Perhaps a little DIY5/20/2013 8:29:37 PM

Pros: Decent sound for the price Comfortable Microphone works pretty well - some feedback at highest boost but thats probably just too high

Cons: The plug died. ....yeah Anyways - it was correctable

Overall Review: Some pliers and some squeezing and we were back in business. Such a strange thing to go wrong but i suppose that denotes poor quality plugs or maybe I just got unlucky If your sound suddenly stops try pushing the plug gently in a few directions: if you can bend it and get sound back: crimp the end yourself - and by crimp I mean get some pliers and squeeze the living hell out of the plug. If you did fine then you wont have to bend it next time and it should last Still excellent all around headset solution at a very fair price. I have two kids and intend to simply replace this as soon as it falls to pieces but no sign of it doing so yet (discounting the jack incident)

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Whats not to like5/20/2013 8:26:13 PM

Pros: Works - smooth sailing thus far

Cons: None

Overall Review: Wont always need something like this but buy with confidence, mine showed up just fine and are doing the job admirably.

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Great on sale5/20/2013 8:24:53 PM

Pros: Good clean sound. Earcups do a great job at immersing you without completely cutting you off from the world Expensive look, snazzy volume control lights that change color in a cool non-cheap looking way. Braided cord that doesnt seem to tangle but I wouldnt go ignoring it either very soft, comfortable, and durable cups cups can articulate so they mold well to your head - they fit snug even with a little extra pressure to go over your ears and stay there

Cons: Bass isnt incredible but reviews tell me this is "clean" bass and i dont know what im talking about - you can mess with the equalizer to slam the bass as high as it can go and that will make it passable but I miss the feeling of the headset shaking gently on my head during heavy action Bar over head feels firm and unforgiving. might be my headshape but cups come on so hard (although still soft and comfy) that it feels like the main headset support is pushing somewhat uncomfortably down on the top of my head. could just be the shape of my head

Overall Review: Got it on sale Easily worth it Take good care of them and they should give quality sound for a long time im hoping - Corsair is a fairly trusted name in the tech world

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