Satisfactory, but not outstanding performance8/21/2021 11:49:55 PM

Pros: It was easy to migrate my operating system (Win10) to this drive, and it functions exactly the same as the 500g 970 evo + i was using before.

Cons: I expected (unrealistically, as it turns out) that this drive would load windows faster or launch programs faster that the 970 it replaced, but it doesn't. Benchmark testing confirms that the 980 pro is negligibly faster. I'm not really disappointed, but i'm not really impressed either.

Overall Review: So far it's as reliable as the 970 evo plus.

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Good graphics card6/4/2021 11:11:30 PM

Pros: Approximately a 50% increase in framerates over my GTX 1060. No heat issues, quiet fans, pretty compact form factor.

Overall Review: This is a fine card at the pre-covid price, i'm glad i bought it before the cost went bonkers.

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Radeon RX 550 4gb6/13/2020 3:58:08 PM

Pros: I used this card in a build for a home theatre PC. After installing/updating the Win10 drivers, it's working very well with my 55" TV using HDMI.

Overall Review: Very good budget card.

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USB 3 front panel12/24/2019 12:32:16 AM

Pros: NIce to have high-speed USB at the front of an older case.

Cons: It'd be nice if the unit would have threaded holes in the right places for mounting in a 3.5" bay.

Overall Review: It works well, but could be easier to physically install.

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