Great TV with some drawbacks7/11/2013 6:46:36 AM

Pros: - Sharp image with great colors after tweaking - Great 3D and options (includes glasses) - Aesthetically wonderful. Very thin bezel. - Decent built-in speakers - MagicRemote works like a Wii Remote. It's not perfect but it does a good job. Recommend replacing cheap included batteries with Energizers. - Smart TV features work well. Included apps are excellent. (Netflix works great) - Auto-update for TV firmware

Cons: - With EdgeLit technology, there is a noticeable clouding and light bleed along some edges. Please keep in mind that if you have this issue, THE TV IS NOT BAD. This is a side-effect of this type of technology. If you want to eliminate this, get a Plasma or backlit LED TV. Every type of TV has its downsides. - Blacks are not as strong as a plasma - Interface could be a bit slow to respond but it's not that bad.

Overall Review: TV gets a 4 because the clouding and light bleed was disappointing. Once you get around it, it's not that bad and the TV quality is so good that you won't really be bothered by it.

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