Best mATX case for display hands down11/13/2017 6:47:07 PM

Pros: - Looks amazing - Quality materials - Incredibly well-designed - Large, tempered glass (not cheap acrylic) window that latches with magnets - easiest interior access I've ever seen - PSU shroud

Cons: - Makes grown men weep tears of joy if they stare too long

Overall Review: I've tried several windows-cases in my day, and this is by far the best. Especially for someone looking for an mATX build, this is absolutely perfect. I've got a kraken CPU cooler in here as well and added a Hue kit with some light strips and this case shows it off better than any; was able to fit an EVGA 1080Ti hybrid as well. Airflow is great and cleaning the dust filters takes a few seconds. I'll always look to Phanteks from now on for my cases.

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Perfect3/18/2017 12:00:16 PM

Pros: - Very well thought-out and well-designed - Cable management is very easy - Looks great (large window, metallic feet, black finish, barely any visible cables) - Smaller than most micro ATX cases so it can fit where other computers might not - Allows for multiple radiator and fan configurations

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: I have an EVGA 1080 Hybrid with the fan and radiator mounted on the rear exhaust, a Corsair H100iv2 CPU cooler with the radiator and fans mounted in front intake , and a 140mm fan mounted on top exhaust - it's amazing how well it all fit in this case so easily.

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Great mATX Board8/1/2016 10:58:18 AM

Pros: - looks great - love the black/yellow color scheme - works great - setup with Windows 10, fresh install, no issues and appears to have latest BIOS so no need to update - Lots of USB 3.0 - SATA on the side of board instead of on front (easier cable routing)

Cons: - Nothing

Overall Review: - I wouldn't call this a con, but this board would have been over the top if there was any kind of yellow/gold LED lights on the board, for a little extra flare

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