Good unit. Bad display. (Updated 2020-01-10 : Died Today, after 15 months)1/10/2020 6:00:11 PM

Pros: * Tested (see below), works, does the job. * I can hear it make a slight noise from like a couple of feet away, but not further than that. Perhaps if you're working in an extremely quiet room you could hear if from further away, but from my fairly standard setting (it's about 4 feet away from me right now) I never hear it when it's running. * Display screen can stay on or go dark after a few seconds, via settings. * All the display choices that a comparable CyberPower unit has. * Silent mode. * Much dimmer Power button that my previous CyberPower 1350AVR.

Cons: Updated Info (2020-01-10) * 15 months is how long my unit lasted. Stopped working today. Was in a well ventilated space, with a fan on it pretty much 24/7. I've also moved, since my initial review, to a place with a lot more stable electricity, too. Daily load % was about 25. These type units just don't seem to last anymore. And just like the CyberPower 1350AVR (see below), also no warning. So I got a little over a year of use from it. I guess these items are becoming disposable items these days. Seems expensive to only get a little over a year's worth of use from. Looks like I'm not the only one, either. Be wary of those 1 week / 1 month reviews. * Screen info is not accurate. I tested this unit out by having it power an electronic device until it died, twice, just to be sure, and see how this unit worked. It does, but … the screen info does not correspond at all to how it actually acts. Within 30 seconds of unplugging the unit, the battery bar went down 1 bar (out of 5). After another minute it went down another bar, to 3 out of 5 bars. (This was after over 48 hours of charging, it was fully charged.) The next 3 battery indication bars took longer to turn off, but even when al bars were off - 0 out of 5 bars - the unit still functioned for an hour more, if not longer. So the battery status display is way off. I suspect it might have been programmed for a different unit, maybe APC uses the same display for multiple units but doesn't program them any differently between them. What you see on screen is NOT what you get when it comes to the battery output. The same sort of thing also happens with the "minutes remaining" time display. Even after the unit showed as having 0 minutes left, it kept chugging away for at least 30 minutes more. I've decided to keep the unit, but it's display screen is off by a lot. Other display metrics seem to work fine. * When working in backup mode, over time it starts running HOT. Really hot. I started pointing the fan directly at the unit, I was getting worried. I know that all UPS backups run hot when working, and I did run this unit down to no power/dead for testing, so maybe this shouldn't be a con, but ... *when in backup mode*, runs very hot. Keep this unit well ventilated; do NOT put it into a closed cabinet drawer, or something like that. When NOT in backup mode, no heat at all.

Overall Review: * I ordered this APC model after my CyberPower 1350AVR failed without warning (no low battery indication, nothing, just stopped with a dead battery). * I'd say that while the CyberPower's display screen is far more accurate, the CyberPower's backup functionality did not perform as it should, or at all, when I needed it to. At least tell me the battery is low or dying, which it's supposed to do but didn't. Updated Info (2020-01-10) * This unit did the same thing! Unreal. No warning, just failed. * Just as heavy as any other similar unit of this type. * Where I live I have about 1 event every other day, so I def need a UPS. Updated Info (2020-01-10) * Moved to a new place with almost no electrical events. * As another reviewer mentioned, this unit does re-charge fairly slowly, which is good for the batteries, they should last longer, but is perhaps bad if you have a lot of extended hour+ events where you like, where you absolutely need to keep working. I only have quick events where I live, but I do have them all the time. This unit works well for that.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for taking the time to review our BR1500MS. We appreciate the feedback and are sorry to hear about the issue you had with one of our units. Please contact an APC by Schneider support team at your earliest convenience for further assistance. The BR1500MS comes with a 3 year warranty so if it is determined that the unit is defective, a no cost warranty exchange will be provided. We offer email and chat services through our support site. Teams are available from 8am to 8pm EST Monday-Friday.
Think before you buy this beast4/3/2018 6:37:39 PM

Pros: - 144hz. - Good way to combine two 1080 video signals into one monitor. That's the primary reason I bought this ridiculous beast. Works ... kinda ... - Better 1800R curvature than competitive models.

Cons: - As others have said, it often (about once a day) won't wake up from its sleep state. The only fix this is to unplug and replug in the monitor. Menu button is unresponsive. - Speaking of the menu, the menu takes literally 10 seconds to come up. So if you want to change settings that reboot the monitor, or alter a video sources, or bring it up from a sleep state, get ready to ... wait ... wait ... wait ... - As much as it is capable of combining two video sources, when you do a LOT of features disappear (like refresh rates, for example). - Consistently needs HDMI Mode to be reset (with the requisite 10 second wait). So if you also plan on also using this as a DVD/Blu-ray monitor, you may be visiting the menu a lot (and waiting ... for ... the ... slowest ... menu ... ever ... made). - Even though this has the best curvature currently out there, 1800R, it's *still* not angled enough for its size, honestly. You will need to lean your body to read the ends of the monitor. (Apparently the human eye is equivalent to 1000R, FYI.) - The inputs for video signals will scrunch your cables up quite a bit, as there isn't much room in the rear port alcove for the cables to curve their way out. I bought angled adapters for my HDMI and DisplayPort cables.

Overall Review: - I updated to latest firmware. - Honestly, I would not buy this again. I would buy a large 21:9 3440 x 1440 monitor instead. The only use case I can see for this is to combine two 1080 signals onto one monitor, and by doing that you remove a lot of it's great features. - This thing is truly gigantic. Measure your desk and surroundings before buying it. The stand is wider than most wide screen monitors (nearly 3 ft wide). The screen is crazy wide (like 4 ft). - All video signals (online streaming or an external player) will only take up a fraction of the screen. Get ready for wide black bars on either side. - As this is the only 32:9 monitor currently made, I wonder about support for games in the future. 21:9 will certainly be supported, but will 32:9 when there's basically only 1 monitor out there with this aspect ratio? Maybe ... - Given the games I've tested with this, it seems like the edges are pretty massively distorted, as if the left and right 8 inches or so are just being stretched out. Are we actually seeing 32:9 here from these games, or are we just seeing a stretched 21:9? I'm not sure ... GTA5 was one of those games (and yes, I did play with POV settings). - Soft light bleed through, on black backgrounds. It's not bad, but it's there. - Come on, this thing is a toy. It's nice, it's fun, it's crazy ... but it's not really practical. - Unless you're seriously into simulation racing / driving / flying games, or really need to multitask with many windows up at once, I'd go with a larger 21:9, or stick with multi-monitor setup, instead. This thing is too wide for practical use, or FPS type games, or for watching videos of any kind. Once you get past the wow factor the first week or two ... it's actually kinda ridiculous.

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Manufacturer Response:
Anonymous, Thank you for purchasing the Samsung C49HG90 Gaming Monitor. I am very sorry to hear that you experienced difficulties with your display. The following could help to solve the issue of the monitor having difficulty coming out of sleep mode. 1. Check if your Graphics Card has any updates available. If updates are available, install them. If you require help installing your graphics card updates, please contact your graphics card manufacturer. 2. Perform a Windows Update. To visit Microsoft's online update page, and then follow all on-screen prompts. 3. Install the available software for your monitor with below steps. - Be sure to insert the USB disk into the USB 1 port. You can upgrade the software via USB only if either the monitor screen operates normally or the check signal is displayed on the monitor screen. When the screen as shown in the following figure is displayed, press and hold the Down arrow key for 5 seconds. - When the message as shown in the following figure is displayed on the monitor, select Yes to upgrade the software. - When the screen as shown in the following figure is displayed, select Yes. - The software upgrading proceeds 4. This issue may be caused by your signal cable. Try using a different cable to verify if your cable is defective. For further assistance, please contact Samsung Customer Support toll-free at 1-800-SAMSUNG and a representative will gladly help you. You can also contact Samsung via LiveChat or email. Please copy-paste this link into your browser: Samsung products are engineered to the highest standards of performance and quality and we back the Samsung C49HG90 with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty, if purchased brand-new from an authorized dealer. Samsung is committed to providing the best possible product experience, quality, and value, and we are always here to help with any of your questions or concerns. ~Samsung Solutions
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Great at first, degrade over time3/25/2011 9:24:43 PM

Pros: - Look very nice - Very quiet ... in the beginning - Theoretically a great fan design

Cons: - After about 9 months or so (can't remember exactly when), these fans seem to "lose balance", and start wavering between normal "silence" mode and making a temporary awful racket. Over time this process gets progressively worse and more common. I own 2 of these and it's happened with both, so either I'm unlucky or long-term quality is simply not here with these fans. I also own 2 Rosewill RFA-80-RL red LED fans (also available from NewEgg), which I've owned for many years longer, and neither of the Rosewill fans have given my any sort of issue at all (though they are louder than these SilenX fans, when these are working properly). It's gotten to the point where one of my two SilenX fans is in permanent noise mode, the other wavers about 50/50 between the two states. I need to buy two more of the Rosewill's to replace these two noise-makers. - Price, given the above

Overall Review: These are great fans when you first start using them, but after a time they start to rattle and shake periodically, getting progressively worse over time. I've re-lubed the internals, thinking it might have been a friction issue, but this doesn't help at all. It's more a balance issue, which just seems to degrade over time, until they no longer rotate "in the round" anymore, and start making an awful racket, getting worse and worse. Terrible buzzing noise. From new until they start to degrade, I give these 5 stars. After they start self-disintegrating, 2 stars. And only 2 because they still move air. Believe me you wouldn't want to listen to them in this state. But if you needed a fan that still technically worked in a room people weren't working in, they do still move air. So 2 stars.

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Not cheap, but worth the price2/11/2011 8:03:31 PM

Pros: * It's designed by a medical equipment company, and the quality level shows, as does the price. But it works as advertised, and is functional and sleek. If you understand the concept of paying more for more, you can rest assured that you do get what you pay for with this. * To raise/lower the entire contraption takes only slight pressure on the silver arm - somehow they've calculated a neutral tension point (which can be modified if needed, but I haven't, works fine at the default setting for me). No knobs or screws or detentes or notches or switches. Ingenious. * You can also raise/lower the monitors separately from the keyboard part, as well. I'm 6'0" and I've got the total height of the unit at less than maximum, so it can raise quite a bit, probably good enough for a 6'5" person, if I had to guess (depending on desk height). Lowest level is also lower than I need by several inches, so the range is quite wide (dependent on chair height, of course).

Cons: * Mouse pad is too small. No way around it. They need to design a bigger mouse pad. (I did not have enough space for my complete review here; if you want read all of it, you can read it at 'the site named after the largest river in brazil', under screen name 'oroboros777', then buy it here)

Overall Review: * With this dual monitor version, max combined HORIZONTAL (not diagonal screen size) monitor widths truly is 44 inches. It can be 21 + 23, but it can't add up to more than 44. I have 21" and 23" horizontal width monitors attached and it's right at the limit. Can't even put in the safety screws at the ends of the arms. A more perfect set up would be to have identical monitors, or at least the same horizontal monitor widths, being as thin, depth wise, as possible. Even so, my deeper four year old monitors work great. Barely, total width wise, but great. If you've got a bigger monitor still, then you'll need to buy the single monitor HD version, instead. * If you use reference materials a lot and have them at desk height, they will not rise with you, unlike with an adjustable desk. Ergotron sells an additional book / iPhone / iPad type holder thing that attaches to the central silver arm, but this obviously will only help you with one such item.

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Best ergonomic gaming mouse, not best gaming mouse12/11/2010 7:41:03 PM

Pros: * Ergonomically excellent. If normal mice hurt your wrists, this mouse will definitely help. I bought it not for gaming but simply so my wrist wasn't rotated all the time. In this respect, it's superb. My wrist never hurts anymore. * Mouse wheel feels perfect, in perfect spot, one of the best I've ever used. * Buttons (most) have a great feel, nice "click" to them.

Cons: * Rubber grip pieces (one on each side) will likely both come off eventually. They actually distort over time. I had to trim both and glue them back on. * Maybe it's just mine, but my "left" button does not feel the same as all the other buttons. Still works, just doesn't "click" like the others. Too bad considering the others feel so good. * Cord oddly comes out of right side of front part of mouse, instead of the front. No idea why they did this. Does make cord more prone to get caught on things, depending on layout. Not a huge deal, just something to consider.

Overall Review: * Not a laser mouse - optical - be advised. * The sensor is in the forward part of the mouse. This is so you can create more sensor motion with less wrist motion. * You can program three DPI settings and change them on the fly. I would have preferred just two (normal and "sniper"). But regardless, works fine. * For smaller hands. * Mouse is long, takes up a lot of real estate; you'll need a large mouse pad. As a gaming mouse, I don't think this offers more than other gaming mice. Just doesn't add much to the equation. As an ergonomic mouse, however, I think it's excellent, as long as you have smaller hands. If you want to game with it, too, it'll work just fine. Best description is, it's the only ergonomic mouse that doesn't hamper gaming at all. Doesn't add, but doesn't subtract, either. And that's pretty rare.

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Good, but watch out10/26/2009 8:10:44 PM

Pros: The light isn't obtrusively bright, fan comes apart for cleaning, very good airflow for the small amount of noise (almost none).

Cons: I've had this fan longer than most reviewers, so I can tell you something about this fan most reviewers don't (yet) know: the lube for the fan degrades rapidly, ultimately seizing, making the fan not able to spin at all. If you're smart, you'll know what to do about this (see above). Also, fan paradoxically gets quite hot. So, some of the cooling aspects of the fan are lost due to it having to use some of its own airflow to cool itself.

Overall Review: I suspect the reason some reviewers are giving this fan a bad rating is for the cheap degrading grease Cooler Master decided to use. Talk about ruining an item over the smallest of cost cutting measures. It isn't a big deal once you know what the problem is, but I suspect most users just throw it in the trash, thinking it's "broken". I would buy this again.

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LOUD ... but works1/31/2009 11:59:18 PM

Pros: Works as advertised, reads CDs and DVDs fine. Full disclosure: Didn't have time to burn anything with it before giving it to client, so I can't comment about that.

Cons: Beyond loud. I've been building computers for 15 years, for myself and others. This is the loudest drive I have ever used, by far. I put this Lite-On in a system that also included a pretty loud PCI express video card, with one of those high pitched blower type fans. This burner easily drowned out the noise of the video card when it was running. It's not a little loud, it's obnoxiously loud. If someone had told me this drive was some sort of a gag drive used to plays tricks on coworkers, I'd believe it. If you use this in a work setting, you will get looks and comments. Everyone in the office, even down the hall, will know when you're accessing your CD/DVD drive.

Overall Review: My computer cases are usually left open, fans buzzing and whirring, because I swap components a lot. For example, the computer I'm typing this on has 5 hard drives, 2 CD/DVD drives, an enormous video card, 8 running fans, and the case is open on both sides. Even so, my computer is not even vaguely as loud as the Lite-On drive in a closed case on the other side of the room, with only 1 fan. Not even half as loud. Seriously. If you're used to loud computers, like I am, I predict you'll be bothered by this drive. If you live next to an airport, I predict you'll be bothered by this drive. If you live right next to a construction site, then maybe you won't be bothered by this drive. Maybe.

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WARNING - You are not getting what you think you are getting1/27/2009 10:29:15 PM

Pros: You think it works. In a way it works... but not necessarily how it should to protect your data. This card is the most dangerous RAID controller I have ever seen, because until the day you need to recover from a potential hardware failure, you think it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. I've used RAID systems for at least 10 years now, and am very familiar with how they operate. I've used Promise, Highpoint, 3ware, and Nvidia RAID systems, so I know my way around the process. This Highpoint controller gives you a false sense of security, because while you think it's working, IT'S NOT WORKING HOW IT SHOULD TO ACTUALLY PROTECT YOUR DATA. Here's the problem: You can configure disks into the controller, set up various RAID systems, and everything thus far will work fine. This is why people are giving it 5 stars. BUT, what most people haven't yet realized, is that you cannot take those disks OUT of the controller once you put them in, because nothing else will read them. It's a

Cons: one way trip, disks go in, they never come out. How is this important? If one of your disks fails, you can add another and rebuild your array. BUT, if the controller ITSELF fails, you are completely 100% X'd. Because NO OTHER PLATFORM will read the disks once initialized into the Highpoint controller. If the point of a RAID system is to protect you against data loss from hardware failure, THEN THIS SYSTEM IS A FAILURE, because while it may protect you if one of the hard drives fails (as long as you don't mind the fact that the HD will never work anywhere else), it will not protect you if IT ITSELF FAILS. If Highpoint discontinues this model, you will not be able to recover your data. Believe me, I've tried. Nothing - other than the Highpoint card - sees disks once they have been assigned to it. If the card dies, your data is unrecoverable. Even dedicated data recovery tools cannot see the drives anymore. The Highpoint system seems to permanently alter the HD bios in such a way that

Overall Review: it makes the HD unreadable by anything else, once initialized. I found this out when I created a (what I thought was going to be) temporary RAID array with 2 Western Digital HDs, to move some stuff around, and to test the controller out. I'd like to use those disks for something else now, but the only thing left on planet earth that will recognize them is the Highpoint controller. NOTHING else will read them - including various MBs (3 diff makes / 2 diff BIOS's), GRC SpinRite, HDDGuru utilities, Ontrack datarecovery, several other data recovery tools, DOS, anything - even WD's own HD utilities will not recognize them anymore. They are gone, baby, gone. If the whole point of a RAID card is to protect you from hardware failure, THIS CARD IS A DATA DEATHTRAP. Plenty of the 5 star raters will be shocked when they actually need to recover data from a failed card. Only then will they realize how in trouble they are. BEWARE! Don't you make the same mistake others have. Stay away!

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So close ... yet so far ...12/13/2008 1:19:47 AM

Pros: The sound of these is actually quite good. Better than I expected for the price. I have several multi-hundred dollar headphones (none 5.1 however), and these can actually compete. Their lesser sound quality is made up for the fact that they have a wider range of soundscape, due to the 5.1. In fact, the bass on these is maybe the best I've ever heard on any headphones, surprisingly. Really gets your attention.

Cons: Do you need a pair of headphones for the flight deck of a military aircraft carrier, surrounded by jet blasts from catapulting F-18 Hornets? These would be the headphones for you. It is difficult to wear these for more than an hour before pain sets in. Not auditory pain, but real physical pain - from getting your head crushed in. Tight? Just a little. You could probably bungee jump with these things on, without any worries. I ride a motorcycle, so I know about head sizes and helmet sizing. I have an average to small head, FYI.

Overall Review: Because these headphones are made for small heads (like 10 year old child small), they are not only very tight, but the ear cups wind up not actually surround the ear (circumaural), but instead resting directly on the ears (supra-aural). Also, because the 4 speakers on each side take up a lot of room, there turns out to be no distance between the speakers and your ears - the speakers are effectively resting right on your ears. I really wish there was a way to distance your ears from the speakers a bit, as this would help with the spacial properties of the surround sound. I'd have given up the 'folding' feature for some actual ear padding. It's too bad, the sound is quite good, but the framework encasing it is mediocre at best.

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Very functional, but doesn't look like the photos6/29/2006 10:05:49 AM

Pros: Case has many innovative features, like its "side mounted" hard drive system - much better than conventional configurations, IMHO. Overall the mounting systems for everything are above average. Construction quality is about 8 out of 10, pretty good. Includes three fans - two rear, one side, and enough screws to build three systems.

Cons: The case I received - which had the same model number on the box (so it was not a shipping mix up) - did NOT look like the photos on site. If you are buying based upon looks, be warned. There were no red accent pieces - the front plate is silver only, of a different design. There was no fan hole on the top, unlike the photos. The side fan did not have a "skull" motif, or any motif - just a regular wire fan guard.

Overall Review: All of the functionality is there, but the case look is much less "gamer" and much more "corporate" than what you see in the photos. Basically, it's a black version of the silver Chenming model (CMU-AL-602-SL-W), including the silver front plate - otherwise identical. Case does have a funky "lift out" M/B mounting system - you might want to go to their web site and check it out before ordering - I don't mind it, but you might. Front to back audio cabling system is also a little odd, but it works, so I can't count it as a negative. Don't regret purchase, but be warned, it's just a black version of their silver case.

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