Such a Great Monitor3/22/2019 7:36:25 AM

Pros: I want to put this disclaimer out there. It sucks that people are giving this monitor a bad rating just because it showed up with dead pixels, lines, or hell DoA. It's tech, there is always a possibility of mishandling by carriers or dead on arrival products Every one of those is replaceable or able to be resolved by the vendor themselves. That said.. I bought this monitor around November of 2018. This thing is amazing. It's such a beauty to play on. Especially with the swath of new and vibrant colored games like Anthem, Apex, and Division 2 I can't be awed by the colors. This thing has a lot going for it due to the size and curve naturally, but that 144Hz is awesome and feels good to get to in some games. Resident Evil 2: Remake was a prime example of that. I often sat around 100+Hz with my upgraded rig. I never really noticed much light bleed at all. I'm loving the size of this monitor. I can easily open multiple windows at it's 2540x1440 and comfortably work on stuff. This works out pretty great for me because I run a D&D group and prepping is made easier when I can have multiple Windows up and visible. Now I am not getting the full benefit of the monitor since I have a gtx1080 and this is a freesync monitor, but I am enjoying it none-the-less.

Cons: None. In fact I advised a friend of mine to pick it up and he loves it as well.

Overall Review: Definitely would buy a second or third one.

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An Amazing Monster of a Tower8/30/2018 6:42:37 AM

Pros: -Spacious. One of the best part of this full tower is the space you have to work. I work in IT and working on anything other than full towers is a pain for larger hands. -The airflow. I ran an AMD processor and graphics card in this tower for the past 4 years. It's kept both cool (along with a 212 fan cooler for the CPU) during long game sessions. Not to mention that there is space for a few more fans if you wanna be the fan king or put in a water cooling register. Great for the top mounts, the rear fan -The front I/O is nice, depending on the need the fan controllers can provide some noise to heat control in regards to the fans. -If you want to mode this tower and put an acrylic/plexiglass panel in place of the metal mesh/large 230mm fan you can with ease as the mesh is removable with some bendable pegs. -The PSU has a fine mesh dust catcher under it and the front panel does as well. The top and front panels do come off for cleaning as well. Apply a bit of "Forceful Tenderness' and you can get to the cloth mesh in the front for cleaning. -With all of the airflow in this tower after 3 years when I finally traded out my Radeon R9 390 there was hardly any dust on it with only a small smidge of dust on the blades. -Cable management is a breeze as the tower has standard rubber grommets to the back for back panel cable management.

Cons: -Heavy, but what do you expect its a full tower of metal and win. -Can't change the color of the front mounted LED fan, which is fixable, or the THOR light on the I/O panel on the top/front, which is not fixable without rewiring.

Overall Review: I definitely would suggest this tower to friends. I even did so with the white version of this tower for my friend when I built his system. Such a good build experience with the space available in the tower. It's a great tower. Definitely would re-buy if I was looking to build another full system.

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