MSI Gaming X Trio Top o' the World5/6/2021 2:09:06 PM

Pros: It's a 3070, yay! Low GPU temps even in an NR200 Fan control seems pretty legit Feels like it costs per lb (so thicc) 1440p beast mode Comes with a support bracket (too bad it doesn't fit my case lol)

Cons: So thicc (seriously, check your case or you gonna regret it) RGB is meh and while mine is installed normally I suppose the extra parts would look awesome in a case where the GPU is showcased Availability

Overall Review: So scored one of these early in a combo deal. Overall very satisfied with my purchase and the upgrade this provided from a GTX 1070 FTW edition. Stable build, stable drivers from my experience, and overall a GREAT 1440p beast. It's a compromise from jumping to the RTX 3080 and I'd be hard pressed to NOT take that jump but this should definitely drive my gaming for the next 3-5 years (that's a lie, I'll figure out a way to upgrade because I'm stupid) Biggest drawback is it's size. The Gaming X Trio is one of the BIGGEST cards I've ever got my hands on. It's THICC and, if you too have an NR200, might take a little angling to get it to slide in. Any small form factor PC owners double check your clearances before you decide on this because it might wind up being just too big. Also, look for a support of some sort if you aren't able to utilize the one that comes in the case as your GPU just might sag a little bit from how heavy it is. Airflow seems solid with the fans and the curves. I have nothing to complain about from that aspect. Fans haven't gotten obnoxiously loud that I can tell at idle or gaming wise. It sit's 3-4 ft away from me and while the air exhausted out of the case is hot I don't see it reflected in actual GPU temps. It seem to settle around 70-75F while running most games at 1440p to a 27" screen. Daughter scores it SO AMAZING as it runs Mickey's Castle of Illusion with so much wow and it's so pretty with the lights (her words not mine)

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Well worth the upgrade12/18/2020 12:50:05 AM

Pros: Fast Efficient (65W) Cooler Included AMD making that CPU game strong

Cons: Broken keyboard from that constant F5 and bot battle.

Overall Review: Solid win for AMD. Intel better step their game up and their prices down or it's gonna be a long 2021 for them.

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CoolerThanThou3/27/2009 12:54:19 PM

Pros: Great Case Tool less kits Slots for 7 fans Big, actually bigger than my old "mid" look at those specs and make sure you have space Bottom mount for the PSU (sweet) Heavy, doesn't feel like it's gonna dent on me and I'm a pretty damaging kind of person Audio I/O up top (sweet) Two USB and Sata up top (sweeter) No flip open doors that serve to only make me mad (sweetest) Power On/Off and Resets are on the side. Slightly odd depress to turn on/off but manageable Front fan isn't horrendous to look at with lights (if that's not your thing) Most fans can hold up to 120mm so airflow is NOT going to be a problem (*note MoBo fan on side panel supports a smaller fan (like 60-90mm no big whoop) Might get dusty....oh wait, that's what compressed air is for..... Very understated and very happy with this so far!

Cons: Couldn't buy mine on bought two days ago BEFORE the freeshipping.....if i had known it was going on sale I'd have waited and just saved $20 bucks (shipping difference) As before it's bigger than what I have seen as a "mid" tower so measure your space

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can i have another please1/9/2009 11:54:59 PM

Pros: Great monitor. Excellent response, no dead pixels. Lightweight, easy on the eyes. If I had my way I'd have gotten the 24" but i can dream. Hard deal to beat for $120 bucks

Cons: like everyone else..the speakers are a bit "weak" but that's what is to be's a monitor first lol

Overall Review: bacon is really really good!

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finally1/9/2009 11:45:56 PM

Pros: great piece. easy install with sata. drivers worked and everything loaded as needed. haven't burned in tons of stuff yet, but so far so good. pleasantly surprised and at a GREAT price!

Cons: i had to wait 3 days to get it...... seriously beats the local stores in price and newegg is the place to get your gear!

Overall Review: awesome

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nice1/9/2009 11:41:09 PM

Pros: bundles up ridiculous IDE cords making airflow more manageable. nice price

Cons: connections at ends seem "cheap" because they aren't solid but rather flexible. it's necessary but kind of weird. measure your space, 24" might seem like enough space but i had to drop a HD down a slot so it would hit my mobo just right

Overall Review: all in all, a good deal for $4.00

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nice1/8/2009 10:01:12 PM

Pros: Great performance jump, even from an 8500GT! Solid so far, handles CoD2/4 and Waw no problem. Dvd playback is crisp and clear. Easy install and away we go!

Cons: It's big, but what graphics card now isn't? Make sure you have the space and the PSU to handle it as well. Other than that, no cons present. Will update if anything changes.

Overall Review: I like bacon!

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i'm in love12/13/2008 10:02:12 PM

Pros: Excellent cooling. Quiet operator. Couldn't be happier.

Cons: It's big. Did I mention it's big?

Overall Review: Zalman was recommended by 5 of 6 gamers I know and I'm not dissapointed. It's silent, it's doing it's job and I didn't break anything putting it in. Great job, and great product!

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solid12/4/2008 11:14:41 PM

Pros: Solid. Good batch of ram and it shows in my rig. Definitely impressed so far.

Cons: Almost like they are giving it away now...

Overall Review: I like cookies!

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first12/4/2008 11:10:37 PM

Pros: This was my first solo build and so far i'm pretty impressed with what I got. It's a solidly built mobo and has some pretty nice features. Easy installation but then again I didn't have ginormous video cards to anchor in. Lots of options for both dual and/or quad core chips so you can upgrade if necessary in the future. BIOS allows for overclocking manually with options to save 2 settings, pretty useful stuff.

Cons: Disappointed somewhat in the onboard sound, but as I have yet to really dig into tweaking that aspect of it, that just might resolve itself. Doesn't seem to have any other issues so far.

Overall Review: ZALMAN CNPS 8000 92mm 2 Ball CPU Cooling Fan/Heatsink really isn't ideal to put on here. Mine had to be "accomodated" by the board but it sure keeps it cool. Definitely keep in mind you have some space issues with the ram area so your heatsink/fan needs to be able to fit w/o interfering with the slots.

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nicely done12/4/2008 11:03:37 PM

Pros: Very solid construction. Lots of cabling as well. This is one silent power supply. Compared to my old 350W powersupply, I started out thinking it wasn't even on. I'm so far impressed with everything it's done and what I've asked of it. Useless sata cables until I finally upgrade, but it's got everything it advertised and definitely is a solid deal.

Cons: Isn't modular...

Overall Review: It's a rock

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