Great monitor, when it works...11/25/2020 12:39:49 PM

Pros: Superb performance. The image quality is very good ans the response time/refresh rate is fantastic.

Cons: I bought the monitor in October. As it arrived everything was great apart from the fact that it had 3 stuck pixels. Via Newegg I asked for a replacement unit, that i got without any problem. At reception of the new one, everything looked perfect. A week passed and I than I noticed a clear vertical line on the monitor.

Overall Review: So in brief, I bought a monitor with 3 stuck pixels, I than got a replacement with a vertical line (stuck/shifted). In final, I just think that I was unlucky on the two monitor i had. I gave 4 eggs out of 5 because I really liked the monitor, because the shipping was really fast, for both of the monitors, and because Newegg handled the replacement and the final return pretty fast and without problems.

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