Great speakers6/9/2013 10:32:06 AM

Pros: Sounds great Looks good Arrived with no damage

Cons: Too big to wall mount

Overall Review: Contrary to the "Features" section under "Details", these speakers do NOT have a keyhole or any other wall mounting necessity. You could wall mount them with a clamp style mount, but a lot of those require holes to be drilled into the side of the speaker. They are much larger than I thought they'd be, but I can hardly blame that on Newegg, I just didn't really look up the size. If you're looking to wall mount, go with the 35b's, MUCH smaller, and they have the keyhole. These sound great though. I'm new to the whole Audio arena, but to me, they are the best for the price tag. Oh and wait till they hit the 150$ price point. They go on sale about twice a month. I paid 199 (which IMO they are worth) but you can get them cheaper from here.

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Great monitor!9/15/2010 7:38:05 PM

Pros: Pros? 24", with all three cable formats included, for 200 dollars? YES PLEASE! This thing is great. Clean looking, sturdy, and the clarity is unsurpassed. I got mine with no dead pixels, although its so huge a single one might be hard to spot if its towards the edge. It comes with all three format cables for connecting it to your PC, which that alone shows something for Acer. Most companies dont include those items.

Cons: No cons of any kind! Love this thing.

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Decent keyboard, mouse is a bit small.9/13/2010 8:08:33 AM

Pros: Just picked this up the other day (sorry Newegg, got it at Staples for 30 bucks.) Its decent enough. Basically silent while typing, and its very light weight. First wireless set I have had with on/off switches for the keyboard and mouse which is awesome.

Cons: There are no lights for the keyboard, so you never know if Caps, Num Lock or scroll lock is on unless you find out via use. This is pretty annoying IMO, and was the main reason for my 4 egg review. The mouse is also pretty small for daily usage. My hand cramps up after a half hour or so of use. Haven't tried plugging in another USB wireless mouse to see if that can work...I wouldn't see why not. Brings me to one other point, the keyboard and mouse are tied to the same wireless dongle, so using them separately is out of the picture.

Overall Review: Decent for 30 bucks, although the mouse is a pain and the no lights deal is kind of disappointing.

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Great PSU, but remember, no power cord!9/9/2010 7:55:58 AM

Pros: Excellent PSU at a great price (while on sale anyways). Very quiet with a good size exhaust fan on it. Cables are pretty robust, good quality stuff. Previous reviews mentioned about the supply not being modular. If your new to building, as was I, it doesn't really matter that much. Its a good looking understated piece. If your looking to see an awesome looking PSU through your bulletproof glass window in the side of your case, this might not be the one for you (just judging on looks alone). Its not gaudy and fits right in. Packing was very good, includes a reusable wire tie as well.

Cons: Not particularly a egg breaker con since its mentioned in the features, but apparently I just glazed over'h! This does NOT include a power cable. Keep this in mind if your a first time builder, as you probably don't have many extra lying around.

Overall Review: Excellent PSU for first time builder, easy to install, quiet, good looking piece. Antec quality!

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Great case, even for first time builder!9/9/2010 7:49:29 AM

Pros: Excellent case. Looks great (see cons though). Easy to move around inside. Has tons of hard drive spots (6 I believe), as well as a built in spot for an SSD, which is cool. Both sides are removable via thumbscrews. The case itself includes a bag of thumbscrews as well as more standoffs than needed (It comes with 11 or 12, I only needed 9, as will most people). The hard drive cage is accessible from the front by removing the fan mounts, again via thumbscrews, nice feature. The fans are super quiet, and there is ample space for more (2 more in front of the Hard drive cage, and 1 on the side). Power supply mounts on bottom which is a plus, and the blank drive covers aren't terrible like they are with some cases. Cable management isn't as bad as some are saying, but its not superb either. There is a cutout complete with zip ties, but its a bit out of the way for some cables. Packing was top notch, and as I am coming to see, Newegg really gets on the ball with shipping.

Cons: Not particularly a con, but the paint could be a little better. Mine has a few marks on it, but nothing regularly seen, only in certain light. Wish the instructions were a bit more complete too. It does not mention what type of USB the front hubs are, so its kind of hit or miss on installation if your matching with your Motherboard manual (doesn't mention specific wattage of each pin).

Overall Review: Quiet, works well, and looks good while doing it. Don't hesitate to buy if your looking for a good basic case that doesn't look like it crashed into your home from an alien spaceship.

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