A worthy investment5/26/2013 4:44:42 PM

Pros: -gives you total control over charging, lets you match batteries according to the charge they will hold, lets you remove duds from your stock -you can break in your batteries so they give you the longest life -gives you all the data you need to know for sure if your batteries are duds or gems -longevity and durability. I've been using mine for 7 years on a weekly basis. -it's never damaged a battery or been damaged by a battery in all that time. -

Cons: not for use with lithium cells

Overall Review: I first bought mine in 2006 to keep my bike light's AA batteries charged. Considering I use my bike light five days a week, all year around, and I'm still using the original Maha charger, I'd say I can attest to it's longevity. If you're impatient and insist on charging your batteries in 10 minutes, go buy a cheap quick charger and keep wondering why your batteries won't hold a charge after a few uses, or save your time and just stick to throwaways alkalines. If you rely on multiple sets of AA or AAA cells on a regular basis, invest in this.

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