What a monster!1/13/2021 12:55:42 PM

Pros: Quiet and powerful. Absolutely trumps my merc 319 6800xt I had before this. Zero coil whine and overclocks with ease. Very very happy.

Cons: Expensive af

Overall Review: Does 2650mhz (actual) and 2150 on them (fast timings) at 1040mv. With fans still set at quiet it stays under 63c in games / benches.

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Get this kit!1/1/2021 1:02:57 PM

Pros: Overclocks soooo well! Easily got this to 3800cl15 / 1900fclk and ull subtimings. Daily settings low heat.

Cons: Price i guess

Overall Review: Worth it

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Fantastic 1440p monitor!1/1/2021 1:00:10 PM

Pros: Awesome color and contrast, especially in game. I haven't had any weird skin tone issues in videos as people have complained apparently. Freesync 2.0 is noticeably smoother than 1.0 as well. So fluid!!!!!

Cons: Hdr sucks but that's with every monitor Ive ever tested.

Overall Review: Best dang 1440p high hz monitor for the money!

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Awesome M.2!12/2/2018 1:08:23 PM

Pros: No software needed to maximize it's efficiency great price very fast it just works!

Cons: no rgb jk

Overall Review: Honestly it's one of the best bang of the buck NVME drives.. and during black friday it was stupid not to get one. I use it as my main os drive now and it's awesome!

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Incredible card12/11/2013 7:40:26 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the box. DDU wiped drivers in safe mode and have been using 13.11 whql ever since it was published. No crashes or issues. AB 17 lets me get up to 1200/1500 at +200mv the card crushes everything in 1080p so I went to 1440p and it still plays games on Ultra!! I just turn down the AA which you don't even need hardly at that res. Put it this way, I ordered two more.... just not from Newegg and I'll tell you why.

Cons: Everyone knows they run hotter than the nvidia counter parts but this isn't really a con because the cards work beautifully at higher heat! I've had zero downclocking or any other issues at 1200/1500 overclock on the STOCK AIR COOLER! The major CON is not the fault of AMD, but that of Newegg for price gouging. When these were released they were set by AMD to be 399.00 which is what I paid here at Newegg, but now thanks to the Miners, these big retailers think they can just jack the price up and you as the consumer just have to deal with it.. very sad indeed. I have since purchased my other two from another etailer.

Overall Review: Excluding the rip off price now at Newegg this card is absolutely incredible. Look around and get this card at the 400.00 price it's supposed to be. Not everyone is gouging you this card is still supposed to be 400.00!!!! Even at 500 though it's pretty much one of the fastest cards on the planet.

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Awesome!1/29/2012 3:19:25 AM

Pros: Overclocks VERY well! Don't listen to the stupid garbage people are spouting about bad vrm temps etc... I have mine clocked at 1200/1800 @ 1.187v completely stable! My pc stays in Eyefinity. BF3 plays beautifully! I got rid of my 6990/70 Tri-fire for this card and I do not regret it one bit. As soon as Newegg restocks I will be ordering my second one as well! LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!!! Did I mention the card looks fantastic! Nice quality casing, you can tell this wasn't a rush job or just thrown together.

Cons: NONE... did the proper uninstall and wipe with Atiman and fresh rc11 driver install and I had the card overclocked within minutes and have never had a bsod, hard lock, etc.. Make sure your case has proper airflow is all I would suggest... my temps stay under 68c at my high overclock maxed in games. Idle is around 30c

Overall Review: 2500k @ 4.8ghz 8gb ram msi p67-gd65 b3 1000w psu I will be getting a 2700k when I order the second gpu as even a 2500k has shown to be a bottleneck with more than one 7970... these things are beasts!!!!

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