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Excellent Vacuum - Refurb as Good as New11/1/2018 6:50:57 AM

Pros: Really couldn't be much happier with this for the price. - Tons of accessories - Very portable - Better pickup and more power than most corded upright vacuums I've used - we could definitely use it as our "only vacuum" and not feel like we were missing out. - Dust bin is easy to empty - My wife loves the color - Refurbished price is nice - The fluffy attachment is excellent for hard floors. Wife says it's snuggly. However, I have not snuggled with it to verify her claim.

Cons: - Shorter runtime than newer generations. Still plenty long for us, just... not the longest. - Not as good as newer generations at picking up some larger debris (e.g., cereal). - The charging/accessory station doesn't have slots for all of the included accessories. You'll have to pick your "top three" and put the rest in a cabinet.

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Painful to set up, more painful to use2/3/2018 6:25:05 AM

Pros: * I got it at a steep discount * Technically has 360 video support

Cons: * Actual, physical DVDs... in 2018! I had to go dig out a USB DVD drive to install. I tried to go online to download but they don't seem to offer that. It's two discs, for a total of ~5GB of data. That means that they're single-layer discs and they couldn't be bothered to just use a dual-layer disc to save me some time and space. * Unbelievably slow - slow to launch, slow to respond to input, slow to play back 4K video (Plenty of other editors run just fine on this system, even with 5.7K video) * Apparently no ambisonic audio support for 360 videos - my Ambisonic source videos won't play correctly because PowerDirector and WaveEditor just see it as stereo audio and discard the remaining channels. My videos do have the SA3D MP4 box and decode correctly in other players. * 360 video appears to decode to a lower-res buffer internally... my 4K spherical videos looked terrible unless I was zoomed all the way out. * Cyberlink hits you up for another $30-150 every time you have to download an update or launch a different one of their applications. * I couldn't tell much of a difference between 360 stabilized and unstabilized in an indoor setting.

Overall Review: * I don't know why I thought Cyberlink would've changed their ways since the last time I bought software from them about a decade ago. If anything, they've gotten worse. I suggest staying far away. Look to Premiere for pro features, or Mistika VR for the best 360 support... or go use Autopano (GoPro), VIRB Edit (Garmin) for your 360 editing needs.

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Compatible with XPS 95505/1/2017 6:02:53 AM

Pros: - After fighting with a competitor's product and multiple RMAs to Newegg, I went for this Crucial memory. It worked flawlessly - Although I didn't buy a matched pair, I put two of these modules in and everything's working fine

Cons: - not as attractive as the competitor's, but who ever has a chance to look at RAM in your laptop?

Overall Review: After so much frustration with other brands of RAM I thought I wouldn't be able to upgrade my laptop to 32GB. This memory from Crucial was just what I needed.

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Quiet, sturdy, great entry into vinyl-land12/14/2015 6:16:37 AM

Pros: - Very sturdy - No frills, just what you need to play all your records (33/45/78) - Quartz lock means your speed is always spot-on, but speed is adjustable if you want, including a strobe to get it just right. - Direct drive is quiet - Built-in pre-amp for those of us who weren't ready to make choices about which turntable to buy AND which pre-amp to buy! - Sound quality is better than I expected.

Cons: - No auto-stop. I didn't think I cared about this but I am always afraid I'll get to doing something else and forget to stop the record after it's over. - Tone arm lock is extremely fragile. I broke mine within 10 minutes of getting it. The manual doesn't say how it's supposed to work, and I'm too young to know the history of turntables. so, in trying to move the tone arm I just snapped the little thing. Audio-Technica sent me a new one and it was easy to replace. And, now I know how it's supposed to work! - The pop-up light for cueing is cool but I wish it were brighter - The tone-arm lift/lower mechanism works great for raising the tone arm but not as well for letting it down. - It took me a couple tries to figure out how the tone-arm counterweight was supposed to work, even reading the manual - I had put the thing on backward. - The audio cable is attached to the turntable body and is not removable. That'd be fine except it's also pretty short. So you may need to get a couple RCA extensions. I could *just* reach from the top of my low entertainment center to the bottom where the audio receiver is. It's maybe 3 feet long?

Overall Review: I've really enjoyed having this, and although it does have some minor issues, I don't regret my purchase or even wonder if I'd have done better to get a different turntable in this price range. I haven't used the USB function yet, so I can't speak to its quality.

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Huge improvement over RT-N169/28/2015 1:32:09 PM

Pros: - Fixed issues I was having with our Android phones always kicking off of Wi-Fi. - More bandwidth meant I was able to do more video streaming around the house without so many hiccups - Easy to get basic configuration going - So far it's been flawless at doing its job and it's fixed so many issues we had with our old router.

Cons: - Runs warmer than I expected. - LEDs are bright - you can disable them, but I'd rather just make them dimmer. - It's takes up quite a bit of space - I wish the Advanced config was more advanced. - Generally speaking, the menus are disappointing and hard to navigate.

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Just What I Needed1/27/2015 6:02:46 PM

Pros: Fast memory, low voltage, great price

Cons: None

Overall Review: Perfect drop-in replacement for my HP DV6 series laptop. It's now maxed out at 16GB and this is low-voltage so it should work at tighter tolerances and/or lower voltages

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Not quite as advertised1/27/2015 5:47:09 PM

Pros: It's a battery, and it fits a wide variety of HP products. It's rated 6600 mAh, which is 50% more than the stock MU06 battery.

Cons: It's the size of a 12-cell battery for some reason, despite being a 9-cell battery. Part of the reason I purchased this battery was because it was pictured in a 9-cell setup with a built-in LED fuel gauge. The pictured battery has a more triangular cross-section, but mine is more quadrilateral. I'm trying to cycle the battery to get it up to full capacity, but so far it seems like it's not any better than the MU06 was as stock.

Overall Review: By the time I received it, the same product was being sold for 40% less than it was when I ordered it. Pretty frustrating given that it's *also* not quite what I ordered.

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Clean, quiet, easy12/5/2014 11:25:55 AM

Pros: - Inexpensive - Very high efficiency rating - Connectors for every modern (and ancient) motherboard or peripheral. - Screw holes are in the right places. - Includes nice thumb screws. - Cable sheaths are nice - Includes "cable management" accessories (velcro and zip ties)

Cons: - You're going to need somewhere to stuff all those spare cables/connectors. There are 14 4-pin molex or SATA connectors, along with a handful of GPU power, floppy (?!), etc. - Cables are stiff - Not enough distance between SATA power connectors. Just barely couldn't route around a GPU because the connectors are so close on the cable. - Not modular. I knew that, but goodness there are so many cables. Where are they all supposed to fit!?

Overall Review: Overall really pleased with this, but so thankful I had 3 spare 5.25" bays, because that's about how much room all the extra cables took once I wired up my motherboard, 4 fans, and two hard drives. Seems to do the job cooler and quieter than my old 500W PSU. Would buy again for a "spacious" build.

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Cheap Junk11/7/2014 4:20:37 AM

Pros: - Has 3 USB ports and memory card slots - Comes with white USB mini-B cable. I didn't have many of those.

Cons: - Won't read SD cards. Doesn't seem to be a mechanical problem. Device Manager just shows the card reader continually appearing/disappearing. I don't have any other devices connected to the hub. - NO Warranty (the box says "Not for resale. No warranty provided" - Blue light is obnoxious - Surprisingly large. It's about half the size of the LIVA PC it came with - USB 2.0, even though it's bundled with a USB 3.0 device which would allow you to power bigger devices through the hub - Cheaply made. It creaks when you plug stuff into it from the frame flexing.

Overall Review: I was actually excited to get this thing and pay a little more for the 64GB bundle to get it. Now I have basically a USB LED. Maybe I'll break it apart and use it for mood lighting.

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Died, purchased 64GB instead10/17/2014 9:10:39 AM

Pros: - Silent - No moving parts (well, the power button moves, but that's it!) - Super small - Runs Windows 8 respectably - Looks cool

Cons: - Died after a few hours. I couldn't get it to POST. No video display, no power to USB. Just.. nothing except the power LED - 32GB is really tiny. I had to go through quite a bit to do the Windows "Upgrade Trick" since there's not enough room for 2 Win8 installations. - Unbelievably hard to install wireless antennas. Next time I will install them on the wireless card first and then plug that card into the board. - Impossibly (that's more than unbelievably) hard to get the case back apart if you, for example, have to send it back for RMA in original packaging. - Only two USB ports, no PS/2. I had to use a wireless combo keyboard/mouse to also use an external DVD or flash drive. - Absolutely could not get the UEFI/BIOS configured to boot off of an external DVD drive, even though the drive was spinning. Had to install Win8 off of a 16GB flash drive. I probably spent an hour with various configurations and finally gave up. - Had a hard time getting UEFI options to "stick." Maybe that was a precursor to the device's death?

Overall Review: I liked the concept enough that I'm ordering another one, but I ordered the 64GB "White" edition so I'd have a little more space to work with. I pray that the new one works better. I don't want to have to go through the assembly process a third time. Just not worth it.

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Manufacturer Response:
We are sorry to hear about the issue you had with your Liva but thank you for your feedback. It is appreciated. Should you have any questions or concerns with your replacement 64GB model, please do contact us. We are here to help. I or any of my team members here at technical support will be able to help you. Our hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST. Thank you, Andy Phone# 1-510-456-9836 Email:
Would consider death instead of using again.10/14/2014 7:11:36 PM

Pros: - Roughly the correct size and shape - Cheap(ish?) - Comes with screws

Cons: - Doesn't have all the right holes - Holes aren't threaded - Thicker than the 3.5" drive I replaced. Couldn't fit case together without modification. - Really hard to work with - Surprisingly confusing for being a piece of plastic.

Overall Review: I thought, hey, I shouldn't have to pay $10 for a bracket. It's just a hunk of plastic (or metal). Should be practically free, so I'll get one that's cheap and get on with my life. It was not worth the hassle. I would pay at least double, and consider triple, the cost of this bracket before using another one.

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Works, but a little weird...9/2/2008 10:11:49 AM

Pros: 2GB Storage. Came free with my Phenom processor. Seems to work OK.

Cons: The glue holding the metal USB/Flash module came off of mine after maybe the second use, so it's not very secure in the wristband. It's hard to remove from a computer.

Overall Review: This is a very odd product; I enjoy showing it to people, and I think it's kinda neat. When it comes down to it, though, it's not terribly useful. The electronic parts are very small; I think it would be good to use in some sort of custom flash drive enclosure.

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Good deal, good fans1/2/2008 9:11:09 PM

Pros: The fans do what they're supposed to do. They seem pretty quiet, but that's relative to the other noisy components (my CPU fan is a lot louder) Cheap. Includes Screws. I even managed to get two fans installed in a case that's not designed for this type of fan to work pretty well.

Cons: None so far. Kinda wish I knew what I should do with the other seven of them...

Overall Review: I don't know about the guy having problems with the screws. Mine are pointy and don't fit *through* the fan. They're designed to be threaded into the fan holes, not pushed through them. That's how they hold the fan. So, mine have the screw heads on the outside of the case, the fan on the inside, and the tips of the screws put into the fans. I can't imagine them having any other kind of crazy screw with these.

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I'm free!9/12/2007 6:33:53 AM

Pros: Really quiet, inexpensive, easy install (for my machine anyway), huge compared to the old drive

Cons: none so far...not a lot to "grab on to" to remove it from the laptop if needed...the old drive had a couple inset cavities at the corners that you could grab with proper tools. Not so with this guy.

Overall Review: I'm no longer confined to 40GB with 4 partitions that were all too small to be useful. I can also keep all of my music with me in my laptop. I used a liveCD to boot linux with dd, gzip, split, and cat to image the hard drive and restore the image to the new drive. It preserved everything exactly and was unbelievably simple...just edited/resized the partitions when I was done and I have room to breathe!

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Works great, good price9/12/2007 6:27:09 AM

Pros: Installed easily, runs great in my aging Averatec 5400 series ( 5428HX ) laptop.

Cons: Runs a little hot, but not as hot as the A-Data that came stock in the laptop.

Overall Review: Wish I had bought a pair of them. This has made me hate my laptop a lot less. It's still old (and ungodly heavy) but at least now it runs well enough for me to be OK with that.

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