at this moment).

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Another Great HP9/25/2012 7:09:18 AM

Pros: As usual, it's another great HP workgroup printer. First page out is quick and print speed is terrific.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Boot time if long, but I never turn mine off so it doesn't affect me. The only thing I've ever needed to service on an HP workgroup printer are the rubber rollers (the kits are inexpensive) -- after a couple hundred thousand pages, they wear out. I wish I could say the same about HP's personal printers. Some were downright awful.

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Nice Midrange Card9/25/2012 6:35:19 AM

Pros: It's a video card, and it's called "Classified Ultra." If I tell you more, I'll have to kill you. Seriously, though, it works very well for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (the only game I play). I've said too I'll have to kill you.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I always purchase a mid-priced video card, and they just keep getting better and better. This card blows away the $300 card it replaced, which I bought just three years ago.

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Good Router9/25/2012 6:27:22 AM

Pros: Good signal strength and coverage. Very easy setup, and cute interface. Has plenty of bells and whistles. Connects to all our devices: Desktop PC's, Windows laptops, Macbook Pro, Motorola Xoom, Droid RAZR, HP Touchpad, iPhone 4 and 4s.

Cons: Three large, ugly antennas. (As an aside, how is it that the Netgear WNDR3700 has no external antennas and works about as well as the ASUS?)

Overall Review: Bought this to replace a Netgear WNDR3700, which has no external antennas. The Netgear had similar signal strength and could be mounted anywhere. The ASUS needs to be mounted horizontally because of the antennas, so placement is critical. It's really an eyesore with the antennas and patch cables hanging off of it -- I'd love to hide it somewhere out of view.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Not as Advertised9/25/2012 6:16:17 AM

Pros: It's rechargeable and you can hold it at any angle, plus it doesn't lose pressure. I use it to blow loose dust out of a computer case prior to using real compressed air to finish the job.

Cons: Hurricane? Are you kidding? It should be called Summer Breeze. It blows air, but nowhere near the force of canned, compressed air -- this is a completely different animal. Also, it's heavy, noisy, and expensive, and shipping took very long (it's a Marketplace item -- it wasn't shipped by Newegg).

Overall Review: I was quite disappointed. I was hoping to no longer need canned air, but that is not the case. I thought about returning it, but then realized I could use it to blow out the loose dust in customers' computer cases prior to using canned air. It works well enough for that, so I kept it.

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Complete Junk9/20/2012 9:13:11 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: Connects. Disconnects. Connects. Disconnects. Did I mention low signal when it does connect?

Overall Review: Bought it to replace a Netgear WNDR3700 (GREAT router -- until the 2.4GHz radio died -- a common problem). Nothing like the WNDR3700. I replaced it with an ASUS RT-N66U -- much better. The signal is much stronger, and it connects to my Droid RAZR, Motorola Zoom, and my wife's iPhone 4 with no problem. I've been a computer professional for over 25 years and I can't believe Netgear released this piece of garbage. Stay away!

3 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your honest review. We're sorry about the disconnection problems you had with the WNDR4500, and we'd like to help if you still have the router. (You mentioned you have replaced it.) If you wish to contact us, please get in touch at Let us know the firmware version that the WNDR4500 is on, and also include any case numbers you received from support (if you contacted them at any time.) We look forward to getting things up and running for you. Regards, NETGEAR Team