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Bad LLC4/27/2021 5:13:18 PM

Pros: Newer BIOS's allow for semi passive on the fan, strong VRM's. Ok (but not great) PCI-E lane assignment for my usage.

Cons: The LLC is aweful on this board, if you expect to get decent results out of CTR.. dont. I have had issues going from various different BIOS versions and the stability of my RAM, going from sometimes it will boot once every 5 attempt, to booting everytime despite all the timings manually keyed in. The RGB software is not working with newer BIOS's last I checked, I want to disable the RGB on my RAM (maybe black electrical tape?) The "armor"/board shield is annoying and I just removed it. They give you open ended PCI-E slots (NICE!) but prevent you from using them with the stock metal plate installed. I did have to put a cooler on my Gen4 NVMe drive after removing the plate, I wish it had separate pieces

Overall Review: Ok board but at this price range I would look else where, epically if you want to OC/ use CTR. The thermal pad on the southbridge can be replaced with a better product and the heatsink can be tightened down lowering temps quite a bit, just be careful as it is a bare die underneath.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Peter, Thank you for purchase and review. We will be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us at Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
No problems, low noise.4/27/2021 5:06:13 PM

Pros: Been using these 24/7 for well over a year no problems to report, I have 2 in RAID 1. They are not loud "clackers", they sit there silently doing their work,

Cons: Wish it was cheaper

Overall Review: Good price per GB and also decent price for spindle speed.

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Aweful4/27/2021 5:03:38 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Randomly stops working, loses its mind for controlling my non corsair fan's and pumps. The control in the GUI is very very basic, forget setting custom speed curves.

Overall Review: I tried this after the EKWB Connect, which that worked for awhile but then had issues, that product had many more options for configuration, really customizable compared to this overpriced Corsair product.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Peter, Sorry to hear your Commander PRO randomly stops working. Please get in touch with us, we'd be happy to help: -Albert
Quite in a bedroom.4/27/2021 5:00:16 PM

Pros: Unit is very quiet in a bedroom on auto mode (except for the first few seconds you turn it on), to the point of not being noticeable, I would turn off the light when sleeping, personally I found that light kind of annoying, looks cool for a little bit, wish it was internal. Uses a good filter.

Cons: After AC power loss it resumes standby state it will not clean the air unless manual power on. Led lights are a bit bright but turn offable . No replaceable pre-filter which are cheap and will make your primary filter last significantly longer. (catches the larger stuff) Nowhere in the documentation does it say what the front panel numbers mean (other than say you are setting its run time) Mine was often between 008 and 012 but I don't know what that means. High is extremely loud, there should be more speed settings.

Overall Review: Replacement filters are $40 each and expect to replace about every 3 months from the documentation. The documentation is understandable but the English is not the best. Make sure you do not just remove the tape holding on the back but the plastic bag around the filter.

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Upgradeable thin and light4/17/2020 7:41:21 PM

Pros: Smooth touch pad due to the fact its also a screen pad Relatively thin and for 15.6" light however if you are looking more into ultra portables I would get something with a smaller screen Small bezels Windows Hello facial recognition with a serviceable webcam not amazing but better then some of the built in webcams I was seeing during video conferencing Has a Numpad No bloatware pre-installed Screenpad more useful if you are using an external mouse.

Cons: Screen pad Kept turning back on when I would use the 3 finger tap to disable it, so I ended up turning it off completely with the Fn hot keys it kept getting frustrating, maybe I need some more time with it but it feels like an attempt to make something to compete with the Apple Touchbar. Non touch screen. Keyboard back lighting is uneven, the top rows of keys get the most back light while the bottom rows are significantly dimmer. No Ethernet jack, these can be fit on thin and lights. No Type-C charging Windows can behave a bit weird as it seems the touchpad as a separate screen instead of another input sort of device, when you disable it with the Fn keys Windows acts as if a device was unplugged which is fine.

Overall Review: The 512GB Version does not have dedicated graphics, if you want to do some light-medium gaming get the MX250 version. The 512GB SSD is a QLC Intel 660p SSD ScreenPad has two different resolution and refresh rates, it defaulted to a lower resolution and @ 50Hz. The left side's USB 2.0 ports may seem unusual but they serve a good purpose, the USB 3.0 signaling rates actually interfere with 2.4Ghz wireless traffic, so if for example you have a wireless dongle for a keyboard or mouse, plug it it on the left side, you will have much more stable experience using a wireless keyboard/mouse, and you can use them from further away. Battery life is around 4-5 hours

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Good3/23/2020 4:10:55 PM

Pros: Configurable RGB C16 timings for 16GB DIMM's Nice looking (in my opinion) 64GB is overkill for most people, my last system had 32GB, which was enough but I figured why not double it. I tend to be very Chrome Tab heavy and it can affect gaming if you have to go to pagefile.

Cons: I don't know if this is from my X570 Taichi, or my 3950x or the RAM, but to run at 3600, I had to overvolt my SoC to 1.19v, otherwise it would just crash randomly, however when I ran Memtest86, it would never have any errors, only when I fully loaded into the operating system. it would crash sometimes 1-2 days apart until I upped the SoC, it might be due to running 4 sticks at 3600 but I don't know. Wish it was B die or something that could clock to C15 My Modules are Hynix DJR

Overall Review: Price has gone up since I bought it at 339.99 for the 64GB 4x16, but in general all RAM prices have gone up a bit.

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Solid software3/23/2020 4:02:36 PM

Pros: Been using ESET for years, very lightweight on my system, no performance impact when I play games, and very solid protections

Cons: None

Overall Review: I will end up buying this again in the future

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Controllable RGB, solid RAM3/23/2020 4:00:54 PM

Pros: RAM runs at rated 3200 Speeds using the XMP Profile on my X570 Taichi, one thing I noticed which may be specific to my motherboard/CPU or amount of DIMM's I have installed (4) is I had to increase the SoC voltage a tiny bit to 1.19 RGB is controllable via your motherboards software or the Ballistic MOD Utility and if you want can be outright turned off. 10 year limited warranty according to Crucial's website, sure its not lifetime but chances are you will have replaced your computer once or twice by then. No other junk in the packaging, just the RAM in its easy to open packaging.

Cons: If anything could be a bit more price competitive, but its hard to do that in the RAM market.

Overall Review: Additional information Timings are 16-18-18-36, which are not listed on the Newegg page but is on their website. Crucials website makes it easy to find out if this RAM is supported on your motherboard. If running an AMD Zen2 or above (when that releases) based system I would go for the 3600Mhz RAM over the 3200 Also heatspeaders on RAM really doesn't do anything in case anyone was wondering even when overclocking, and haven't for a very long time, they are only there for aesthetics.

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A bit large7/2/2019 3:10:35 PM

Pros: Supports iCUE for RGB and macro/keybinds and game profiles. Adjustable weight for those who want it (i'm using to having 2 AA batteries in my mouse, but the lightness feels good) Light weight (for me) Very smooth movement on my mouse surface. Extremely highly configurable DPI adjustments. Lots of RBG configuration for those who want it, even the DPI lights Sniper button honestly is pretty awesome for a DPI adjustment for the length of holding it down. Grippy textured surface for hand and thumb

Cons: Only 3 thumb buttons which is rathering lacking for a gaming mouse, for my MMO games I regularly use more than that (current mouse has 6), and I just can't go back to having less. Other than the sniper button the other two thumb buttons are a bit high, and necessitate moving my thumb up off the resting zone for pressing them. Scroll wheel only clicks down, not left or right. Buttons underneath the scroll dont really make sense to me, they are not easy to click with your fingers. Cable is not very flexible out of the box after being wound up, and ends up pulling the mouse when I let go.

Overall Review: I have normal sized hands and this mouse is quite large, and for me uncomfortably so, the mouses curvature where the palm of your hand rests is rather shallow compared to what I am used to in my G602, however if you have larger hands this is a good product for you. This mouse has a lot of customizability from buttons to RGB. To get the mouse out of this mouse you really need to use the iCUE software (and this is true with any gaming mouse).

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Decent cooler, mixed value3/24/2019 11:15:00 AM

Pros: Easy to install compared to bulky air coolers. Not being able to cut yourself on the finstack (like an air cooler) 5 Yr warranty which is very long for a water cooler (often pumps die in the first 2-3 yrs) Not all builds have enough room for a large air cooler, like mITX/mATX builds, or older cases without a lot of clearance, this is where I see the value in a single 120mm liquid cooler.

Cons: Price, at MSRP of 74.99 this is a hard value to recommend, there are plenty of large air coolers that perform better and quieter out there (and often cheaper), and being air coolers are not prone to pump failure and will last a very long time. Doesn't cool quieter then my NH-D14 or more effectively under sustained load and similar sound output compared to my NH-D14. Fans are quite loud at max RPM, and by far the loudest component in my system.

Overall Review: Remember when comparing Air vs Water cooling, make sure you run a benchmark for at least 30 minutes on the liquid cooled test, it takes longer for all the water to warm up. Air cooling tends to reach max temps in a few minutes at most. Second fan really doesn't add much to the performance, if you are tight on space you can remove it without worry. Some may not like the lack of RGB, personally I welcome it.

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Ok budget fan2/24/2019 5:30:34 PM

Pros: -Static Pressure is good for radiators or anything else that take 120mm fans if you just want the blue but dont way to pay for RGB -Almost inaudible in a very quiet build like my own -The Frosted white fan blades do a good job diffusing the LED's.

Cons: -Would be nice if there were vibration dampeners included as seen in more premium fans however this is not a premium fan but more of a budget option. -Only 3pin non PWM support so less fan speed control than 4pin PWM fans.

Overall Review: -The LED's are always on and not controllable -140mm is more my size and they have that available -The sticker on the front of the fan indicates the color just in case you don't know, this could make building with multiple colors easier. Static pressure fans are designed to push air through spaces with resistance, like radiators, or filtered front panels (esp with restricted airflow). LED brightness changes based on voltage given to the fan (for controlling speed) Other than the nice included pull tab to remove the fan out of the box the packaging is very basic, 1 fan, and 4 screws. There are plenty of other budget fans on the market making this a tougher sell. I personally would step up to more premium options if budget allows, increasing budget can get your rither rubber pulls throughs to reduce vibration, or at least some rubber pads around the screw mounting points, and of course more lighting options if that's what you want.

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Great for OS and some games11/17/2018 10:42:42 PM

Pros: Included AES-256 Encryption Meets published specs for speeds. 5YR/400 TBW for endurance which is pretty good for a 240GB TLS SSD, alot of lower end TLC drives have horrible endurance. For whats its worth 400TBW of endurance is more than 99.998% of people will ever need, for reference my heavily used always on (24/7) system over the course of 1-2 years was 100 TBW. Allows for a super clean build, no need for extra power and data cables.

Cons: Price delta vs a 2.5" or M.2 SATA SSD at the same or twice the capacity, @ $75 it is more expensive than a 240GB/250GB SSD, and an 500GB 860 EVO goes for slightly less as of writing. No screws or anything just the drive, in general you wont need these as your motherboard or laptop already has them pre-installed/in the bag.

Overall Review: Keep an eye on its price compared to SATA SSD's, with flash prices dropping we should see some interesting pricing in the next few months. Many use cases you won't really notice a speed difference between SATA 3 and NVMe, there are exceptions to that rule though. I strongly recommend against using any NVMe device in a RAID array, RAID adds additional processing overhead slowing it down in random IOPs, not to mention many platforms put the NVMe device through the PCH hub which is a 3.0 4x link so adding multiple NVMe SSD in RAID 0 wont help speed. Older Intel systems (Haswell and earlier, not haswell refresh) and AMD's FX platform do not have NVMe boot support, so if you are planning to use this in one of those you can only use it as a secondary storage device. Corsair SSD tool box, its old but to be honest I don't really use these utilities in general, they are not necessary for me, but can be a selling point for some so its worth mentioning that as of writing secure erase doesn't seem to work (I can do this via my BIOS though). Since I did not migrate this to my boot drive I cannot comment on the disk cloning features.

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Good air cooler for TR49/16/2018 7:39:29 PM

Pros: This fully cover's the IHS which many coolers do not. Dual tower design which allow for a much larger heat dissipation area RGB if that's your thing, with its own controller or you can use your motherboards integrated software solution. Anti vibration mounting on the fans which is a standard in this price range. Black covered top looks sleek from the side window. Dead quiet at 600 RPM, a bit noisy at max speeds for my taste.

Cons: Fins are pressed on not soldered, should be fine for the most part, but I would expect a bit better for $70 MSRP No native support for other socket's like LGA 115x or AM4 etc, though I do think this would be possible (see other thoughts). No official listing I can easily find on its max TDP support.

Overall Review: The only visible difference between the 620 and the TR4 only 621 is the aluminum baseplate, the 620 it is a bit recessed, while in the 621 it isn't to allow for full die coverage. In theory it may be possible to use the 621 on a non TR4 socket with the 620 adapter kit but I cannot verify this. I do wish that more companies shipped low noise adapters, though this probably doesn't make sense on a TR4 socket, I use them on my builds as silence is my goal.

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Looks fantastic, good Speed7/2/2018 4:04:54 PM

Pros: Sleek looking, glad the have the white color as well for whiteout cases/builds. RGB is completely cableless. Corsair has greatly improved their CUE software with iCUE which will allow you to control all their products, this was honestly a nightmare before. The RGB on these modules (subjectively) is really well done compared to some older products I have, and the heat spreaders while largely aesthetic, do look great. Gotta love XMP profiles, I remember the days when it was all done by hand.

Cons: Timings are a little loose at 15-17-17-35, ideally they should be 15-15-15-30 These modules are a bit tall, the top 50% or more of the height is used for the RGB controller and the RGB LED's and diffuser itself. These should fit under or around most CPU cooler but keep that in mind. (Though most people doing this level of RGB will be using a AIO or custom loop to really show off the build)

Overall Review: Not the fastest on the market, but unless you are using software that heavily relies on high speed RAM you wont notice a difference, even on a Ryzen platform beyond 3000/3200 the difference is negligible. I have not tried overclocking beyond tightening the timings to 15-15-15-30 @ 1.35v, in general overclocking RAM does not amount to much of an increase for gaming, and can lead to headaches. I had no problems getting these running on a AsRock Extreme 4 Z370 board with BIOS 1.71 with a 8700k, this is paired with my 2x8GB GSkill DDR4-3000

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Documentation is terrible, shorted my motherboard.5/30/2018 3:19:24 PM

Pros: Looks awesome. Back of controller is magnetic to stick to surfaces of cases When my system worked I had massive temp drops compared to my H7 Cooler (8700k), would be even better if i delidded.

Cons: Included instructions are all pictures, you have a lot of extra ports available on the controller but it doesn't specify what they are for. I had no idea how to attach my systems RGB control to the controller until I came across a seperate user manual on their site specifically for the remote (was not included in the box). And because of this I managed to short out my motherboard... thanks CoolerMaster. Now I have to RMA that! The cable extensions do not hold together very well, I has to use electrical tape to keep some of them from sliding out, I did this as well on the controller side, the links are just way to lose. The controller if you follow their guide will have USB power + SATA Power + 2 separate RGB connections (one for fan one for pump) + a 4pin thing that looks like it should connect inline to the fans but the picture say otherwise + power and reset switches. There is absolutely no hope of using this controller without running a large amount of cables outside your case (the cables are not even long enough), your only option would be to open the case every time you need to set something

Overall Review: The pump is a bit noisy esp compared to the just the big air cooler alone I had before. The fans would slowly spin even when the computer was turned off and the RGB LED's on the pump were still active as well, I probably need to change some power settings in the BIOS to allow those ports to shutoff You would also think there was some CoolerMaster software to control the pump as well since there is a USB connection, but I could not find any downloads on their site, so it seems like the only way to control it is through the physical controller itself, or using your motherboards software. It would be nice if they included a RF remote as well so you could adjust the colors without having to open up your case.

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Sadly will not work4/24/2018 8:04:49 PM

Pros: Small size, magnetic base for mounting to metal. Expandable with MicroSD card Wide FoV.

Cons: Sadly I am unable to get this to go anywhere beyond the add a Wifi network stage. I have tried two different devices, a HTC Tablet (running android 5), and a Nexus 5x running Android 8.1.0 and I go through the setup process, it tells me to hold the phone with 2 inches of the camera and it can never connect. I have tried both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz frequency bands without any success, and since this device is lacking an ethernet port I have no other way to configure it as far as I can tell. I have tried resetting the device and using an alternate power source as well.

Overall Review: Why does the App need access to my Phone (call history, if I'm on a call ETC), and my contacts? I can understand Camera (to setup the device), Microphone (to utility 2 way audio), and Storage (to save video clips from the device). You can only save to the MicroSD card or the cloud sadly, I would not be able to use this with my NAS for video recording (if it worked) I am going to keep on attempting to get this device to work by borrowing a friends iPhone but I don't have high hopes.

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Easy setup, overkill for most home users3/18/2018 6:57:07 PM

Pros: Very easy to setup either use the QR code on the top and go to and register there, the only complaint I have is the Product Key's last letter was cut off I had to guess it a few times in order to get it right. There are some advantages to having a cloud controlled UPS, it is much easier to setup alerting, actually it is all automatic, no need to specify a mail server, you are auto enrolled in the minimum level of alerts, which are critical and lifecycle events. 100% compatible with the PowerChute software. As with all other APC products, it comes with a "receipt" showing everything was testing and works before leaving the factory. Has a SmartSlot so you can connect either a SmartSlot card with networking for a web server or networking and environmental probes (these are not cheap), and depending on your use case may not be needed.

Cons: Lan Port is only for Smart Connect as far as I can tell, I did try to browse to it's local IP via HTTP and HTTPS and get no response, so sadly there isn't a built in web server. Lan port is only capable of 100Mbit, while 1Gbit is not needed for a UPS, it would not link unless I put it on a non 10G/1G only switch.

Overall Review: Where I work we exclusively use APC products for our UPS's, we have used other brands over the years but have found APC products to be well built and reliable. Expect to get 3-5 Years out of the lead acid battery, this is normal for UPS's even enterprise ones costing 10k+, and just replace the battery when it dies with another RBC48.

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Good choice for couch gaming or smaller desks2/9/2018 10:44:23 PM

Pros: Small 10 Keyless design good for couch gaming / small desks Battery is pretty large and uses Micro B for charging Does not interfere with my 2.4GHz wireless mouse, which is great as many things can interfere with it. Ice Blue color is amazing in my opinion Cherry MX Reds for quick gaming (though I wish this was available in browns) Can be used either wirelessly with the included adapter, Bluetooth or wired. Lock button to disable the Windows Key for gaming. Per key backlighting, and a nice glow around each key. Pretty small USB Dongle They keys seem a bit stiffer than an older Cherry MX Red Keyboard I had when it was new, when I hover my hand barely on the keys I am not accidently sending keystrokes, which is great, the pervious red keyboard I had did this all the time and made it useless playing FPS's or flight sims as my fingers would be resting on the WASD keys and sometime the keyboard was thinking I am pressing "D" and I either end up turning right or doing barrel rolls, highly undesirable during gameplay

Cons: Wish the volume adjuster was a rolling wheel as it is on some of their other models. Lack of Windows button on the right side if a pain for me No textured WASD, 1,2,3,4,5 keys like on other models, and no key cap puller Lack of a numpad is great for many scenarios would prevents this from being a daily driver, I use the numpad daily on my computer. Not all the keys same keys have the same push down pressure before activation, my F Key is definitely stronger than the surrounding D and G keys, J and L seem to have the same issue sadly I don't have a method of measuring the force required.

Overall Review: Quite heavy due to being mechanical and having a battery. If you are gaming I would STRONGLY recommend the keyboard + lapboard Comeds with a Type-A to Micro B adapter, not sure what for, maybe using a Phones Micro B to A cable into an the adapter and than the included A to Micro B to the keyboard. Would be nice if it came with a cable to extend the range of your dongle

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Fits me well audio quality pretty good, Microphone not so much12/7/2017 5:02:49 PM

Pros: Very comfortable, it is not too tight on my head but not too soft either (I had a larger than normal head). Blocks out other sound very well if you like that, headphones audio quality is pretty good. Range is pretty good, it stays connected through a few walls and even if I go downstairs (as long as I am near my room above me) Mic auto mutes when moving up which is great for voice activation users. You can charge and use the headset at the same time Corsair's CUE software can control the Equlizer and RGB settings making it your one stop software for Corsair Products. On headset controls for muting Microphone and changing volume and EQ settings

Cons: Microphone audio quality is pretty bad compared to my other headset, sure my other headset cost $250, but there is a hissing noise when I talk, and according to my friends in Team Speak and Discord it sounds kind of hollow, and like I am in an empty room. There is a hissing noise coming through the head phones when it is powered on. The microphone wind guard is a bit difficult to fit onto the headset I had to force it on and was a little concerned I would break it

Overall Review: Wireless receiver seems a bit large, I could easily see it being half the size. Included MicroUSB cable for charging has some neat looking strain relief on the connector ends of the cable. CUE Software is a bit behind in displaying the RGB colors that the headset is showing. LED's will decrease battery life so if you are looking to do long sessions unplugged I would recommend turning them off. If you walk away with your headset on please be sure to mute it before going to the bathroom!

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Great PSU, price a little above the compitition10/5/2017 10:59:48 AM

Pros: Very good PSU, much has been improved since the older (2015) edition which I would not have recommended before. Very good for mid range systems. This PSU gets a high recommendation from me however depending on sales other units would be a better value and of higher quality. The CX850M v2 checks almost all the boxes: Semi Passive Mode Full power on the 12v Rail Good quality Semi modular (having a modular motherboard cable isn't really a big deal, it can make routing a little easier)

Cons: For my the lack of a secondary EPS 12v connector for the CPU can limit the uses. High end Threadripper boards have 2x 8pin EPS 12v connectors to allow for overclocking, and server boards also tend to have 2x 8pin EPS12v connectors (One of the systems I have has 2x 8pin and 2x 4pin for CPU power delivery). Granted if you are going high end with Threadripper or server boards you are more likely to buy a higher end PSU, but just a heads up if you wanted to use this in one of those scenarios.

Overall Review: Overall competition in this wattage range is tough, the MSRP of 119.99 is too high to be a good value unit. Corsair's own RM850x which is currently on sale for $10 more than this unit, or units from other brands like the SeaSonic Focus 850w @ 89.99 after rebates (at this time) and twice the warranty at 10 years with 80+ Gold efficiency and costs $10 less normally.

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Solid product, pricing a little high8/18/2017 11:47:52 AM

Pros: Solid performing SATA 3 SSD, good upgrade if you system only accepts M.2 SATA storage, otherwise I would recommend a 2.5" SSD due to them having a less likely chance of thermal throttling. Standard SATA 3 performance of about 550 writes and 525 Reads. Not a DRAMless SSD, has 128MB of DRAM (NT5CC128M16IP-DIB) so it will work well only any OS (Only Windows 10 will assign system RAM to a DRAMless SSD). Free Migration software via Acronis. Single sided M.2 SSD, and it it packed with NAND dies, so I imagine higher capacity drives use more NAND dies and potentially both sides, the advantage to using lower capacity NAND dies on a smaller drive is it keeps performance high since it can hit more NAND dies at once, which is why the 250GB model is extremely close to performance as the 2TB model would be.

Cons: The $99.99 pricing is really close to a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA SSD (at $107), this makes it a hard recommendation over the better 850 EVO. Only a 3 year warranty (standard for blue products) Its TLC NAND but that is the norm now.

Overall Review: The 250GB model only has an endurance for 100TBW while this is more than an 250GB 850 EVO(75TBW 5 year warranty), Samsung tends to under rate their endurance. 100TBW Is more than enough endurance for pretty much every standard desktop/laptop workload. with a few exceptions. On my 3 year old 840 Pro I am less than 20TBW.

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An amazing quality product6/29/2017 5:20:40 PM

Pros: This has literally all the connectivity you will ever need, A huge number of PCI-Express and SATA power cables, dual EPS12v connectors which are needed on some high end motherboards for serious overclocking. The semi-passive operation means the fan won't start spinning until a 400w load for this unit (at room temperature), and ping extremely slowly until hitting 600w where it will spin up more, but is never loud. You can use the full 1000 watts on the 12v rail(s) alone if you so choose, which since all modern day computer's rely primarily on 12v that is important. A massive 10 year warranty. While these units are expensive, with their quality and the 10 year warranty makes me confident that I could re-use this power supply in future builds.

Cons: At this time 1000w PSU's are largely unnecessary. Modern dual GPU systems would be perfectly fine on a 850w unit, and scaling beyond 2 GPU's doesn't work well. This unit and larger ones make sense if you are running a mining rig.

Overall Review: Depending on sales sometimes the HX1000i is cheaper or just a little bit more and has the ability to use the Corsair Link software, I would recommend getting that unit instead of the price difference is reasonable. Multiple vs Single switch seems largely pointless. Changing it to Multiple limits each individual cable to a max of 40 Amp's, while Single mode allows as much power draw as necessary. Granted changing it to multiple to 40 Amp's shouldn't prevent anything from working (unless you have 2 high end GPU's pulling off the same individual cable). Also I just love that massive power switch at the back.

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Short on connectors, good for a budget build.4/28/2017 2:35:32 PM

Pros: Small size allowing it to fit into any cases that can take ATX power supplies. Relatively inexpensive. Good upgrade from their previous models, which were not that good. All wires are nicely blacked out.

Cons: Only Bronze rated. Variety of power connectors is quite disappointing, only 4x SATA, 4x Molex, 24pin Motherboard, 8 Pin Motherboard, and PCI-Express 6+2. I would have really much prefered to see another 2 or 4 SATA power headers If you are looking to use this in a NAS build you will either need splitters or adapters, I would recommend looking else where. Fan is not semi-passive and will occasionally make some noise when spinning at low loads (CPU + 6x2.5" drives) but otherwise it is extremely quiet. The design of the power plug on the back how it is held in by 2 screws actually interfered with my case, I ended up having to take dremel to the case to shave off a few millimeters

Overall Review: Depending on what you are building in (for my instance a small case) getting a PSU with modular cables would be much more beneficial, would allow for easier cable routing and removal of unnecessary cables.

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Good switch for PoE devices1/30/2017 5:12:29 PM

Pros: This is a good 8 port switch 802.3af PoE on ports 1-4 and fully gigabit, this will support most security Camera's, IP Phones and Access Points, keep in mind some AC wave 1 and most if not all AC Wave 2 require 802.3at PoE. You also get maximum throughput on all ports at the same time many lower end switches are not capable of that. Like all Netgear switches, a nice solid metal case, and fanless, and easily wall mountable. I like the power jack on the back but some people prefer all the ports and the power jack on one side. LED notifications for PoE power draw and if you are maxing out the devices PoE capability. 9k Jumbo frames support great for maxing out your throughput

Cons: Not 802.3at but you know this when looking at the product No web managed interface for VLAN's or trunking. Confusing warranty status, Newegg lists a 1 year warranty which Netgear's website lists a 3 year hardware warranty.

Overall Review: This is a good product if you need a little expansion for security camera's, IP Phones or compliant wireless access points, or if you just want a good switch with PoE capabilities. If you want something with more power or more PoE ports in an 8 port switch look at Netgears GS510TP.

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Well priced hybrid drive12/14/2016 5:57:48 PM

Pros: Has a 8GB of NAND cache for frequently accessed files. 1TB Capacity in a very slim 7mm Z-height. 5 year warranty! This is rather important as many HDD's come with a 2-3 year warranty. Reasonable upgrade for a PS3, PS4 for game storage (SSD's don't make to much sense in consoles) OK upgrade for a laptop only if it has a drive smaller than 1TB, and you need space more than speed and responsiveness. That drive learns what to cache based on use, so the moment you access stuff that is not frequently used and therefore outside of the 8GB buffer you are at normal mechanical HDD speeds and load times.

Cons: Should not be advertised as a "gaming" drive with a 5400 RPM spindle speed, that should be reserved for 7200 RPM drive with cache. The 8GB of cache really isn't enough. It will cover some critical often used Windows files and a few others things but that is it, if something you need to access is not in the cache than this drive performs like a normal 2.5" 5400 RPM HDD. The 8GB of cache isn't enough to make it really stand out from the crowd. You can get a 250GB SSD for this price point (on sale for 69.99) Despite claimed power saving compared to other HDD's it still consumes more power than a SSD, if you are looking to maximize battery life SSD's are really your only route.

Overall Review: -Seagate advertises this as a gaming drive and then in the Specification it lists the drive "For Daily Computing", which are completely different things If you had to choose between this and another non SSHD drive at the same capacity and price point this is an obvious choice as it will be slightly faster in some work loads. If you are looking for something responsive get a SSD This is a bare drive, no included accessories just the drive in an anti-static bag, shipped in bulk packaging.

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