This is a good power supply with plenty of connectors.2/5/2020 8:24:58 AM

Pros: This is a good power supply with plenty of connectors. At this point it has been connected for two weeks and been running 24/7 without a problem. (The machine has been rebooted many times during that period due to various software installs and hardware configuration changes)

Cons: The only con is each SATA cable splits off into three connectors and it would be nicer if they were a little longer. It forced me to use two main sata cables to connect two HDDs and one SSD.

Overall Review: At this point I am satisfied with this power supply and it is performing as expected. I like the fact that it is configurable to the extent that you only need to connect the power cables that you need for the machine without having and use cables down at the bottom of the machine.

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