3/3/2009 9:45:28 AM

Pros: Works like a charm. I can leave the usb adapter in the slot at all times and never worry about it. When you power on the mouse its connected and ready to go before you even set the mouse down on the table. The smooth/fast option on the scroll wheel is absolutely amazing for scrolling through long website (like image-boards or email) and for running up and down through the code in the programs I'm writing. The placement of the forward/backward buttons is not like my older Logitech mouse, but works surprisingly well. I love the little case it came in. When looking at this mouse online I was expecting the case would just end up being tossed aside with the box, however I have actually ended up using it every day. It protects my mouse from getting banged up by the rest of the accessories in my laptop bag. All in all, if it lasts as long as my desktop Logitech mouse has (going on 3 years and its still like new) then this will one amazing mouse.

Cons: If I had to say something I guess it would be that there is no center mouse click. But I rarely use that anyways on my desktop mouse, so its something I can easily live without.

Overall Review: I didn't use the drivers/software that came on the disk, my laptop is a netbook and doesn't have a disk drive, but instead downloaded the newest ones off the site. Even without the drives the forward and back buttons mapped properly and it worked great. But with the software the button below the scroll wheel becomes an application switch button. You click it and a list of all open apps pops up, and then you can click the one you want. Kinda nice for people who like mouse shortcuts rather than keyboard ones like alt-tab.

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Works Great3/3/2009 9:28:11 AM

Pros: Works as expected. Using for both eBooster in WindowsXP and Readyboost in Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire One netbook. No problems so far.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: My brother also has 2 of these same cards that he uses for his 500 dollar digital camera and they seem to work just fine for that too.

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Great For PSP1/17/2007 4:03:27 PM

Pros: Works great in my version 1.5 PSP. It's the only device I've tried it on, but I have not had any problems yet. Decent write speeds. Read speeds are good enough to run full programs off the card.

Cons: I needed to buy the 4gb version.

Overall Review: Great card, I'm planning on buying another one of these, or possibly the 4gb one.

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Great Combo10/2/2006 10:34:56 PM

Pros: I have had this keyboard/mouse setup for about 2.5 months now and I'm still running off the batteries it came with, and my computer is rarely turned off. Special keys can be useful but after about a week I stopped using them. Never had a response problem. Receiver falls off my desk all the time and doesn't even lose signal. The freedom of wireless is amazing, and this set doesn't disappoint. Oh, and on my poor quality desk with no pad, this mouse is infinity more accurate than my optical, which skipped all the time.

Cons: uhh... I had to pay for it?

Overall Review: There is a patch you can install that will give you access to mapping more buttons, I'd suggest getting that if you plan on using special keys. There is about a 5-10 second delay after the computer has been left alone for a long period of time, before it starts functioning again. Just like waking your monitor out of power saving mode, but you get used to it quickly.

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Great Price, Great Quality, Great Deal!11/20/2005 12:46:22 AM

Comments: Great card for the price. I have been using it in my IPAQ to hold music, tv shows, games and more. It has totally changed the way I use my pda. And I havent had any troubles yet. I wasnt very happy with the shipping but that was UPS's fault not newegg's. UPS shipped it to a house 10 blocks away on a different street. I had done all my previous shipping with FedEx, and I'm going back to them from now on. FedEx and newegg make a great team, UPS should just stay out of it. But anyways, back to the card. I would deffinatly sugest this card to anyone with an sd slot on their pda, and with the lifetime warranty you have nothing to lose. Great Price, Great Quality, Great Deal!

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4/6/2005 2:50:25 PM

Comments: I just got this drive today. I installed it in under 10 minutes, booted up XP and it was ready to go. Burned 2 4+ gig dvds so far, both under 10 minutes, both worked great. Oh, and they where 80 cent dvds too, nothing fancy. I would highly recomend this burner to anyone who is looking. Ordered monday, recevied wednesday on super saver shiping. Thanks Newegg.

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