Best compact case I ever had2/13/2020 1:29:36 AM

Pros: High airflow indeed PSU shroud to hide your psu best case for compact and simple build can accommodate full atx board but should be simple build-custom loop not advisable dual 120mm fan AIO is perfect fit very good for tidy and minimalist builder

Cons: none so far unless u want to build a custom loop and full atx board then this is not for you

Overall Review: would highly recommend, P300A resolves the issues of P300. i have P300. P300 strict the fan airflow due to the front cover and it sucking right in front of that cover so the fan has less air, but since they changed it to mesh, outside air will pass through right away, top and rear fans as exhaust to dissipate hot air inside the case. That solution is so brilliant. Now iam planning to drill some holes on that front panel of that p300

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is this the ryzen 1600 AF?2/4/2020 9:45:37 AM

Pros: Just gonna answer my own question. YES THIS IS RYZEN 5 1600 AF. Order arrive today 4 Feb 2020.

Cons: NONE run as intended

Overall Review: is this the ryzen 1600 AF? Indeed the R5 1600AF

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My 1st ever AMD card1/6/2020 2:28:28 AM

Pros: Plugged in to mobo, run Amd software, get the Asrock tweaker on Asrock page, choose from OC, standard or silent (do not get the Asrock carddriver). Believe in the power of AMD Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.3 and boom all runs well. 40c on idle, 60-70c on gaming on highest settings possible. I didnt mind the light effects presets of the card out of the box (cuz thats the only light i have on my pc) not a fan of RGB though, tried to download the Polychrome Sync to see if I can turn it off, but yeah it works well, but uninstall it again and let that small light lit my case, it didnt bother me even on darkest room while gaming so i let him do his own thingy.

Cons: Dunno if this is a con. during that time (mid DEC 2019) coudnt find any source of review even on youtube. Im the person whos not particular regarding on the size cm, mm etc , but for comparison, i simply compared it to my old msi gaming x 1050ti dual fan, its a bit longer, checked on my pc case choice if it can accommodate that size, since it can, i buy it. The 1st thing I totally said first time on my hand is. Its fat and narrow, beefy but narrow. though its fat still it only consume 2 bracket at the back, my msi gaming x is more wider. Wider fans. Triple fans but it is small fans. I tend to hear the fan noise on heavy load but since i wear headset, then its fine for me. Fan noise on heavy loads only base on auto settings and long usage but temps remains 60-70-80ish depends on room conditions. Im on a budget so sometimes i didnt open my room ac. Its a power hungry card consuming 210-280 watts on my monitor 1080p and sometimes up to 330w tested on 1440p settings-friends monitor (at least on games that I played) and I think my electric bill will rise up. lol So if you are also considering the electric bill usage dont buy this. But you can lower it by lowering your game settings so the card wont work harder and dont consumer more power but of course your compromising the gaming experience. Should at least make the fan a bit bigger, its tiny, at least for me.

Overall Review: Satisfied over all. Good for compact case/build. R5 3600 running on stock cooler no aio This card Phanteks P300 case with rear stock fans Gigabyte UD X570 rev 1.0 Viper 4000mhz 2x8GB 750w PSU 1TB viper m.2 3 extra case fans MSI optix mag 272R 1080p 165hz CPU and GPU temp 35-40 idle/60-70c gaming I still didnt oc my cpu. GPU on oc mode presets on Asrock tweaker. OC ram to 4000mhz xmp profile 1. Everything else on auto.

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