Great box for the price4/10/2014 9:54:53 PM

Pros: -Cheap! -Small -LOW POWER! (9.25W @idle,~ 30W @100% CPU)

Cons: -Lacking processing power

Overall Review: I bought this to set up a windows 8 box running hyper-v with a virtual linux server. This is only for personal use. This box does everything great, until you throw some real work at it. That's when it falls flat on its face. Windows update constantly hangs because it just doesn't have enough processing power. It's just slow, and you must be patient. But hey, this is a Celeron processor, so for the price, this is awesome. I figure I can just upgrade the machine to a better one, if I ever need more processing power. Easy swap of msata drive and memory into new box. I put a Mushkin Atlas 120GB msata SSD along with 8GB of Corsair value memory. Windows 8 takes less than 9 seconds to boot.

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Unbelievably awesome2/7/2014 9:33:33 PM

Pros: Simple hardware, complex enough software, SUPERB support

Cons: Blocking or allowing certain addresses must be done by puitting each address into an object. Multiples must be put into a group, then a group can be added to a firewall rule. There's no way to add a raw address to a rule, nor is there a way to add a raw address to an address group. Meaning if you have 10 addresses to block, you have to add 10 address objects, then add an address group, then add those 10 addresses to the group. It's a bit over-complicated It has no way to specify certain settings for DHCP clients. I use this in my home in conjunction with my office where we have a couple USG50's. But it doesn't support upnp, so I have a secondary router that handles xbox traffic for the 5 xboxes in the house. Each xbox has to have a static IP configuration rather than me being able to specify that each DHCP reservation has a different gateway address.

Overall Review: Their support is awesome and free. When I call they absolutely never ask for a serial number, and don't care how old the device is. They are quick to log into the device and help with any configuration or troubleshooting. Because of this, I will continue to buy ZyXel devices for our network.

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What a terrible company2/6/2014 7:48:24 PM

Pros: It works

Cons: Sling Media is a terrible company

Overall Review: I have been using this for several months. I got an email from Sling asking me to write a review to post on their web site. Here is the review I posted: "Not as great as I expected. I bought my first slingbox (the solo) about 10 years ago. It was such a great device then, and continues to be a great device today. I bought the 350 in order to step up to a higher quality picture. What I ended up with was a marginally improved picture, with an absolutely terrible web interface player. It's always been pretty bad, but now with the 350 I can no longer use the desktop software. It was so much better than the web based plugin, plus it seems as if I have to update the plugin every time I use it, which just takes forever. The Chrome plugin is buggy, and doesn't work well within a multi-monitor setup. When you make it full screen, you can't see your mouse cursor on the other monitor. I reported this bug months ago and Sling has yet to fix the issue. What also drives me nuts is that on the iPad player, when I'm at home, it absolutely never automatically selects the right quality. I always have to manually select it even though it's on auto mode. The player also seems to auto change the aspect of the video signal both on the web and iPad. If you compare the picture to what's on the actual TV, some pictures are perfect, and others you can tell are squished or stretched. Would I recommend this device? Yeah, especially at the price. It's just not as good as I expected." A couple days later I got an email from Sling saying: "Your review has been moderated. It cannot be published to the web site, but... Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!" It didn't meet their guidelines because it's not a hugely positive review. Sling Media is attempting to make their product look better on their site than it actually is. They will obviously only publish 5 star glowing reviews. So now, I'm posting terrible reviews on every web site I can. Thanks for being a great company, Sling. Thanks for contacting me and asking what you could do to make my experience better. Thanks for taking the time to actually fix the problems that exist in your product. Oh wait... you didn't do any of those things.

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Not what I expect from Mushkin2/5/2014 2:35:21 PM

Pros: It's an SSD, and I got a pretty good deal on it for $110.

Cons: It doesn't come anywhere near meeting the stated specs. Highest read speed I've ever gotten was about 200MB/sec (SATA III), and best write speed I can get is about 50MB/sec. I've had it for 2 years and 3 months, and still works really well, but based on other reviews I'm starting to wonder how much longer it will last.

Overall Review: I used to buy Mushkin memory exclusively. I used to drive right down to their office in downtown Denver and pick up memory. People there used to know me by name. Then they moved to a cheaper part of town. I bought their power supplies and had nothing but issues. I've had tons of issues with their memory too. Mushkin, to me, has become a name I no longer trust, and after this SSD, it will be the end of my purchases from Mushkin.

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Pretty awesome1/20/2013 10:44:15 AM

Pros: Does what it says. Works well.

Cons: Fan is LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD. Need I say more? Noisiest component in the entire case. I replaced it with an Antec TrueQuiet fan, and it not only pushes more air, it's much quieter.

Overall Review: Just purchased this for my couple year old LGA 1366 i7 950 processor with the OEM heatsink and fan (no overclocking). But before the install, I wanted to make sure this was worth the money, so I did a few tests. I pegged all processors and monitored temperatures after several minutes with the OEM heatsink and fan. Max temp was 82C. I then swapped for the H60, and ran the same test. Max temperature was 60C. I'd say that a 22 degree difference under 100% load, is pretty substantial, and worth the money. Especially considering that this is the lowest end cooler you can get from Corsair.

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Perfect!1/19/2013 9:08:22 AM

Pros: Easy to set up. Nice long cables. Each cable labeled. No noise from any fans when adjusted. Matches the front fascia of my Antec eleven hundred case, perfectly (aside from the size of the mesh holes)

Cons: Haven't found any cons yet.

Overall Review: Wish it had just one more fan controller adjustment. Also wish it didn't have the LED on it, but that's a personal thing.

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Impressive!1/19/2013 9:04:06 AM

Pros: What a great case. Moved up from an Antec nine hundred, which I have built over a dozen computers with. Lots of room for everything I have. I'm running 3 3.5" HDs, and 1 SSD. One thing I didn't see anywhere in the description is that this hat spots for 2 SSDs up front, above the 6 HD bays. No brackets required. I love the cable routing around back of the motherboard, just wish they had made the channel behind the motherboard a tiny bit wider for extra cable room.

Cons: Just a few annoyances in comparison to the nine hundred: -Ordered Antec fans for up front, and they touch the air filter and rub against it, meaning I can't use the air filter. Bummer. 1-2mm of extra room would have made the difference. -Right side cover does not latch on to the back side once slid into place without screws in. This means any cables pressing outward will make putting the cover back on, a two hand job. Must hold the cover in place while putting screws in. -Having openings on the covers is great, but if you don't use fans there, having them open reduces airflow through the case. Had to figure out another way to cover these holes, since that side of the case is sitting against my desk. I used the included protective plastic for the plexiglass and cut to fit. -Included fan setup isn't anywhere near as good as the nine hundred, but this could be a positive for some. The included fans have no speed adjustment, where the nine hundred came with 4 fans all having 3 speeds. The fan distribution point is the most pointless thing ever. It only allows you to add 2 more fans, when the case can hold 7 additional. Strange. I eliminated it and purchased a fan controller for all the fans, and hooked them all to that. I do, however, LOVE that they included a switch on the 120mm fan that lets you turn off the LEDs. They are angled in such a way that when I walk in my dark office, they are way too bright and shine right in your eyes.

Overall Review: Wish I could find an adapter for the USB3 plug to USB2... My motherboard, though it has USB3, doesn't have a USB3 header.

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Not really sure yet1/17/2013 9:51:49 PM

Pros: Great modular cable setup. Nice flexible cables. Longer than my old power supply. Nice black color and even black screws included. Nice accessories bag for the extra cables.

Cons: Corsair PSU dies when resuming from S3 sleep mode. Did not do this with my old PSU. Have to switch off power, flip back on. If system does not use hybrid sleep (hibernation data saved to disk), you lose everything that was in memory. Basically, sleep is a useless function.

Overall Review: Submitted ticket to Corsair, hopefully they get back to me with a solution. Research shows that this is an extremely common issue with Asus boards, but it is exclusive to Corsair PSU's and Asus boards, and is inconsistent. This computer is nearly 3 years old and never had this issue until I changed the power supply. I'm somewhat regretting it, even though it was absolutely necessary.

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Pretty impressed12/6/2011 12:56:45 PM

Pros: Bigger than all the rest of the Mini-ITX cases. Uses slim sata to save space. Can fit a double height video card with ease. High quality case, high quality power supply.

Cons: Front panel must be removed to clean air filter. Motherboard standoffs use non-standard fine-thread screws, and are NOT replaceable. Case fan is 3-wire, 4-wire for better control would be better.

Overall Review: I bought a Core i3 processor, and the OEM heat-sink and fan work perfectly. Still almost an inch of space left for a taller heat-sink. Be sure to get a bracket for a 2.5" drive if you are installing an SSD, and ignore the picture Newegg posted here that shows a slim-sata adapter is included. DO NOT buy an angled slim sata cable like I did or the drive will not be flush with case front.

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