Great performance, especially at $521 (NZD)11/20/2018 1:13:15 AM

Pros: - Between 1070 ti and 1080 performance - Consumes same power as my rx 580 and provides significantly better fps - Surprisingly good reference cooler; never saw it exceed 69 degrees Celsius on the Valley benchmark - Easy to tweak to get extra performance

Cons: - The reference cooler is a bit loud but I can't hear it when I have my headphones on - Quite loud coil wind. Again, this is not noticeable if I have my headphones on - Needs two 8-pin connectors

Overall Review: I had a few teething issues when I first installed this card. It would black screen after being under load for about 5 minutes, then I couldn't access the display drivers. I pretty quickly found out that this was because I was only using one power connector from my power supply (1 cable from PSU with two 8-pin connectors). Once I connected two cables it worked fine and hasn't crashed since. Since this wasn't Asrocks' fault, I didn't deduct an egg from my rating

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