I like the case overall1/3/2019 7:34:14 AM

Pros: -roomy...like seriously you could live in there -the built in rgb is the smoothest transitions i've ever seen -sturdily built....seriously this thing is a tank -great extras like a divided case for extra screws -lots of extra screws if you lose some -very aesthetically pleasing -super smooth hinges on the side panels make working on this thing a dream -panels are easily slid off -antisag bracket is a nice touch for these heavy GPUs -easy setup and and intuitive integration of RGB elements -tons of drive space -spacious PSU shroud -I am air cooling my CPU with a Dark Rock Pro 4 but there is so much room you could easily set up a crazy custom loop in this thing -I like the built in vertical brackets for the GPU

Cons: -weighs a metric ton...kind of expected with glass and high quality construction but man is it heavy. -for 200 bucks it should come with the 90 degree riser cable and SSD brackets -The hyped features like the doors for hiding cables are actually kind of annoying. The SSDs screw into them and the SATA cables and power supply cables are easily caught and crimped if not careful when folding these doors up. -the sliding plates for wiring are a neat idea but in reality they are just kind of a pain. Much rather have the solution in the H700i from NZXT which was one of the other cases i was considering for this build.

Overall Review: I would recommend this case if are into custom liquid but it's not the best for air cooling like I did. Don't get me wrong it is completely adequate but this is built for water. The hype train was huge for this case and I fell in love with the looks immediately. However, I feel at this price point Phanteks should have absolutely given me the SSD brackets and riser cable. That said you do get some nice extras with this case like the divided case and tons of extra thumbscrews and other screws for the system along with 4 HDD trays. the doors on the backside for hiding cables make this case look super clean even if you do a really shoddy job on management but you have to be ULTRA careful not to pinch your cables when you close them. All in all this is a very nice premium case with a few things I believe Phanteks could improve on. Would recommend.

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Wow!1/3/2019 7:08:43 AM

Pros: -bright screen -cool features like PIP -Crisp image -144hz refresh rate -easy assembly -great bang for your buck -zero dead pixels

Cons: -no vertical adjustment -useless LED in the back that I can only imagine added to the cost

Overall Review: So, I wasn't expecting much when I got this monitor. I've never had a high refresh rate monitor and my build budget was swelling fast and closing on the $3,000 mark so I decided to cut costs on the monitor. When I set up the monitor I was blown away by the brightness of the display and the crispness of the image. I looked closely for dead pixels because I was sure there'd be at least one as I've never heard of this brand but there were zero. I was a little miffed when I fired up a game and saw that I was only getting 60fps with my 2080 but soon figured out you had to set it to 144hz in the control panel. After that everything looked butter smooth even though I was using an Nvidia card and wasn't using the Freesync feature. Viotek has absolutely won me over. The viewing angles on this monitor are surprising as well. I wasn't familiar with VA panels but it proves to be nearly as good as my previous IPS monitor. I 100% recommend this monitor to anyone and I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

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The card works but everything else has been Gigabyte'd up11/29/2018 9:09:21 PM

Pros: -so 2080 is basically a 1080ti with added turing cores...so it's good at gaming -aesthetically it's nice -LEDs on the fan blades is a cool idea

Cons: -Gigabyte software is just the worst. the lettering his hard to read, there are monitoring charts are meh at best, when you run the diagnostic to see what optimal OC is you just get a line with no reference on a graph so it could literally be over 9000 and you'd never know. Just garbage programming and user experience. -My LED's randomly lose their settings and I'll come home to an orange LED scheme on my graphics card when every other light in my pc is blue. Why...why is the easiest thing on a graphics card to get right going wrong here? -this is the thickest freaking card i've ever seen. it's a triple slot card. a fact I didn't see until after i bought it. Triple slot....so that means even in my $200 Phanteks Evolv X case with BUILT IN vertical mounting section it won't work because it's three deep which would just suffocate the card. -the only reason i bought this card was to save 100 dollars and I wish so bad I'd just bought the Asus one like i planned. I can't even send this piece of aggravation back for a refund from newegg they will just let me get another garbage card.

Overall Review: -don't buy it. it's just 3 pounds of disappointment.

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Great product and well thought out11/20/2018 1:57:52 PM

Pros: - They use two different lengths of cable so when the natural curve in the cable goes into the back plane of the case the top set of cables don't get all messy and stay where they are supposed to....great thinking on CableMod's part. - The cables are stiff to retain the shape and have no droop. - If you are spending big money on a nice machine these cables will be the cherry on top. Super nice and a great product.

Cons: - Kind of expensive for cables but some poor guy has to sleeve each one so I guess it's not that bad. I dunno, I just feel everything has to have at least some negative and this is the only thing I could think of really.

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Solid PSU8/19/2008 6:41:38 PM

Pros: Easy to install (never really had one that wasn't), power connectors are bundled very neatly making for a tidy inside of the case.

Cons: none really

Overall Review: power to spare!

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Envy of the lan party!8/19/2008 6:39:28 PM

Pros: This thing is sexah! Fairly spacious inside with a couple inches to spare for my 8800GTS Nvidia card. Very solid case, no sharp edges that I ran into. The easy lock HD system makes installing HDD's a snap.

Cons: The locking mechanism for the PCI cards kinda sucks. It wouldn't close all the way without a fight if I had my sound card in.

Overall Review: I was a bit worried about air flow with the doors being so large but the front chassis fan pulls air fairly well around the doors and it has room for my zalman ball fan but I had to take the vent tubing off.

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