G815 Clicky Keyboard5/25/2021 12:19:59 PM

Pros: -Satisfying keyboard sounds while not being obnoxious -Programmable G Keys -Long keyboard wire (wireless option is available but I prefer wired) -Media controls function for music apps while gaming -Low profile, perfect for those used to typing on laptops or who want more seamless typing -Full number pad -Dimmer for keyboard lights -Customizable keyboard backlights through GForce app

Cons: -GForce app was very buggy. Finally found the answer to endless loading screen on Reddit after a few days of having the keyboard. Keyboard lighting is mostly uncustomizable without the app aside from the M keys at the top. -Desired a little more angle with the adjusters

Overall Review: The keyboard itself has been great. Easy to type on, responsive, satisfying, and great lighting options. The worst part of the product is its reliance on the GForce app which has been buggy/not working for a lot of Logitech consumers. I finally found the solution for my computer on Reddit a few days after having the keyboard.

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