Great for Talking, Not for Audiophiles or Fitness Addicts4/12/2021 5:04:13 AM

Pros: -Easily connected to all of my bluetooth devices. Tested on Google Pixel, Samsung, and iPhones and they are a great alternative to the fancily overpriced Apple Airpods.-The controls make sense and are a little wonky, but okay.-The distance, in my opinion, is also pretty good with the first drop out of 25 meters before the audio started to get choppy.-They have a nice durable weight to them and the smooth surfaces are easily cleaned, but pose a con later on. However, they are basically two little war tanks because these took a beating at the gym from falling out so much.-The intensity of the audio is quite loud and also poses a con for the delay in processing

Cons: 1 Egg: Delay in Processing - The controls have a pretty large delay time from the moment you touch them. They don't always register either. I am in the gym daily, and the sweat tends to not always allow a complete sensor touch. When I receive a phone call, there is a sudden and temporary increase in volume that pierces the ears. In the military, you are around a lot of loud things you aren't around in daily life, and this reminded me of those loud things.1 Egg: Smooth Hard Surfaces - These ear buds are all metal. There is no rubber or flexibility to them of any sorts. They move around and fall out ALL THE TIME! As a gym rat, this means I am constantly having to move them around and that means sometimes I touch the controls. Also, the hard surface, after a couple hours of working out, tend to hurt the ears a little.1 Egg: NO BASS - I am a little bit of an audiophile. I like surround sound, base, good treble and mid-range. These headphones have no bass. I don't get that "pop" on the bass drum or the "drone" of a bass guitar. And don't even try to run one of those bass testing songs, as you will be really disappointed.

Overall Review: -In my opinion, these are not for active individuals or audiophiles.-I would imagine that these are for those people who sit in an office all day and are constantly on the phone.-If you really listen to music and want to hear all the instruments and wave ranges, take a hard pass on these.-If you go to the gym and don't want your earbuds to fall out, take a hard pass on these.-If all you do is talk on the phone, hit these up, but be prepared to go deaf when the phone ring-tone blasts in your ear.-And oh, if you want earphones that can survive being stepped on while squatting double your body weight....yeah, they survived that.

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Good for Students, but a Little on the High Side for Price5/22/2018 7:13:53 PM

Pros: -**** BATTERY LIFE BATMAN!!! From full charge to full drain, plus Windows updates, some YouTubing, and benchmark graphics (which did not do well for graphics by the way), this thing finally crapped out at 10 hours for heavy load, and a whopping 16hours for idle consumer use. In my opinion, this is a huge draw for students. -Super lightweight! It is like typing on a feather and for those who might be students and carrying around books, this is a big deal. Or those who work on the go, this is a big deal there. Nobody wants to haul around 7 pounds of computing power when this laptop offers competitive working power for less than 3 pounds. -LG was able to cram in a 10-key number pad. That is nice when comparing to other 15" laptops. But for a person who might perform data entry, it is a little slim. See CONS. -The laptop has USB-C, also termed Thunderbolt. This has a potential for 40Gb/s, but honestly, cable technology needs to catch up. Therefore, I consider this to be a specialty, besides it being required to use Ethernet cabling. For which, LG graciously provides you an adapter. Thanks LG!

Cons: -**** BLOATWARE BATMAN! Can LG come up with more apps??? I think I spent over an hour of removing un-needed applications. -I am disappointed with LG in regards to packaging. Some might argue that Electro Static Discharge (ESD) is a thing of the past, but this laptop came with plasic sheeting covering it's plastic enclosre. When you take it off, you can feel the electrons radiating from the laptop. Nevertheless, the ESD did not damage the laptop, but it was a little shocking (pun intended). -Left-Clicking is horrendous! -The Enter Key was also a little skinny. I would often time find myself hitting the the left arrow key instead of enter. Pretty annoying in my opinion. I found myself slamming the key thing, "Why don't you enter!? Oh. That's the numpad!" -The 10-key number pad is a little skinny. It was just slighly awkward to use compared to all the other pads on comparable laptops and I found myself fat fingering quite a bit. If you are in a role for data entry, you might risk a lot of mistakes. -Coming in at $1,250.00, there really isn't a comparable bang for the buck. For example, the Lenovo Yoga 700 is a convertible laptop to tablet, which a slightly smaller screen. It doesn't have USB-C, but it has everything else, plus some. And you only have to fork out about $1,000.00. The LG has less computing power, and a fancy USB-C that, in my opinion, is just bragging rights until cable manufacturers can catch up. In comparison, it is more expensive and a little lacking in FUNCTIONAL features, like the ability to dock the laptop.

Overall Review: -Key features that bring this into a competitive nature is the battery life and slightly larger screen size. That is basically it. -Who would buy this? Students primarily. Most companies know enough about cost vs performance and this laptop is a little on the pricy side for coprorate use, and doesn't appear to offer any docking abilities. And as far as I know, USB-C does not yet offer such options. But I could be wrong on that. -Windows 10 was not tested. Why? Everyone knows Windows 10 Home x64 by this point and should not be considered a testing point for this laptop. -Comes with 802.11ac wireless. Most routers and access points support this. When tested, it met standard capabilities. Nothing special. -Integrated graphics hinders computing/video capabilities because they share with each other.

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Great for Work, Games, Movies, Built-In Speakers5/2/2017 8:56:43 PM

Pros: -Large desktop space allows for multiple applications to be sized so you can see them all at once. I do this a lot at work, and imagine you had these stacked and you could have 2 or 3 applications on each of these screens. For example, you can almost have 6 standard sized CMD prompts open in Windows 10, without snapping. -Movies are also great. I was able to see it remove the widescreen bars from old and new movies alike. Colors were vivid with dark blacks and good blues. Don't bother watching the movie with the speakers though. -Games were nice as it increased your FOV, but at a price. You have a minor fish-eye vision. This is not as noticeable when you are moving around in the games, but if you are comparing the depth of an object in front of you, and then turn your FOV to the side so the object is now to your right or left, you will see that it changes is size. -All the controls are at the touch of a joy stick. -The internal features of the monitor are cool, as it offers energy saving opportunities and different options for when it turns off. -If you like to cheat in your games, the monitor can toggle on/off your screen cross hairs. -The speakers are good for Windows sounds, and that's about it.

Cons: -The title says it is height adjustable. If this is true, then mine is obviously broken. The instructions off no help. -Speaking of instructions, you will need a phillips and a flat-head screwdriver for assembly. Why they are not all phillips is a question for LG. It is possible some costs could have been saved if that were incorporated into their designs, but I'm no economist. -Slight fish-eye vision for gaming on all games. More visible in FPS games. -Some features, such as the FreeSync, are not available unless you are using AMD. -Slight wobble when typing. -The speakers kind of stink. But they get the job done.

Overall Review: Environment: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition 32GB DDR3 RAM Intel Core i7-4820K (O.C.) NVidia GeForce GTX 780Ti Corsair H100i CPU Cooler Test Games: F.E.A.R. GRAW BF3/4 MoH Warfighter Crisis Minus 1 Egg: -Height Adjust-ability is either non-existent, or you need black magic to get it to work. I don't know black magic, so mine obviously doesn't work. -Fish-eye, but this seems to be a thing when you have larger than standard monitors or a multi-monitor configuration. -I did not test response times because in my experience, these days almost any monitor I have used all seem to be limited by the graphics cards capabilities, in regards to statistics. And even then, it is not noticeable unless you have software to prove it, which I guess gives you bragging rights.

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Great for Small Business - Connects to Mobile Network Antennas8/6/2016 6:53:23 PM

Pros: -Probably the easiest configuration of a router I have ever had, and the quickest. Honestly, I didn't even need the quick setup guide. -There are a lot of nitty gritty features that you could use from an Administrative perspective. It has the ability for you to load a custom QoS database file, Whitelists, Blacklists, Custom DoS configurations, and Integration with Mobile Networks (basically allows connection to a Mobile Provider Antenna Signal). -If you wanted to, you could potentially utilize this for a small business with store to store connectivity with routes and port forwards for multiple VPNs. -It does technically have the ability to utilize the SmartConnect to have the device and router automatically select which band to use for best signal. However, I would consider this useless if you can understand that, in my testing, 5GHz was always faster, even with a weaker signal. -Speaking of signal strength, I was able to go through 4 walls, and 1 vehicles, spanning a total of about 25yards and I still had signal. Yeah, it was weak at the stretch, but at least I could stream Pandora to the garage for when I work on my truck. Music in the garage is a priority!!! -The device is full of holes for cooling, and lots of antennas. So it looks pretty awesome. You could probably get away with telling your buddy it is some kind of home defense technology with proximity sensors, haha.

Cons: -Pricing: In my opinion, I don't see any issue with this. Please refer to the Other Thoughts Section. -Came covered in a pink residue - took 3 hours to clean up (not docking an egg for this; luck of the draw in my opinion). -I could not find an ability for WOL (Wake On LAN), but you can get past that other ways. -Sometimes the SmartConnect feature will select the band with the best signal, but actually slower speeds. Just keep the SSIDs separate and you will be fine. -I tried using the Mobile App...don't. It was a waste of time for me and didn't work at all. -Big, bulky, awkward.

Overall Review: Alright, in my opinion, the pricing is okay. Why? I personally have not seen a customer grade router like this the enables the average end user to incorporate a 3G/4G network to their home network environment. It is a great advantage if you have the money for that service. Sure the router is expensive, but not if you need something for the mobile network! In that scenario, assuming you already purchased and pay the fees to Version/Sprint/Whoever, the pricing for the router is just fine, in my own opinion. Unfortunately, I don't have such an antenna network, so I can't test the functionality.

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Comparable to Samsung, but smaller size6/29/2016 6:31:20 PM

Pros: -When I tested this against specs for comparable Samsung drives (my test was against specs for EVO 850) I did find that it was, on average, 40Mbps faster in all of my read/write tests. In my opinion, this was a great leap for OCZ. I did notice that, when it would clear its cache, there was a slight decrease in it's performance, but it was barely noticeable. -OCZ's cloning software that you can download for this device was okay. It got the job done. -You can download their Guru software to manage the drive for you. This was pretty darn cool. While the drive TRIMs automatically, I was able to override it and make manual adjustments. But what was really nice is that it hides into the background and will automatically check for firmware updates and download them for you. -OCZ's PFM+ technology is a nice added feature, as it prevents the drive from being bricked. I literally pulled the plug on my rig while transferring files across my network (rather small home network, mind you) and found that the only thing that occurred was that the last file being touched was never finished. -Booting to Windows 10 took less than 5 seconds once past the POST. Some of this is due to the specs of my rig as well.

Cons: -Comparing to other drives, is that it is small. For the same price, you can find larger drives with still great features. .5 Eggs. -It performs a cache dump every now and then that slows you down by fractions. I feel this is not a true con, but someone out there will. So, I thought I would note it down. .5 Eggs.

Overall Review: -I have used the Vector series in my rigs before. They are a strong, reliable drive. In places I lived before, we had lots of power failures, and they held up every time. -A lot of people might consider the drive to be overpriced, but honestly, with the extra software you can have and the added technologies and cache flushing, you do get a fair price. It is just a little small.

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Bad Drivers, Bad Fit, High Price10/13/2015 6:51:06 PM

Pros: -Very Light Weight!!! -Microphone is retractable and quite flexible (almost flimsy). -Great Quality of VoIP Calls - Tested in VoIP Environment over VPN Connections/Cellular Signals/Hard Lines -In-line Volume Controller will override VoIP Soft Phone volume controller. -They light up. I suppose that is a positive, right?

Cons: DESIGN 1.)The design of these headphones baffle me. Unless you have a head size similar to Quasimodo or The Hulk, they will slide right off your head. I actually took them around and had others try them on, and I would say about 80% of 50 people (yes, 50 different head sizes!) complained that they were way too large. 2.) They only go so small. The only way to utilize the height of the fit is to have a Jolly Green Giant Skull, as it is mechanized by the weight of the headset resting your head. DRIVERS 1.)My experience with the drivers is the worst I have ever seen, EVER! I tested them on all versions of x32 & x64 Windows 7 and 8.1. With 8.1, I even did a complete Virtual Machine to install a fresh copy of Windows with nothing special at all and the drivers just didn't work. 2.)After two days, I finally got the drivers to work, and as expected due to their small size, they were horrible. Most of the 7.1 channels were not as realistic as other headsets I have used. And the quality of the audio was horrendous!!!! 3.)The treble on the sounds emitted from the speakers was too high. And the Bass was not as deep as I have heard in other sets. IN LINE CONTROLLER 1.)I found that the controller that was embedded in the cable was not very good for the speaker configuration. The changes were so subtle, they could barely be told apart. But then again, the drivers for these headsets...I cannot begin to explain how horrible they are. Upon further testing, I discovered that the generic Windows drivers worked far better than the recommended G.Skill Drivers.

Overall Review: -Windows Generic Drivers seemed to work the best when testing/using. -In order to obtain a proper fit, I literally Zip-Tied a wash cloth to the head rest in order to lower the point of contact. -In-line volume controller overrides VoIP Soft Phones -Personally, I feel as if G.Skill could have spent a little more time piloting this headset. I have a basic stereo headset and it even works better than this. I paid $20 for that. G.Skill Retail is $160! Why? Comparisons: -Logitech G930, Wireless Headset, 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound -Koss SB40 20Hz Stereo Headset

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Noah We are sorry to hear you are not fully satisfied with the G.Skill RIPJAWS Gaming headset. The lightweight construction is designed for movies and lengthy gaming sessions that may be upwards of hours. Comfort becomes very important during those times to prevent annoyance. With regards to sizing, we will check this and implement any changes. The design allows for the headset to cover ears and clip onto heads tightly. The automatically adjusting padded arch should help fit a wide array of head sizes. A software update will be released shortly to improve drivers control so sound will be much better..Visit the G.Skill website for the latest file downloads. [link provided below]. This is one of the best headsets on the market, so we are certain you will be impressed with the latest drivers. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
External Link(s):
RIPJAWS SR910 Downloads
Great Router for Advanced Networking4/7/2015 7:33:07 PM

Pros: -First thing I dove into was WAN/LAN/VPN Setup and Security over Ethernet, Wireless, and over the internet. I must say I am very impressed. For PPPoE I was able to test the abilities of how it handles it's list versus it's preferred connections and when I took one down on my network, it switched over almost as soon as it figured out there were no more replies. Once switched, it resumed connection traffic as normal. The Dynamic DNS functionality was like most routers so I didn't dive into it too much. -I use VPN Servers a lot and was quite impressed. I set mine up with L2TP/IPSec and PPTP, and their setup was pretty easy and I was able to max out my IPs, as the functionality was a breeze. -One thing I saw while setting up LAN connections was that it offered the ability to be a "pretend DC". I did set that up and did an "ipconfig /release", "ipconfig /renew" and it actually brought in it's domain name, once I disconnected it from a real DC of course. -For IP Address Reservations, you had to finagle it. First, I found out you had to connect the device in order to get just a reservation. Once connected, you could then set the IP Address you prefer. -I tested the routing capability of this device and it handled the traffic just as easily as my dedicated router, even VoIP routing. -There were numerous Wireless for Dual SSIDs with different securities, 802.11ac runs simultaneously with 802.11n, and there is an option to provide 802.11n Protection, which is very handy in boggled WiFi environments. -For the paranoid users out there, the IP Filtering, Web Content Filtering, and MAC Address Access Control is nice, especially for kids. If you want them to stop browsing the internet at 10pm, boom, access to the internet, denied. -Port forwarding worked great for the VoIP Router, despite not being able to disable SIP-ALG -I liked how the Disk Management and Sharing allowed you Web Access, as well as availability over a specified Domain. It made setting up a NAS quite easy through the router. I typically have it on a reserved IP address though. But the functionality served no different, inside, or outside a specified DC -For Bit Torrent, I set my parameters in the PC to go to max and configured the Router to deny it more than 200KB/s and it halted the traffic quite well actually. And having a status for your BitTorrent was kind of handy, I won't lie. -For the Qos, I really liked how you could utilize both a configured profile based on the traffic type, as well as by device priority. I always like to configure QoS by device, like having the DC and Storage Server with the highest priority and being able to set that worked nicely with overriding the profile. Props to that. -I like the eco mode, only from a travelling standpoint. If I am not home, I usually would shut the network down, now I can just diminish it's power just enough for updating. -WoL must be done through the easy peasy interface.

Cons: -I noticed during setup the device wanted to take a while to retrieve an IP Address from the DHCP. For some reason, it said it could not find the server and was asking for 4over6 parameters, which I do not use. Eventually, after rebooting the router several times, it retrieved a connection. -I was unable to find an option to disable SIP-ALG to enhance VoIP routing/traffic to the VoIP Server. -There were no options to set custom Firewall rules, so I did not consider it to have a "True Firewall". -I am going to dock an egg ffor QoS, as their features could use some work. While it works great, it could use some enhancements like actually having an advanced settings page. For the life of me, I could not get that to populate. The rule of thumb is yeah, QoS works as designed, but all you can really do is setup the profiles and device priorities. It claims, if you set it to manual, you can edit the advanced settings. That is actually false.

Overall Review: CONTINUED PROS -For my separate networks, I configured this to accept a route for secure traffic from one network to the other and the tunnel worked great. I would almost say this could work as a dedicated gateway if it had a "True Firewall". -The system information section of the router was quite detailed and offered quick glances to see what finite configurations you had, such as Client Isolation, Lease Periods, Domain Names and Host Names, as well as what is being shared across the network/internet. -If you suspect traffic issues, you can check out the packet logs for loss and even check your log reports to see when nodes come up or down, what configurations you last made and when, kind of like a miniature Event Viewer, but in two separate reports. -In my experience, AOSS-like features work best with Console devices, of which I do not own, so I did not find any negative or positive thoughts to this test. -QoS did not have any advanced settings. You must do this through the easy peasy interface. -When setting this up as an AP, I didn't really find anything unique to report. -Setting the device up as a bridge worked like a dream. I will admit I went through some issues unrelated to testing due to my ISP which took down one of my networks, but once I got it back up, I hooked it in as a bridge and the two networks were able to speak to each other.

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Amazing Bundle2/4/2015 6:04:42 PM

Pros: WOW! I don't think I will ever purchase another recorder, EVER! It came with everything I could ever possibly need for a Go-Pro. Came with plenty of batteries for a few hours of use (pending your settings). I have dropped this a few times and (luckily didn't scratch the lens case window) and it just doesn't get hurt. My buddy had his swallowed by his horse. That was an interesting video!

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: We hooked this up to my truck on the road to the cabin. The brush guard was level with the mud and we were worried it would suck the go-pro off. We were not able to stop during this time, as the truck would get stuck and we would be stranded in the woods. So we kept going. When we got to our destination through a mile of sticky mud, the Go-Pro was there...and the video was amazing.

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Learning the Software is the Downfall.2/4/2015 5:57:10 PM

Pros: Looks cool, you gotta give it that at least! -Where the USB Cable connects to the mouse, the connection is protected by a flexible plastic or rubber grommet. Nice touch Corsair!!! -It glides very well across the pad; has a well thought weight to it. -For my hand, it fit snug, except it kind of agitated me that my middle finger would hang over the edge. But the Index Finger button was well "lengthened". -The ergonomics of the sides fit elegantly into my hands, making it easy to pick up for those aircraft and helicopter moves that require long strides of the mouse. -Plenty of buttons. -The gazillions of colors is cool, and the fact you can save a plentitude of different profiles with different sequences in your colors. -The profiles can activate the color sequences on demand or a special key if you want. -The macros were easy to customize for me.

Cons: SOFTWARE: -I am disappointed with Corsair here; You know you can do better than this. The biggest claim to the egg drop is the utilization of the software. For me, it was literally a learn-as-you-go for simply configuring the lighting. The Macros were easy peasy, but it took me 3 days to fully learn how to set all the aspects of the lighting. I cannot recall how many times I just gave up and deleted all the profiles and started over! HARDWARE: -Mouse Wheel: To me, it was a little stiff to scroll. It also did not have the left right button on the wheel, just the MMB. -The second middle button was just under the point where it was a reach for my hand.

Overall Review: Once you get the software tackled (took me forever!) you can truly have a unique color sequence. But, you will most likely spend a few hours like me if you want one that does different sequences at different button presses. I did not really look at the cable, except that its a gaming mouse cable.

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EggXpert Review6/18/2014 4:18:58 PM

Pros: BIOS - Dual boot for testing BIOS Updates. Within the bios, there is an advanced view, and a non-advanced view. Surprisingly enough, the GUI or non advanced view seemed to offer more functionality and configurations in my opinion. HARDWARE - everything was easy to read, and was labeled accordingly. There is a really cool audio feature where you can toggle the audio amplification. That compensated negated the non-solid caps egg I was going to dock the board on. The SATA Express is a pretty cool feature too. I tested that, and man did it fly! Although I could reach the maximum 10Gbps, I did get up to 7.8Gbps. Also, the SATA Power port for the PCI slots was pretty slick. This provides that extra bit of power for those higher end graphics cards. OS FEATURES - Although the CPU I was utilizing did not offer any auto overclocking, there were tons of features to be able to auto overclock straight from the OS. Also, like most gaming boards, it offered ways to configure power settings and cooling. RUNNING - I found that this board ran a little hot during testing, maybe on the higher side of normal, but nothing that I thought would be dangerous

Cons: BIOS - It seemed cluttered to me. The rolling text at the bottom in ST Mode was too squeezed together to read fast enough, not that it was already moving fast enough to begin with. While configuring settings and going through, testing the different features, I noticed that once you accessed certain areas, you couldn't go back without exiting the BIOS and restarting (1 EGG). HARDWARE - This is the first gaming board that I have seen that does not have all solid capacitors. The audio capacitors, although cool looking, are not solid and thus prone to leaking. I have big beefs with that. All but 1 of the 4-pin system fan ports were at the bottom. That I thought was really, really mean. It really does limit the amount of fans that the motherboard can directly support, as most gaming boards are typically placed in ATX Full towers or bigger. So, the fan cables might not reach unless you go over the CPU and what not. But then, you are starting to create cooling issues. OS FEATURES - Some of the applications, although luxurious, did not like running. For example, the Killer Network Manager would not run without Flash, even after I deliberately installed Flash (1 EGG). RUNNING - It ran a little warm. But like I said before, it was nothing to be concerned about. I had a 4GHz Processor installed on this setup, and I discovered that the integrated graphics still had a hard time playing BF4 on LOW settings.

Overall Review: Testing Environment: 8Gb DDR3 1600 64Gb SSD 320Gb HDD Intel Quad Core 4GHz CPU 850W PSU 7 Fans Battlefield 4 Conclusion: For $300.00, I personally think that Gigabyte could have done a lot better with the hardware in terms of giving it all solid caps. They also could have made the UEFI BIOS a little more understandable. Furthermore, before they integrate software, they should make sure it actually recognizes that Flash is installed.

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Cheap & Effective6/17/2014 6:08:43 PM

Pros: Low wattage Decent power Stays cool Stable

Cons: Considering the reason I bought it for, there are no cons.

Overall Review: This is not a K model, so it shouldn't be able to support any "automatic" overclocking. It must be done manually. Anyways, I didn't test this to the extent I would with an advanced gaming processor, as I bought it strictly for the purpose of testing other equipment. A necessary expense for testing LGA 2011 boards.

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Worth the extra penny6/4/2014 10:19:11 AM

Pros: Looks cool and and sleek. Has some great features like the LED lights. ->BF4: it runs this on maximum settings and has below average FPS ( I consider 35FPS to be about average for gaming) ->I have not overclocked it, and probably won't until later down the road when it begins to lag behind the competition. ->Runs cool, but compared to others, it doesn't seem to get anywhere close to a danger temperature. ->The LEDs are great for a quick glance of how the card is running if you set them up right. ->The software is a breeze to use.

Cons: ->Shadow Play: I won't drop an egg for this, since I consider Shadow Play a luxury. But, when I used it for some games, it seemed to not record the graphics as I see them. Kind of disappointing, but not a big deal to me.

Overall Review: Computing Environment: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition Intel Core i7 4820k (Overclocked to 4.6GHz) G.SKILL Ripjaw Z Series 32GB DDR3 2133 Corsair AX1200 PSU Corsair H100i CPU Liquid Cooling Radiator Intel 530 240GB SSD

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The Powah!4/13/2014 3:38:35 PM

Pros: FULLY Modular 1200Watts Plenty of ports! I don't really know what else to say. I mean, it is a PSU and it does what it needs to do to keep itself cool and provide power to my power hungry system.

Cons: Zip Zero Nada

Overall Review: Test Game: BF4 Environment: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition Intel Core i7 4820-K O.C. to 4.9GHz G.SKILL Ripjaws Z 32GB DDR3-2133 Quad Kit NVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Corsiar H100i Liquid CPU Cooler with Radiator & Fans Windows 8.1 x64

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Very Quick!4/13/2014 3:32:28 PM

Pros: Very cool running with balanced loads. I was able to safely run this at 4.9GHz (4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 4.7, in order of their respective cores) and at maximum load, I don't break 49°C. At normal loads, it cuts power and runs at 2GHz at 30°C.

Cons: Zip Zero Nada

Overall Review: Test Software Provided By ASUS ROG. Testing Game: BF4 ASUS Rambage IV Black Edition G.SKILL Ripjaws Z 32GB DDR3-2133 Quad Kit NVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Corsiar AX1200 PSU Corsiar H100i Liquid CPU Cooler with Radiator & Fans Windows 8.1 x64

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WOW!4/13/2014 3:24:31 PM

Pros: WOW! I mean, where to start! O.C. Panel: I saw some comments out there that some joes were upset about the short cable for the ROG Doohickey. Well, it is short for a reason! There are two ways to utilize this device. If you place it in the drive bay, it is a quick O.C./Fan Control/Extreme Mode Controller, etc. If you have your case open you can utilize the "Open-Air" mode. You connect your fans to the O.C. Panel, and other pertinent connections and it will allow you to set your BIOS settings on the fly, while the system is running, so on, and so forth. REALLY COOL for Advanced Enthusiasts, not just your regular enthusiast can utilize the full potential of this board. Probably the most important, most acknowledge, and more useful pro of this piece of technology is the troubleshooting it offers. There are so many trouble codes that are very specific. And the LEDs? They actually helped me address a failed SSD! It lit up to the exact SATA Cable it couldn't get to, and then I just traced it. Dual BIOS's offer you to update one and keep the older, maybe more stable version if the new one failed. Built in 802.11ac WiFi, BT, On Board Start/Reset, Direct Restart to BIOS, RAM Test, Voltage Reading Terminals. There is a small switch on the mother board for those CPUs out there that sometimes crash during cool down. Well, you flip this switch and it drops the temp in increments. Lights up really cool too!

Cons: Zip Zero Nada

Overall Review: Test Software was provided by ASUS ROG. Testing Game: BF4 Environment: Intel Core i7 4820-K O.C. to 4.9GHz G.SKILL Ripjaws Z 32GB DDR3-2133 Quad Kit NVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Corsiar AX1200 PSU Corsiar H100i CPU Liquid Cooled Radiator with Fans Windows 8.1 x64

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Wicked Awesome!4/13/2014 3:10:28 PM

Pros: High Capacity Air-Flow. Giant Radiator with good surface area. Tight Pipe Connections. Quick Installation. Lights up White Corsair Logo. Please see Other Thoughts for Testing Results

Cons: Zip Zero Nada

Overall Review: NOTE: I have not yet tested the software, due to SDD failure. I will test that later and post. SYSTEM SPECS: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition Intel Core i7-4820K G.SKILL Ripjaws Z 32GB DDR3-2133 Quad Kit NVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Windows 8.1 x64 At normal load, the H100i leaves my CPU at 30°C. At maximum load, overclocked to a stable 4.9GHz, it keeps it at a solid 49°C and it never goes higher. Test Game: BF4 CPU Test Software provided by ASUS ROG I am sure, if you download and install the software, it has the capability to make the fans whisper quiet. However, my ASUS MB has the ability to control the fans, as they plug into the CPU Fan ports. This is probably so that the system doesn't freak out too.

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Killer Deal!4/13/2014 2:56:48 PM

Pros: Word, Outlook, , Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, 20GB of SkyDrive/OneDrive, OneNote, and 60 Minutes towards Skype for PC, MAC, and Supported Mobile Devices. All of the above times 5, for $99 bucks a year! Spread that out over your family, that's what...$25 bones a person!?

Cons: Absolutely none! Who in their Tech Savvy mind wouldn't take this offer! Especially when you have a new office version what, every 2-4 years!

Overall Review: If I remember correctly, you have the ability to remove the license from one PC, and slap it to another one, at no penalty. But, just in case, don't mark those words.

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Failed4/13/2014 2:44:51 PM

Pros: It is wicked fast, if it works.

Cons: After about 2 months, Windows 8 reported that volume manager had crashed and then BSOD. After that, my ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition stated this drive had failed the S.M.A.R.T Test. I tested it with another utility from another PC...Failure has been confirmed.

Overall Review: Currently in the process of performing a Warranty RMA with Intel, since this occurred outside the 30 Day Newegg Return Period. I will be very critical in their customer support and will post again. So far, Intel support is not looking good.

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Very Quiet; Great Air Flow3/27/2014 8:30:51 PM

Pros: Quiet No LEDs Solid air flow - moves big amounts slowly as opposed to smaller amounts quickly (FYI).

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The whole purpose for buying this fan was to replace a perfectly good fan with this one, simply because it had no LEDs. I am surprised at how nice of a fan it really is.

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Good deal if you need Quad RAM!3/27/2014 8:27:44 PM

Pros: All 8 sticks in one box helps to eliminate any errors in terms of the manufacturing of any RAM stick, as they were all made together (I hope that makes sense to everyone, because that explanation is a pain). Heatsinks work VERY well. Some of the best cooling for RAM I have ever seen. Wicked fast, although I am not they particular guy who benchmarks his RAM

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Came with a nifty G.SKILL sticker/emblem!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Pretty stable for me.3/27/2014 8:24:13 PM

Pros: After getting used to the new touchscreen based system that it is, a lot of the things that power users with advanced knowledge use are pretty much a few clicks away. Wicked easy to uninstall things. Synchronization with your Microsoft account is cool too (see Other Thoughts!)

Cons: Like I said, you have to get used to the touch screen based OS. The apps! I uninstalled about 90% of the apps, as they all seemed quite useless to me.

Overall Review: If you already have a Microsoft Account before installing Windows 8.1, for some reason, it made me want to redo my password right off the bat. Just thought I would prepare you for that.

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Beep Beep!3/27/2014 8:19:23 PM

Pros: It beeps. Short wires, but long enough to be able to zip tie it out of the way.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I really cannot give any pros or cons on cost, as there were no local places to compare it to. And when I have to buy online...Die Hard Newegg fan all the way!

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Over Priced, Under Powered3/9/2014 8:06:54 PM

Pros: The router interface is very easy to use. As with most routers, it does allow for Static IP Reservations, MAC Address Filtering & Cloning, comes with its own firewall, and allows for channel changing. It offers DDNS through two suppliers and IPv6 Support, as well as Static Routing, which was very easy to test. Coming with a guest band, and the standard 2.4GHz band, it does offer wireless MAC Address filtering. The VPN Passthrough is kind of cool, if you have that service running. It offers lots of selections for port forwarding/triggering and even remote access. However, I don't think the remote access would be very good for you network, even with the VPN Passthrough, but you need to see the cons section for that.

Cons: The physical design of this router is ultimately flawed. It is heavy on one end and has a lip on the side with the ports. It offers no option for wall mounting. Put the nasty lip and lack of wall mounts together, and that pretty much eliminates its selection from corporate integration, who like to mount it near ceilings, as the lip prevents you access, except from one side. Speaking of the ports, this device would not be suited for corporate environments as the maximum Ethernet speed is 100Mbps. It hindered by Gigabit Ethernet computing environment. Speaking of speeds, I was able to max out the 802.11n at about 250Mbps on average. And I selected the best channel, which was 11. However, the device did not allow for a 11u or 11l selection. Going into the thoughts of signal, the only time it was lower than -50dBm was when I was in the same room. As soon as I stepped out, it shot up to -75 or worse. I went two rooms out, and then it went to -85! And I have a studio apartment (very small)! Streaming media across the network was a failed effort from the start.

Overall Review: If you have devices that support Gigabit Ethernet, this device will hinder your network. If you have walls in your house, like mine, then this device will be weak. If you host your media on a network attached device (NAS), don't bother watching until you have downloaded it to your PC, as opposed to streaming. If you have one room for your entire home, and only like to browse the internet and not watch YouTube or anything fancy, then yes, this router is for you, but kind of overpriced at that.

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Great Features for Enthusiasts1/31/2014 4:10:32 PM

Pros: The construction of the keyboard is nice. The larger keys are connected to the board via a metallic spring load. So, like on the space bar, no matter where you press it, it will register (I have seen some keyboards that don't). The keys are easily usable with plenty of room between each other and not too far apart. If you clean it, be careful and watch out for those spring loaded keys as you cannot just "pop" them off, you have to disengage the metallic latch from the key so you don't rip it off...Good thing I noticed it during testing. The grips on the bottom of the keyboard a very nice, sits at a good height for proper typing posture, and the USB cord did not need to be laid out for a couple days to be straightened. Straighten it once, and it is good to go. Installation of the Corsair Macros Configuration Utility was a snap and utilizing the Macros is incredibly simple. There are 3 Macros profiles that utilize 6 hot-keys. These 3 profiles can be saved to a master profile. And If I read correctly, you can have up to 50 profiles, but I may be wrong. (6x3)x50 =900 combinations for Macros settings! You can even lock one of the 50 profiles as your default too, but that MUST be done inside the Corsair utility. There are lots of colors to decide from and they have adjustable brightness as well as an on the fly max brightness button. Also, there are quick media player buttons that work with Zune, Windows, and iTunes right out of the box. There are also some special keys like the Windows Button Lock key which disables it on the fly.

Cons: The hot keys are a little close to the 102 keyboard layout, but I might just have big hands.

Overall Review: Tested in game: The Macros settings could be recorded on the fly and I could utilize the 3 Hot Swap Profiles on the fly too. The Windows Button Lock trigger was amazing as it prevents Windows from recognizing it and therefore, prevents me from accidentally switching to another application while I am slaughtering bad guys.

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Great buy for when you need it12/27/2013 12:03:26 PM

Pros: Has all the adapters and genders that you would need in the modern technological environment, whether it is at home or at work. Speeds for the device worked as normal. I purchased this for a friend, as he said he needed one to transfer data from one device to another. He said it was surprisingly quick and he was very satisfied.

Cons: See other thoughts.

Overall Review: This is not a con for the device, but more so as a disclaimer for testing purposes. Since I was not the one using the device, I had to go by the word of the individual I bought it for and adjust it accordingly so I can summarize it here: It was stated that 120GB took him 4 hours to transfer, but he wasn't there the whole and said it was done upon his return. So, I must average about 10Mbps on an old dinosaur of a PC. And obviously, file sizes play a factor, as it is easier for devices to transfer a single file as opposed to multiple files. I am not a math major, so that is my second disclaimer. But if it is right, 10Mbps from a dinosaur connection is not bad if you ask me. So I gave it 5 eggs.

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