Worked out of the box, decent components, same gripes as other ABS systems - UPDATE *CPU cooler is garbage*2/6/2021 6:01:09 AM

Pros: - appears well built - booted right up out of the box! - all ports and components seem to work (except RGB, see below) - mobo has WiFi and Bluetooth built in, came with antennas - no bloatware - fairly quiet unless gaming and then still not terrible - pretty to look at

Cons: - Cheap Thermaltake CPU "cooler" - having to replace with liquid cooler already - CPU temps get way out of hand, quickly climbing north of 80C+ when 1440p gaming with high settings, which otherwise this PC is very capable of. Shame. - documentation severely lacking. got Gigabyte mobo and Intel SSD manuals, and useless quick start guide, nothing else. Expect more for the price. - cheap RAM - RAM running at 2600 MHz out of the box, had to turn on 3000 MHz (advertised) speed in BIOS - RGB on CPU fan not connected to other RGB fans (which means I can't turn it off) - pre-installed software to control RGBs doesn't do anything

Overall Review: UPDATED - Dropped a star from 4 to 3. See notes about the CPU cooler. It's useless for high res gaming. Seemed ok for 1080P but with my new 1440 monitor is gets very hot quickly. Don't buy this PC unless you're either prepared to replace the CPU cooler or don't plan use the system to its potential. --- I think Newegg is making good money on these systems with GPUs being so hard/expensive to buy right now. Doing the math, the only really expensive component is the 3070, and I'd like better RAM and better cooling for the price. That said, saved me the trouble of building a system and the case has plenty of space for upgrading down the road. For now, all good, up and running in minutes and smooth sailing so far.

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Just OK1/30/2010 12:36:42 PM

Pros: Smooth and precise tracking. Reliable Bluetooth connection works to wake up from sleep, re-connects easily after powering down, etc. Unique look.

Cons: Optical scrolling is good in theory (no moving parts), but very inaccurate in practice. I got used to it, but it was impossible to get a consistent zoom in Maya, AE, or PS. Spendy. White rubber grip around mouse gets dirty after several months of use.

Overall Review: If you just want a reliable Bluetooth mouse for web surfing, it's great. If you want precision, not so much.

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Junk1/24/2010 9:52:32 PM

Pros: Lightweight and compact. Works OK for a while. Great in theory.

Cons: Right half of keyboard no longer works. This seemed to happen RIGHT after the NewEgg return policy expired. Now it's pretty much worthless. Feels cheap. Is cheap. Signal was pretty bad even when it worked. Seems to need "line-of-sight" to the RF receiver which makes no sense.

Overall Review: Pony up the cash for a better keyboard.

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Stable Power, Stupid Gaskets, Fancy Box1/17/2010 10:18:38 PM

Pros: Quiet for sure. Modular cables. Super fancy packaging.

Cons: Rubber gaskets DID NOT fit in my case, no matter how hard I tried to wedge them in there. Super fancy packaging...Did I pay extra for that?

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Very Nice Airy Case1/17/2010 10:14:09 PM

Pros: Great build quality and classy looks (even with the LEDs which I'm not hugely fond of). Plenty of space inside for cables and ventilation. Moves a lot of air without sounding like a jet engine. Everything fit together and installed without any issues and it was my first build.

Cons: Agree with other reviews that the hard drive bay ends up being a problem given its proximity to the ends of today's gigantic video cards. Almost too airy; I worry about excessive dust, pet hair, etc getting in. Wish the front panel wasn't right on the bottom of the case.

Overall Review: Not unhappy with my purchase at all.

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The revolution is upon us1/10/2010 8:52:51 PM

Pros: Relatively inexpensive for a DSLR. Incredible image quality. Lightweight. Nice wide angle lens. Viewfinder is easy on the eyes. Great battery life. Flash works great.

Cons: Lowish MP for DSLR at 10.1. Cheap, yet solid-feeling, all plastic body. Live-view not worth much in practice. So-so in low light with stock lens.

Overall Review: We waited too long to get a DSLR. Always bought higher-end compacts thinking they were good enough, and they were, until we bought this camera. Nothing compares to the large sensor and amazing speed of SLR design. Finally feel like I'm taking film-esque digital images.

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Why pay more?1/10/2010 8:42:18 PM

Pros: Cheap. Works.

Cons: Not free.

Overall Review: I don't understand paying lots of money for cables.

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