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Beautiful and thoughtful6/20/2016 4:54:18 PM

Pros: The build quality of this case is phenomenal and the options you are given for hiding cables and the such was top notch. The window is just big enough to give a peek to the inside of the case but without showing much cable or mess. This was a really awesome case for the price and everything was simple.

Cons: The space for the hard drives was a little cramped after installing the power supply because of all the wiring and it was a little awkward to route power to a few of the hard drives; however, I feel like if I used a modular power supply with this case it would have been a little bit better. I would recommend pairing this case with a modular supply just to keep things easier and cleaner as we ended up bundling the leftover cables from our monster of a power supply and just shoving them in the little bottom cavity.

Overall Review: Space can sometimes be a little weird and the way the front came off was different but nothing bad.

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Not as cozy as it should have been6/12/2014 9:39:24 PM

Pros: Really sleek looking, liked the idea of being able to mount a fan in front of my hard drives (which I was unable to do because there is literally next to no space in this thing)

Cons: This is my second case that I've bought from Silverstone that I either have to ghetto-rig or put in the closet. I can't even use the hard drive bay because my graphics card is about an inch too long, the optical drive bay doesn't come out at all and takes up a good fifth of the space, so I can't even imagine squeezing a full-sized ATX board in this, as my my micro-atx board feels beyond cramped. Trying to use the bay that goes on the far-right side of the case for my hard drives, but as soon as I took it out, I can't get the thing to mount back in, because the manufacturer chose the most inconvenient way to mount and hold in the covers/place-holders for the empty slots. Even less happy with this case than I was with my Grandia case. What a shame, especially at this price point. If anything, this case will probably start to lose integrity and fall apart like my Grandia.

Overall Review: Wish I could return it, but it'd cost more than it's worth to reship and restock this guy. Pity. I originally bought it to replace my Grandia, a case by Silverstone as well, seeing as how I couldn't fit my graphics card in it, but now in this case I can fit the graphics card but I have nowhere to put the hard drives in correctly and can't even get the front-hole covers to go back in place.

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Pretty cool8/18/2012 2:19:41 PM

Pros: Running this on a 3.4GHz i5 CPU and I've yet to have had it heat up much at all. It's almost silent for me, it fits pretty snug onto the processor and almost never has to rev up its fan speed for my setup. I find it quieter than the case fan and it pumps a good amount of air. Can touch the heatsink all over and it still remains pretty cool to the touch.

Cons: I'd actually like to deduct half an egg over this, but I guess it does state its size in the description, so I'll leave it at five eggs; this heatsink is GIGANTIC. Currently, I can't leave my Corsair RAM in dual channel mode, because there isn't enough clearance between my RAM and heatsink. I also can't have the fan at all on top of the RAM, regardless of how I position the RAM, because the RAM is a little too tall and the heatsink a little too short and it just doesn't fit. Not excited about having to order new RAM just to hope it fits. The other problem is that the heatsink also prevents me from using 3 of my 4 expansion ports. It's too short to use my PCI slots and when I get a new graphics card, I'm going to HAVE to get a new set of RAM also.

Overall Review: Kind of regret not getting the side-blowing fan over this. Really wish it was a hair taller or not quite as wide. It's my first time building a computer from scratch though. I do think it was a great bang for the buck, just make sure your case and motherboard fit. I am using a micro atx board, and that is probably the reason why none of my components want to fit.

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