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Annoying to use with a PC3/6/2021 6:59:25 PM

Pros: It's comfortable. It's a really good controller. It works with most games I've tried it with.

Cons: The battery life is garbage. AA Alkaline batteries last 2 days of heavy use. AA NiMH batteries require a recharge every two days, of heavy use. The right stick just went wonky on me. It's not drift, it's straight up 'ghost input'. Right stick will go to 100% on the X axis, IE, "look down as fast as possible". Does it using the xbox dongle, bluetooth dongle, and plugged in using USB. Going to have to RMA it.

Overall Review: If the industry (both Microsoft and Sony) were to demand higher quality internal components, this would seriously not be a problem.

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Easier on AMD than Intel... But not by much12/27/2020 1:47:47 PM

Pros: So, I've got two of these. One is on an old Intel Haswell based Xeon, the second on a Ryzen 9 3900XT. The install process on the Intel platform was... Slightly more difficult. The backplate had to be replaced, and the adapter is slightly finicky, but doable. The install process on the AMD platform was easier. Just two plates screw on to the stock backplate, and you plonk the cooler in place and secure it. Haswell machine ran at a maximum of 60c during a marathon 66 hour long transcode project. R9 3900XT runs at around 77c during normal use, but HandBrake can push it into the low 80's.

Cons: The Intel platform allows the cooler to be installed facing in 4 directions, the AMD only gives the choice for two directions. In my case, on the Intel machine, the HSF exhausts straight up, into my top exhaust fans, whereas on the AMD system, I couldn't do this, and had to orient the cooler blowing straight back, at my rear exhaust fan.

Overall Review: I've got two of them. When I build a third machine, with a 5900X, I'll probably thief the Xeon's HSF, and replace it with a lower spec Noctua cooler, since this thing is massive overkill for a Haswell based CPU.

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Fast, and uh... Slient? I dunno. It's a NVMe SSD.12/27/2020 1:41:42 PM

Pros: It's fast. It runs reasonably cool with the integrated HS. It's consistent. Get really really close to the advertised read and write speeds.

Cons: Integrated HS is a bit bulky, and not easily removable. But it does the job, and it's small enough that it does fit under my GPU's HSF, so no real complaints here.

Overall Review: I was concerned seeing the 50c load temps, but a quick peek at Corsair's website shows the thermal maximum for the drive in operation is 70c, so 50 is no problem for it. I've got games installed on this drive, as well as have run video editing off this drive, and both have been extremely smooth and easy. Even Cyberpunk 2077 hasn't had any kind of texture load in problems... Planning on purchasing a second one of these in the future, for a 5900X build. :D

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Fast and hot12/27/2020 1:37:10 PM

Pros: Runs at or above the listed boost clocks for me, and works really well for rendering. Best part, it's absolutely stupid consistent. I can run Blender Benchmark over and over, and the score is identical run to run...

Cons: Slightly on the hot side. It's a HEDT part, and it's 12cores of goodness across two CCX's, so this is to be expected. I paired mine up with a NH D15S and unless I'm running HandBrake, the temps stay under 77c. HandBrake, for some reason, gets me up into the low 80's...

Overall Review: I got this on sale. I actually thought it was a 3900X, until I was showing my friend the box on Zoom and noticed I got the XT version. The X version was out of stock, and this was stupid cheap, so I grabbed it. No regrets. :D I do wish that for socket AM5, AMD goes with LGA instead of ZIF. I have had the CPU pull out of the socket while removing the HSF, and that's not a fun experience. D:

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Great board for Ryzen 3000 or Ryzen 500012/27/2020 1:32:51 PM

Pros: I really have enjoyed using this board. I ended up grabbing a Ryzen 9 3900XT for it, and am running some PC 3600 memory, no problem with standard XMP profile. This board shipped to me with the very first Ryzen 5000 compatible BIOS already flashed to it, however, I was having some minor problems with memory speeds being mis-reported in Windows, a BIOS update fixed this.

Cons: Kinda hard to access some of the board's connectors with a HSF installed. I mean, it's a Micro ATX board, so it's not going to be spacious anyway, but I had to remove the heatsink to get the fan plugged in. Would like one more fan header at the bottom of the board.

Overall Review: When I initially purchased this, I planned on doing dual M.2 SSD's, both Gen 4 X4, but the specs listing showed only one M.2 slot... This is fixed, but worded kind of badly on the specs page. The third M.2 WiFi port isn't listed at all, either, which I find disappointing, I would like to know what speeds it supports, or if it just supports WiFi modules. I had initially planned to purchase one for a 5900X based gaming machine, and then a B550 version of this board for a rendering machine with the 3900XT, but now I think I'm going to just get a second one of these. They cost nearly the same, and the board has all the features I want...

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Awful experience12/15/2018 10:22:39 PM

Pros: Lets you read, reflash, and otherwise tinker with your Car's ECU, when it works.

Cons: USB connector is a Micro, which is very annoying. I have a hojillion cables, but only 2 Micros. The cable the product comes with is not a high quality part. The connector is really loose when plugged in, and 80% of the time, it doesn't even make contact with all of the pins, and therefore, will not connect. The product does not connect to my car's ECU very well. It's extremely hit or miss. Sometimes, I'll plug the USB cable in, and the OpenPort2.0 will instantly connect to my laptop, and then when I plug the OpenPort2.0 into my OBDII port, it will instantly connect to my ECU. This has happened once. Every other time I've attempted to use this thing, either the USB connector doesn't make contact, and the LED's on the OpenPort2.0 will never light up, or it absolutely refuses to connect to the ECU. Other times, while driving (logging), the connection will randomly drop, and the lights on the OpenPort2.0 will go out, and there's NOTHING that can be done to get it to reconnect.

Overall Review: This style of OBDII/CAN interface module is extremely picky. The OpenPort1.3 had a built in cable, which reduces the number of potential failure points. I understand that that made this difficult for connecting to newer vehicles, but seriously, this is a seriously flawed product. Even with a different USB cable, this thing just has the biggest problem in the world connecting to anything. I'm probably going to remove the casing from this, check all of the SMD's, resolder anything that looks loose, then I'm going to remove the USB header, and solder a USB cable directly onto the PCB. Then hot glue the entire thing into a huge brick. And hopefully, that will fix half of my problems.

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Works straight out of the box1/7/2018 1:56:09 PM

Pros: Connects quite quickly when plugged in. I didn't think I'd need the microSD slot, but I do have an old MicroSD card, and therefore, I can state that both card readers work just fine on my reader.

Cons: The MicroSD slot is 'upside down' compared to the SD slot. Not really a 'CON', but more of a minor annoyance. Took me a few minutes to figure out that the card wasn't going in because it was upside down. This makes sense, as the connector traces don't have to go any further than they absolutely have to this way.

Overall Review: The included USB connector cover is nice. Put the cover on, and toss it into a drawer, and it should be ready to go. A cover for the card slots would have been nice, but not really necessary.

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It works1/7/2018 1:53:11 PM

Pros: Plug things in, flip the switch, plug it into the wall, it gives power to whatever you want.

Cons: No non-stick-feet included with it. I bought this to put on my desk, and my multiple monitors were plugged into it, but smooth plastic on glass does not go well. It would slide off quite easily. Easily remedied with some drawer liner, but still it was a bit of a pain.

Overall Review: Would buy this again. The switches aren't the best quality, but they light up when on, and it matches the black of my desk. Plus, the rounded ends are aesthetically pleasing to me, so yes, would recommend.

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Great UPS1/1/2018 12:10:35 PM

Pros: High capacity battery, good output, no issues when switching from utility to battery, and back

Cons: The control software is... Rather dated. The PC Power Panel thing that CyberPower has for this UPS hasn't really been updated for at least 3 years. It works just fine, so this is less of a con than it could be.

Overall Review: I would recommend this. My old UPS was pulling down too far under gaming, but with this UPS my gaming PC has an hour of uptime when idle, and around 20 minutes of uptime while gaming.

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RammyMcRamFace12/10/2017 11:30:13 AM

Pros: It works! It was reasonably priced.

Cons: Nothing thus far.

Overall Review: This is the first G Skill RAM I've ever purchased, used, or even owned. I bought it for a Dell SFF PC that I recently picked up for a basic home server, to replace the 2 GB of DDR3 800 memory the machine came with. My expectations were reasonable, and this RAM met them, and for a good price. I'll be buying another kit to populate my other two slots on my board. :3

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Meh OS12/10/2017 11:24:20 AM

Pros: It's Windows. It works. It's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than Windows XP, or Vista, or 7, when they were new. Sheesh, I think I paid 4x more for XP Pro than Win 10...

Cons: It's Windows, but this is like... The toddler version. Not because it's the Home version, but Windows 10, in general, is aimed at teenage girls, or old people. Why do I say this? Forced windows updates. Teenage girls and old people never update their systems (well, yes, yes they do, I'm being sarcastic here), so Microsoft decided that allowing users to decide when to install updates, and when to reboot their own machines, was unacceptable. I have run into multiple instances where my machine rebooted itself at night, causing a render project to be totally lost. Having a 36 hour render fail, and have to be started over from scratch, is a colossal waste of time. Thanks, Microsoft.

Overall Review: I prefer Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and even Windows 7 over Windows 10. If Microsoft put the Windows 8.1 style of Windows update options in Windows 10, I would gladly buy a copy of Windows 10 for my gaming PC. As it is, I think I will buy a few more 8.1 Pro keys are hold off on getting Windows 10 until I'm forced to abandon 8.1, by which time, Windows 11 (or maybe... Maybe Windows 9!) will be available.

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Awesome monitor for general use12/10/2017 11:17:57 AM

Pros: Bright, LED LCD, with a decent viewing angle, good inputs, good price, and overall impressed me.

Cons: The OSD is a bit frustrating to figure out. I have two of these plugged into one PC, and getting them to both have the same screen characteristics, ie brightness, contrast, etc., was a bit of a trial. The OSD timed out too fast, so I had to change the timeout, then it was a piece of cake.

Overall Review: I have 2 of these. The VESA mount, reasonable response time, and 60hz make them acceptable for gaming, especially older games that are game engine locked to 60 fps. The nice, bright screens blew away the Dell LED LCD I replaced. My Dell monitor at 100% brightness is dimmer than this panel at 40%! It's also quite old. I plan on buying 2 more of these to replace my remaining Dell monitor, and populate the fourth VESA mount on my 4 monitor stand. As such, I have nothing to say about the included stand, as I did not even take it out of it's plastic cover, and immediately sentenced it to life in my storage unit.

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Funky, but functional12/10/2017 11:06:31 AM

Pros: 10 USB 3.0 ports, two with fast charging. Has a power button that works! Included power adapter has a long enough cable. Has indicator lights for when the hub has a device connected.

Cons: Requires the power adapter to function. Uses a non-standard USB cable for the uplink USB port (the one that plugs into your PC). Instructions are a bit difficult to understand at first. Ad page didn't quite convey how the 'fast charging' works.

Overall Review: Overall, this is actually a really nice product. The cons don't really detract for me, at least until the included USB uplink cable fails and then the product won't work at all anymore... But who knows when that will be? So, what's not really clear about this: The USB fast charging works when the PC is off, or the hub is unplugged from your PC. When the hub is plugged in and your PC is running, the fast charge ports function just like any other USB port, albeit at a lower charge voltage (standard USB 3.0 spec). The hub doesn't work when the 2a power brick/adapter isn't plugged in. This thing has some heft to it, so it's solid built, and not built into the USB hub, and the cable is long enough to actually be useful. The Power switch controls the entire hub, not just the fast charge ports. Power switch off = nothing connects or charges. The only real con here is the non-standard USB B style connector for the hub itself. Though, it's possible that a standard USB B cable would work, but I don't have one on hand to try out. The included cable is slightly on the short side. As the hub itself is powered, it's possible that you could use an extension cable with it, and it should work just fine. Overall, I'm impressed with the hub, and I'm going to get a second one for my server machine. Oh, and this shipped direct from China, so it did take a few weeks to arrive, but neither the shipper, newegg, nor anyone else can control how fast or slow customs processes stuff entering the US, so that is not a ding against the company. Giving it full egg review because it exceeded my expectations for the price point of the item. :3

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Awesome Keyboard11/16/2017 9:09:16 PM

Pros: Cherry MX Blue switches RED backlight Plug and play Actually works with Corsair's Utility Engine Brushed Aluminum chassis is not a fingerprint magnet

Cons: It's not RGB (really, not a con, if it was, I'd just set it to Red backlight, anyway...) Slightly spendy Requires two USB ports if you're using USB 2.0 Key switches are not water proof, water resistant, or even water-anything. Spill ANYTHING on this keyboard, and things will short out.

Overall Review: This is like... My... 9th corsair K series keyboard? I actually have a second K70 next to the new one, the older one being Cherry MX Red switches, and red backlit as well. I really like this keyboard, but I don't actually use the keyboard for gaming, I have a gamepad for that. The key caps are rather durable, I've worn out several sets on older keyboards, and that generally takes a lot of typing to do. The Q E R keys have a set of 'gaming' key caps, and there are two extra W A S D key caps, along with a key puller included with the keyboard, so if you're going to be gaming a lot, the 'gaming caps' can keep your regular, typing caps from wearing out too fast. The 'gaming caps' are textured, though, so if you don't like it... Anyway, these keyboards will last forever if you keep drinks away from them. If you do spill anything on the keyboard, it will short out switches, but if you dry it out, and it isn't too sticky, you might get lucky and get your switches back. The Mute and Volume roller both work right out of the box, but the other media keys require third party programs or extra tweaking of the Corsair Utility Engine to get setup properly for stuff like Youtube. Overall, it's a solid keyboard, and I recommend to anyone and everyone.

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Happy so far!9/15/2014 8:21:23 PM

Pros: It works! Intel LAN, 4 RAM slots, Haswell support, lots of USB ports. Simple color scheme (doesn't look like a clown puked on it).

Cons: BIOS fan control kinda sucks

Overall Review: Motherboards really are the heart of computers. A good board is needed for a good system. If you have high quality components (CPU, vid card, etc), but a bad board, your system can really have performance issues. Luckily, this board has so far been extremely good for me. The USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports are sufficient for just about anything you can throw at it. Plus, it has a number of onboard USB headers, which I'm thankful for, as my new case has a pair of USB 2.0 and 3.0 top ports. I initially wasn't even going to plug them in, but I changed my mind, and my joystick (which gets put away after use) is plugged into the top of my case. I also put two extra USB addin plates on the other two USB 2.0 headers, giving me 4 extra ports on the back of my case. The RAM slots are really close to the mounting screw holes. A skinny or standard phillips screwdriver fits past the release tabs, but thicker type screwdrivers, especially those with changeable bits, will either just barely fit at an angle, or won't fit at all. Luckily, it's not THAT big of a deal. I have read other reviews on similar 1150 boards, including some from Gigabyte, claiming warped boards, boards that were really flexible, or similar. When I first pulled this out of the box, I actually tested it. It is solid. My board was warped very very slightly, but that is normal. I had no problems installing this board, the CPU, the CPU's HSF, the RAM, my video card, the front panel connectors, USB devices into the headers, or anything else. I bought a new case for this system, and it is black with black hardware. This board's black/dark gray color scheme matched the case, hardware, connectors, and video card very nicely. I haven't got anything against brightly colored boards, but the colors they chose for this board are good IMO. If you're looking for something flashy, this isn't for you (well, you could paint it... Or execute a clown in your case I guess). My only problem is the BIOS fan header settings. Each fan header can be set to Automatic, silent, manual, or full speed. Silent runs the fans at a low speed regardless of temps, full speed runs the fans at 100%. In automatic mode, the BIOS adjusts the fan speeds based on temperatures. While this keeps the system quiet, the fans run at too low of a speed. In manual mode, you basically can change the multiplier for automatic mode. Even at the highest multiplier, the fans don't really kick up enough when under heavy load and temps get a bit high. Mostly, the CPU fan bothers me. It's too loud at full speed, but silent and too hot at maximum manual mode. I also found there to not be quite enough fan headers. I have used Server boards in the past with like 3x10^58 fan headers and still felt the same way, so maybe I just like fan headers too much... This board had a CPU, alt CPU, and 3 system headers. I would really like to see an additional system header near the bottom right of the board, near the one that's already there.

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Whoo fast9/15/2014 8:06:45 PM

Pros: Fast, lots of Cache, low power consumption

Cons: Runs a little warm for my liking

Overall Review: This CPU replaced a C2Q running at 3 ghz. Clock for clock, the i5 does a LOT more per clock cycle than the C2Q could. With this CPU, I can run Flight Simulator X at absolute max settings, and it gives decent frame rates. I had to turn stuff down on the C2Q, because it didn't have the processing power to keep up. Video card was retained, Geforce TI550. I am using the stock cooler. With the CPU cooler at max speed, I get decent temperatures, but using the automatic setting results in a silent, but hotter, system. While playing CPU intensive games, I have seen temps around 70C. Not gonna burn the house down, but it's a little hotter than I would prefer. I suspect that the heatspreader either has insufficient thermal compound between it and the core, there is a small gap, or the thermal compound is just fail. I tweaked my BIOS to keep my temps at or below 62c while heavily gaming, and I can live with that for now. In the future, I may attempt to remove the heatspreader and apply quality thermal compound to the core/hs contact area. I have no comments on the on-chip Video, I have a discreet card so I disabled the onboard on first boot.

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Low profile!9/15/2014 8:00:58 PM

Pros: Low profile, uses less electricity, good timings

Cons: I can't think of anything!

Overall Review: I bought this kit for a brand new i5 system. My previous system was a C2Q with DDR2. I recently spent around $150 on a pair of 2GB DDR2 sticks for that system. It failed not long after, so I was really shocked to get two 8GB sticks of DDR3 for almost the same price! This RAM uses less electricity. RAM doesn't really add a huge amount of heat to a system, but this does reduce the memory's running temperature. I have no plans to OC or play with memory timings, so this is more than sufficient to play FS X, Minecraft, and various MMO's. In fact, having 16 GB available means I can run MASSIVE modpacks in Minecraft, and it can load it all into RAM. 8GB isn't enough, 16 GB is barely enough. Planning on buying another kit to give me 32 GB to play with!

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Wow... Good drive9/15/2014 7:55:47 PM

Pros: Silent! Low power consumption! Easy to setup, format, and use. Marvell controller.

Cons: Doesn't come with a 3.5" adapter. Luckily, my new case's plastic drive treys had screw mounting holes in the appropriate places to simply screw mount this drive to the trey.

Overall Review: I have used a number of performance drives in the past, notably a 12 drive SCSI array with 10k RPM drives, RAID 0 across a number of single platter SATA drives, and even a 10k RPM SATA drive. This thing is a LOT faster, uses a tiny trickle of electricity, and generates very low heat. I absolutely love this drive, and wish I had purchased more of them! In my computer, I am running this drive along side three 1TB single platter drives and a single platter 500 GB drive. Windows lives on a 1 TB drive, my install files and documents live on another 1 TB drive, the third houses my music, anime on the 500GB, and my games live on the SSD. I play FS X, and due to the massive speed of this drive, the annoying screen flashing while loading files is non-existent. This is also an absolute dream for running MMO's, files load so fast, it smooths out the games remarkably. I would recommend this drive!

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Microsoft OS...9/15/2014 7:49:55 PM

Pros: Fast, easy, smart... Touchscreen support. MS has actually worked fairly hard on support features. When I initially got this running, Win Update wouldn't work. I used the built in Win Update troubleshooting tool, and after literally 30 seconds, Win Update was working.

Cons: Tiles. I don't like them, but not enough to deduct anything from the review.

Overall Review: I have used pretty much every MS OS since Windows 4.1, including Win 95, 98, ME, 2k, XP, Vista, and 7. Compared to Vista, this OS is brilliant (then again, having a toaster in your bath with you would be brilliant compared to Vista). Compared to Win 7, this OS is a decent step up. My biggest pet peeve with previous Windows OS was the fact that they were absolutely crazy expensive. Seeing how MS dropped the price on this OS down to something I would consider reasonable, I decided to pull the trigger. It took me around 15 minutes to get most of the OS set up the way I wanted it. Right Clicking the lower left corner button brings up a menu with lots of really useful stuff for configuring and managing advanced settings. The Tiles are a pain. Luckily, they can be moved, removed, or added at will. For a mouse and keyboard system, the Tiles are not as intuitive as they could be. I am planning on buying a Touch Screen in the future, mostly because my favorite game already supports it, and I suspect the Tiles screen will be more useful then. I have a valid Win 7 Ultimate key, and I had planned on switching back to that if I didn't like Win 8.1. Luckily, I like the way 8.1 works so much that i won't have to go that route.

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Good fans9/15/2014 7:41:56 PM

Pros: Green LED's. Yeah, I dislike red LEDs, and I hate Blue, which means these are perfect. The LED's are bright, but not blindingly so. Being 120mm with hydraulic bearings, they are very quiet. I have these plugged into my board's System Fan ports, and the board's fan controller keeps them spinning around 1400 RPM, and they are silent. System temps are low and stable.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: They are a good choice for a long lasting, quiet fan. A sleeve bearing fan costs half of one of these, but you'll have to replace it several times in this fan's lifetime.

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Awesome features...8/2/2012 10:29:47 PM

Pros: Nice box, nice USB cable, has a built in USB hub.

Cons: Well, aside from it having a jack to power the USB hub, but not the actual power adapter, which is... Um, lame? It was also DOA. Plugged in via USB, it would prevent my computer from POSTing. I used my backup keyboard, booted into Windows, and plugged it in. Then, I started getting this odd problem... I tried to install FireFox, and Windows told me I didn't have permission, I couldn't get past it. I tried running windows update, and wow... It failed! I rebooted without this keyboard plugged in, and everything was still broken. I had to reinstall windows. The worst thing is, I got another CM keyboard, to replace this one. I got a Quick Fire PRO. It, also, was DOA.

Overall Review: Usually, when I get a product from a specific manufacturer, and it is defective, I shrug, and RMA or return it for something else. When I get TWO in a ROW that are bad, I add that manufacturer to my 'do not buy again' list. CM makes okay HSF's, but... I can say for sure that I will never buy another CM keyboard again. I will be returning this for another brand, which is really awesome, because I can't even get the keyboard I really want now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Sarra, We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the trigger keyboard. Does the keyboard turn on at all? Please do make sure the usb is properly clicked onto the usb and you do not see any metal on the back. Try also rebooting and try other usb ports. If all else failed, please have it RMA to get a replacement. If you have any other questions, please talk to us on live chat so we can get any questions answered. All links are below for your reference. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support
External Link(s):
Live Chat
Nice keys8/2/2012 10:22:20 PM

Pros: Nice box, packaging, mechanical backlit keys, fancy cable.

Cons: DOA. Tried 4 different cables, never once powered up, never detected by windows. This wouldn't be such a bad thing, except I just exchanged a CM Trigger to get this one, because the Trigger was DOA too.

Overall Review: I'm going to get a different brand. There are other mechanical backlit keyboards out there, hopefully someone makes one that isn't DOA.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Sarra, We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the keyboard. Please make sure the usb is properly plugged into the keyboard. In addition, try rebooting your computer to reboot the whole system. For any additional questions, please talk to us on live chat. Link below for your reference. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support
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Live Chat
Interesting case, bad PSU7/28/2010 4:47:04 PM

Pros: Decently sized. Can fit boards that are slightly larger than Mini-ITX, barely.

Cons: 1) The PSU sucks, running just an Atom N330, it got very hot 2) As mentioned, slimline optical drives only 3) I found it easier to drill 4 holes and mount a HDD right to the case lid

Overall Review: I've moved my Atom system into another case (ironically, an enormous steel monstrosity that's over 2' tall) and will be turning this into an eSATA external drive enclosure. Some SATA to eSATA brackets, eSATA cables, and some 1 or 2TB drives, and a little modification to the PSU, and this case will have new life. I also modified the PSU with a high flow fan, to prolong the life of the poor thing (I am still forced to use it right now due to another PSU failing). The PSU in general is designed horribly. The fan was garbage, and it's a blow through type fan, not draw through. A good draw through design would be much better... But this PSU is so cheap, it wouldn't matter anyway.

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Wonderful stuff3/13/2010 11:43:02 AM

Pros: Fast, and quite easy to set up.

Cons: Sets fast, and you have to get the mix somewhat correct.

Overall Review: I used this to mount a C2D cooler to a 9800GT video card. Worked wonderfully, although the temps are not quite as good as ceramique alone were. Plus side is that I no longer have to mechanically mount the cooler to the card. Made my project possible. Also note, I've attempted to mix epoxy before and made a huge mess of it, while this stuff was quite easy to mix correctly.

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It is a fan. It moves air. It's loud.3/13/2010 11:38:20 AM

Pros: It moves a lot of air for it's size.

Cons: It's quite loud. Low build quality, fan speed varies by a huge amount at full speed.

Overall Review: I did a volt mod on this fan to reduce the fan speed, and thus, volume. That seems to have fixed the main problem I got with it, I was seeing huge variations in fan speed when I plugged it straight into a molex connector and let it go full tilt (I had it attached to my video card). It was going from 2700RPM to 3300RPM, all on it's own. It also moved about 4X the air I needed, so I used a spare molex extension I had, and wired it so that this fan will only get 7 volts. It now runs a lot lower RPM, and the speed is stable now. It also keeps my video card nice and cool. I needed this fan for it's size. I put a C2D heatsink on a 9800GT videocard, and there was no space for anything larger than this fan between the C2D heatsink and the case's cover. If this fan fails in the next 6 months to year, I honestly won't be surprised.

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