Best monitor I ever bought.4/20/2021 5:06:41 PM

Pros: - Out of the box calibration is amazing. - Text is very sharp. - Vibrant colors. - Brightness is eye watering at 100% (I'm still using default 70% but if you like to get your eyes an IPS burn you can.) - Using 240Hz feels very smooth in regular work application as well as in games. - Monitor arrived in perfect condition, nicely packaged and absolutely NO dead pixels (will edit the review if I get a nasty surprise).

Cons: - 280Hz "overclocking" is a trickery, I would not buy this monitor only based on this. - G-Sync is a gimmick, I tried it but felt nauseous when FPS drops under 100fps because the monitor refresh rate drops to match the FPS you are getting. I ended up turning G-Sync off. - Slight IPS glow on corners but it is expected.

Overall Review: I bought this monitor as a replacement for my 32" MSI Curved VA panel. Being stuck working from home I could not stand doing CAD work with a curved monitor anymore. It was a downgrade in size but man is it better in every other way! Image quality is nice and sharp with bright and vivid colors. Text is much sharper than my old monitor. I am using it more as a work monitor but still occasionally game on it (mainly FPS games) and the experience is amazing. For the price this is the best bang for the buck. 4K 60Hz monitors are great for office work but they lack the fluidness of high refresh rates monitors. 27" 1080p text looks grainy and image washed out. The only other options in my opinion are very expensive ultra-wides, maybe in the future but right now I will enjoy this monitor for years to come.

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Fair price3/31/2021 10:24:50 AM

Pros: Kind of a necessity but bought it on sale for a future build. Will update if there is any problems with activation.

Cons: -Windows still is the only choice OS if you want compatibility with most softwares. Working from home and using CAD design softwares as well as proprietary automation machine software it is the only choice available. (Linux isn't sadly).-Not free (...)

Overall Review: As much as having no other choices sucks, I have to admit Win10 is very solid. Used to run Win7 for a while but it's now time to move on and once you get used to the different quirks it really is very stable and I did not encounter any problems whatsoever.As far as the "spying" goes, you can custom install to remove a lot of stuff but seriously as a regular user what are people so afraid of? Do you have so much to hide that you are scared the almighty Micro$oft is spying on you?

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Great case for the price2/27/2021 10:32:51 AM

Pros: -Great airflow (if filled up with fans) -Lots of room -Easy cable management -Mesh looks great and not to flashy. -Great build quality, feels very solid and well made.

Cons: -Only comes with 2 included fans -Bottom thumb screw on the right panel needs a little wrestling to get in the right position. -Cable "management" bar in the front of the case seems like it wants to pinch the cables in place, be careful with the way you bend them especially the MB 24 pin. Managed to pre-bend the cables in place before putting the bar in and it's fine.

Overall Review: Really love the front panel mesh, I thought it was made of plastic looking at pictures but it's actually a steel mesh and quite sturdy. I only took 1 egg out because it only comes with 2 included fans, would love to see a airflow focused case come filled up with fans. I had to buy 2x 3-pack 120mm fans to fill up the case as I could not find the same fans included with the case. With 6x 120mm installed it's like a small vortex inside this case, I dropped my GPU max temp by 12C vs. my old case.

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Insane speed and lots of storage11/23/2020 4:06:43 PM

Pros: -Plug and play compatibility using a Z390 MSI Motherboard -Fast -Samsung reliability

Cons: -PCIE 3.0 only (my motherboard does not support 4.0 so not really a con for me personally but keep that in mind).

Overall Review: Would definitely recommend this driver to anyone looking for a fast and reliable m.2 nvme storage device. I already had a 970 Pro 512 GB but wanted to add more space as game installs take more and more space these days. I know I paid a premium price for Samsung drives while other brands were more affordable, but I have been using my 970 Pro 512 GB as my OS/programs drive for years now and even carried it over to my new PC and it still performs like brand new with 100% remaining life (HW info report). It only just recently got dethroned as the fastest drive in my system by this 970 EVO Plus 2TB, quite unbelievable really. I know I will have peace of mind with the reliability of Samsung drives as I now have 3 Samsung drives in my system (970 Pro 512 GB, 970 Evo Plus 2 TB and 860 Evo 1 TB). I read cons about the drive getting hot but unless you have a tiny closed up case with no airflow you will be fine. Remember these run hotter than standard Sata drives as they are close to the motherboard and get the GPU and CPU hot air blasted on them all day long.

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Awesome but expensive keyboard1/11/2020 10:23:41 AM

Pros: -Typing on this feels great, keys are well stabilized. -Actuation of keys is very swift witch is awesome for gaming (I play mostly FPS games and have the linear version). -Solidly built, metal frame and back plate makes for a robust and quite heavy keyboard. -Very slim design makes using it very comfortable even without a wrist rest. -RGB lighting is very bright and has almost endless customization options with the G-HUB software.

Cons: -Secondary number keys are not illuminated (!"/@£ etc....) this does not bother me that much but it is worth nothing. -Price could seem completely insane but honestly you are paying premium price for a premium product.

Overall Review: Overall very happy with my purchase, I have been using it for around 2 weeks now and although it took a little time getting used to typing on this I can honestly say this is the best keyboard I have ever used. I've also owned a Razer Blackwidow , a Logitech G810 and the difference is quite notable. I bought this to replace my Logitech G810 witch I donated to my kids pc (and also is still functioning perfectly after about 5 years of abuse) so I was quite confident this new G815 would last me quite a while. If you are in the budget for a high-end gaming keyboard look no further. I chose the linear switches because they are more soothed to FPS gaming. The clicky ones are way to loud and remind me too much of my old Black widow and it was the main reason I actually steered clear of the Cherry MX blue switches. The tactile version is a "in-between" switch and seems like the more bland version, not as loud as the clickys and not as sharp as the linear. The addition of macro keys on the left of the keyboard is a nice addition although I haven't bothered using them yet. I read some discouraging comments about early adopters and some compatibility issues between the keyboard and the G-HUB software but in my personal experience everything worked out of the box. I simply plugged in the keyboard and installed the Logitech software and I was up and running, no issues at all.

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The most powerful gaming CPU8/13/2019 2:28:57 PM

Pros: -8 cores/16 threads -5GHz turbo boost on all cores running at stock settings. -Demolishes any task/game you throw at it.

Cons: -Price??! Ok this is an easy one, you get what you pay for of course buying a top of the line product is going to be expensive. -Toasty: By now most of you know this and understand why it doesn't include a CPU cooler, you need a beefy one for this. Don't believe the rated 95W, it goes way higher then that when in turbo mode.

Overall Review: This is the current gaming king. AMD might be a better deal but the fact is if you want THE BEST, this is it. Be sure to get an adequate CPU cooler to maximize the all-core turbo. Using a Dark Rock Pro 4 it never gets over 70C when doing heavy gaming at stock settings without any down clocking. I'm using stock settings as I really don't get why people need more than 5GHz on all cores and overclocking this CPU is more about bragging rights than actual performance gains. Just make sure you pair this with a robust Z390 motherboard with good power delivery to make sure you get the most out of this beast. I made this purchase knowing it will outlast my current GPU and will still be relevant even in 10 years to some extent as a gaming build (still using my 1st gen I7 in another build). AMD is still trying to compete and I appreciate the effort but just think about what CPU they are playing catch-up to even with a 12 core processor? That's right, the 9900K. If you want the best bargain workstation CPU get an AMD but if you want the best gaming CPU get a 9900K.

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Solid ram8/13/2019 2:04:56 PM

Pros: -XMP profiles works fine on MSI Z390M motherboard at rated 3200MHz speed -Stable -Low profile makes it compatible with most CPU coolers.

Cons: -Not cheap? Well RAM prices have certainly gone down in the last couple of months depending on when you buy this prices might fluctuate.

Overall Review: Works as intended on XMP profile and this is about the only thing that matters for RAM. I have been using this kit for about a month and everything is running rock solid.

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Solid motherboard8/13/2019 1:59:06 PM

Pros: -Works with I9 9900K out of the box. -VRM allows boost clock to 5.0 GHz on all cores. -UEFI Bios gets the job done although not on par with Asus's. -Surprising number of fan headers for a m-ATX board. (Using 4 non-pwm fans all configurable in Bios, the pump header can double as a regular fan header). -2X m.2 nvme slots -Immediately switched my ram speed to the correct configuration using the XMP profile (Running Corsair LPX 32G DDR4 3200). -Very stable.

Cons: -RGB lighting: This one is debatable but I do not care at all for RGB and the only way to turn it off is by installing the MSI software witch I really do not need so I left it at rainbow default..... -No integrated IO shield, for the price point it would be a very nice option and is clearly my least favorite part of any build. -Difficulty installing the GPU, ok this is a weird one and might be due to my specific case (NZXT H400) but there is a capacitor situated just besides the place where the gpu IO shield needs to sit and had to twist the gpu in a very weird manner to get it in place. Mind this is using a regular 2 slot gpu so I can't imagine things would be any easier with a thicker one.

Overall Review: Overall I'm very happy with this motherboard. I've been using it for about a month now and so far things have been very smooth. On build day I did all the Bios and drivers update on a fresh Windows 10 install and things have been rock solid ever since. I was a little nervous when pairing this with an I9 9900K but it got recognized out of the box and running at stock settings it turbo boost to 5GHz on all cores sustained without a sweat. The only complain I have is the price. It seems like we have to pay a premium for m-ATX boards as well as getting fewer choices (only 4 Z390M boards come on...). I would of happily paid a little less if they had to same board minus the wifi and RGB. I would still recommend this to anyone building a premium Z390M system, the only real competition being the ridiculously overpriced Asus Gene.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Simon-Charles, Thank you for reviewing the Z390M GAMING EDGE AC! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
The perfect gaming monitor5/14/2019 6:39:33 PM

Pros: -144Hz refresh rate is nice and smooth. -Huge panel! Size is a noticeable improvement from my 27" 1080p monitor. -Curve is nice but takes a little while to get used to. -Freesync works fine with my RTX GPU. It got enabled by default on the monitor when I plugged in the Display port cable, then simply checked on G-Sync compatible box in the Nvidia control panel. This monitor is not on the "official compatible" nvidia list but it does work fine in all the games I've tried so far. -1440p resolution is a great middle ground resolution, quite a step up from 1080p but less demanding than 4K in games. -Bright and clear, colors are fine out of the box and really shine in games.

Cons: -Text sharpness is not the best but not so bad either, it compares to reading on a 27" 1080p monitor. Somewhat grainy but not so bad that it makes it impossible to overlook unless you are planning to use this monitor strictly for windows and office work (in that case you don't need a gaming monitor, just buy a 4K 60Hz panel instead). -RGB lighting strip in the back of the monitor is quite useless, ended up turning it off after 2 hours of use (can be turned off directly in the monitor setup).

Overall Review: Overall very happy with this monitor so far. No dead pixels, package arrived safely and free shipping only took 2 days to get here.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the Optix MAG321CQR monitor! We hope you continue to enjoy it! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
The next generation GPUs are here1/12/2019 12:41:16 PM

Pros: - Powerful : Runs any game I throw at it max details 100+ fps @ 1080p - Silent : The fans only turn on when the gpu hits 60C witch has not happened yet in my experience, even when playing BFV for hours it only gets to about 52C. I had to look inside my case when booting to see the fan spin up for a second and then it's dead silent. -Cool : This gpu idles @ 28C and full loads around 55C in my air-cooled NZXT H400 case.

Cons: - Expensive!!! I know this is the newest generation gpus and they are absolutely tearing through all the AAA modern games but the price point is completely ridiculous. They upped the generational equivalent over the older ones. Maybe if it was about 200$ less it would feel less like a ripoff.

Overall Review: Overall about the only thing wrong about this product is the price point. The RTX 2060 comes out soon witch might be a better value for the money. Between the insanely priced 2080ti and the entry class 2060, this is a good compromise. I was a bit worried about this product after reading all the bad comments about DOA, defective gpus, artefacts etc... I fresh installed my gpu using DDU then installed the latest Nvidia drivers and that was it. So far so good, this gpu is working fine since I installed it 5 days ago and it ran all the games I have in my library fine. I really hope my gpu is from the good batch, it sadly seems like a lottery or even a dead gpu roulette with the RTX series so far. This is kind of a awkward feeling when buying such an expensive component. I was less nervous when building the rest of my system. The gpu being the easiest component to install, it felt weird having the (please don't die) thought in the back of my mind when plugging it in. If they can put aside the QC issues and lower the price, this is a winning product. I will update if I have issues with my card, I made sure to register my card with EVGA in case of future problems...

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Silent, powerful and robust.1/12/2019 11:58:33 AM

Pros: - Modular means there is no unnecessary cables to manage - Building quality is top notch - Great value for the money

Cons: - The motherboard 24-pin cable is very stiff to route when doing cable management witch is about the only negative point about this product

Overall Review: Great product, packaging and accessories all have this premium quality feel. The power supply itself has a nice mate pitch black paint coat. Of course when you have a PSU shroud in your case it is completely hidden but if not, it is a great looking power supply. Can't really think of any negative points about this product maybe except the price. It is on the expensive side compared to other 750W competitors offer. But I also believe paying a little extra for a better product is worth it in the end. The PSU is the most important part in any pc and I don't regret spending extra money for this one.

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