Easily in my Top 3 Best Build Cases!5/7/2020 6:34:42 AM

Pros: -Extremely easy to build: This case has so many features that allow a simplistic build experience. -Modularity: Items like the SSD cages mount in 500+ different positions...no lie. The PSU cover has little holes in which the SSD sled pops into. This allows for extremely flexible mounting positions to suite different cable lengths or style preferences. -Cooling: While I like the included case fans (4 total) I invested in Noctua fans. I have 2 radiators for my custom cooling loop and mounting them both with push/pull fans was soooo easy! The top mount for example, has a recessed mount allowing the top fans to sit well above the MoBo for easily clearance. My other case only allowed push or pull, not both or the MoBo would hit the fans due to the thickness. Amazing! Airflow seems to be good, but I improved it with some modifications. (See Cooling Improvement in "Cons below) -Design: It's super slick and modern, not flashy but looks really nice out on display. I have the matte white/black and it just looks sexy sitting out. The IO panel is nicely integrated into the top of the case. The USB 3.1 type C is well welcomed! The tempered glass panel design was changed and it's only held on by one thumb screw and easily pops in and out of place. the opposite side panel is even easier, with just a push of a button it literally pops out. Keeping the design of the original H700 and improving upon the design from reviewers complaints. Kudos to NZXT for actually listening and improving based off past criticism. -Cable Routing: Channels in the back allowed for easy cable Routing making for a clean look. I also have flat cables, so that helped a bit. The white cable strip inside the case allowed for cable routing for PCIE, argb and fans and pwm pump cables, behind it allowing the inside to stay crisp looking. -Dumb Case? This is the non smart version. The value vs the more expensive "i" version is great. If you are a die hard CAM software person, I guess it's a con. But, my MoBo has all the lighting features I need for all my uses. So the ability to buy the non-smart version to save on value is welcomed. There's a lot more pros to be said, but those are the higher tier ones, to keep this from turning into a novel.

Cons: I don't have a lot of con's and nitpicking here some for the sake of fairness. -Cheapness: Some components feel like they could be improved upon with more higher quality materials for longevity. Items like the SSD sled do feel like cheap plastic. However, how many times are you actually taking off and removing them? I had no issues mounting my SSD's in and they should hold up. -Cooling Improvement: I know the side vents where improved upon from previous generations, but I like the air going at a straight shot to the fans. I picked up a 360mm rectangular fan grill and cut out a slot in the front to mount the grill. Now, there's a nice direct path for the front fans to intake air from. The grill I mounted keeps the simplistic look but provides the intake fans with even more of a less restricted path of flow. After that, I saw thermals reduced, on average, 8°c off cpu/gpu temps. It's wasn't really necessary, but I can get crazy about thermals to provide me with better overclock stability. I did not modify the top as it exhausts air wonderfully. -Panel Removing: One of the funniest lines from The GamersNexus review was "yank the front panel violently from the bottom edge, then yank the top panel violently from the top edge". That is true! The top and front panel are a pain to remove, unlike both side panels which are super easy. But, once built, you only need to remove them maybe three times a year to clean the dust filters. Not a huge deal. Like I said, all the cons are basically just nitpicking and don't over all deter from how great this case is and don't warrant any eggs to be knocked off. If you watched any case review videos like I did, you know exactly what you're getting into before you even open the box.

Overall Review: Like the title says, this is easily in my top 3 best cases to build. The overall functionality of this case is simply astonishing. The ease of building is a dream and will be welcomed when future upgrades are needed. It is a great sign when a company listens to prior criticism on their products and actually incorporates changes based off of that into new product designs. They listen, they improve. This case was a breeze to work with and was everything I was expecting and then some. Not to mention how nice looking it is seeing with your own eyes versus videos or photos! I was using Phanteks cases for a long while, but glad I moved to NZXT. If you're looking for a sleek modern design with no frills, a mid tower case with an absurd amount of cooling options, and enjoy and overall great building experience, this case is for you! I rate a 9.5/10 and welcome future NZXT cases for future builds!

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Quality product but not good for i9-9900k3/13/2020 12:07:41 PM

Pros: The quality is superb! No doubt about that. I can't really say much else and it didn't do the job I needed it too. If you have a 8th gen i9, 9th gen i7 or lower, this cooler will no doubt work wonders for you if you don't want to go the water cooling, or custom loop route.

Cons: Not good for cooling the beastly i9-9900k clocked at 5.2ghz.

Overall Review: I decided to go air-cooled with my new build based on reviews of other people. I've read on forums others were able to use this cooler to keep their i9 clocked to 5.2ghz. I on the other hand, had no such luck. I was getting some thermal throttling, which in my opinion is a no bueno given the amount of money I paid for the CPU. I ended up having to use my 6 year old AIO water-cooler. It sucks, but it is what it is. I feel bad about giving this only two eggs, but I can only rate based off my use. Atleast a friend wanted it and bought it off me so I didn't loose all of my money. Like I said in the frozen section, if you don't have such hey hot running CPU such as mine, this cooler will work wonders. My buddies 9th gen i7 stays nice and cool, running around 72°c under full load, which is great for air-cooled and no risk of water damage.

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Not much to say, it does work and does what it says.1/20/2020 8:21:22 AM

Pros: -Loosens up hardened paste for easy removal. -Cleans nicely. -Pleasant citrus smell if you like that.

Cons: None...maybe price?

Overall Review: Probably get the same results with isopropyl 99% for cheeper. Probably don't loosen up hardened old paste as well, but definitely the same overall clean.

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Simply amazing!1/20/2020 8:08:33 AM

Pros: It's really fast! I use this stick for my OS. It boots up (from button press to using the computer) in 5 seconds. My other SSD drive was fast, but this most definitely, takes speed and performance to a new level. The second one I have I put my games on. It's crazy how fast this is in the performance you get out of it. It's pricier and other SSD drives and a lot more than HHD's. But, if you need future proof performance, this is it!

Cons: None as if now.

Overall Review: I hope this continues to run just as it is now, later down the road. This is simply one of the best brands and makes you can get for M.2 memory without going bankrupt.

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