Loving it2/14/2013 5:26:17 PM

Pros: Value. Especially if you got it during the 2day sale @ Best Buy like the last reviewer. 33% off and no shipping brought the total to ~$211 for a 27inch 2-5ms monitor! It's still worth full price or more. Looks great. Very pleased with the contrast ratio and crisp text. Changing to this from a graphic-design quality CRT made me a bit nervous, but this thing is definitely up to par.

Cons: Has one stuck pixel near the outside edge of the screen but for the price, who cares? There are several ways online to attempt a fix for stuck pixels but I haven't yet tried. This is inherent in the nature of current LCD tech. Speakers are terrible as expected but you probably aren't searching in this price range for sound quality. With a monitor of this size, not having a dedicated sound system to go along with it is almost hilarious. Biggest con of all is the menu. It's cumbersome, unresponsive, and pressing the buttons is awkward, making matters worse. Fortunately it looks excellent right out of the box so far using the VGA/D-SUB input so the need to adjust is minimal but that depends on the user.

Overall Review: Some sites advertise it at 2ms, others at 5ms but whatever. HDMI sucks, at least coming from my Radeon 4850, could be the card but it looked horrible and I wasnt able to adjust it to an acceptable appearance. And it also had a 1" border around the whole screen effectively giving you a ~25incher. Your mileage may vary... I have yet to try DVI. Also, driver CD that came with mine had a version of i-menu that would only install in Chinese. Weird. Overall, these complaints are petty for what you get with this monitor.

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Awesome5/29/2009 7:07:28 PM

Pros: Great game. Super fast. Lots of variety. Seamless online play.

Cons: Racing through the city is a bit overwhelming. You have to constantly look at the map while careening through traffic at blazing speeds. Doesnt like less than 2 gigs of ram in XP.

Overall Review: It's pretty taxing on my overclocked Pentium 4 but that's my fault for living in the past!

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Works5/29/2009 6:59:35 PM

Pros: Longest IDE available without ordering a custom made cable. Works fine for my remote mount DVD drive.

Cons: Its not round.

Overall Review: Some say its too long for a hard drive but I have yet to prove them right.

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It works5/29/2009 6:52:22 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. Very convenient.

Cons: Way too expensive for what it is. It consists of two simple connectors and 8 short pieces of wire and the total cost is over $15 shipped. Minus an egg because of price.

Overall Review: After seeing it up close I could have EASILY made one myself. It's just a 6-wire with two grounds jumpered to the right pins.

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Works good5/9/2009 9:27:28 PM

Pros: Fits in the 3.5 bay, doesnt take up the drive bays. Temp is pretty accurate. Screen looks good.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Dont put too much pressure on the sensors!! I tried to put one between the cpu and the heat sink and the pressure destroyed it. Read the instructions!

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Gets the job done4/14/2009 1:20:26 PM

Pros: Works. Can switch between 4 machines. Fairly cheap.

Cons: The only problem I have is that my Logitech G15 Gaming KB doesnt seem to jive with it. When I switch back to my main rig from the secondary machine the kb isnt recognized but I believe it is just the nature of the kb itself and not a problem with the switcher.

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So far so good...4/14/2009 1:11:17 PM

Pros: Cheap All 4 ports on one side. Can be used as an internal hub also. Hasn't crapped out YET.

Cons: Instructions were lacking. Its a tad bit wide for a 3.5 bay but you can make it fit. No external power cable included. Many reviews report that it will burn out eventually.

Overall Review: It uses 2 usb ports, one for data and one for power so you are limited to the standard 500ma (.5 amps) power capacity so I would be careful of what you plug into it. I only use it for a KB, mouse, and occasional flash drive so its not a big deal for me. It appears to have a floppy cable connection on the back but the instructions have no mention of it. I use it along with a usb switch for two computers and it works just fine switching back and forth.

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