Best Case I've ever owned2/21/2018 9:36:21 AM

Pros: Where to start? ---VISUALS--- -While this is subjective, the case is stunning. The top and front are black hardened high-quality plastic, the back-plate is stout metal, and the side is tempered glass. The entire case looks and feels high-quality. -I like the option of being able to display your SSDs in the side glass panel. There's also 2 spots in the back to mount SSDs if you choose not to display them. -The power button RGB color can be changed with the front panel button ---QUALITY--- -The quality of this case is absolutely superb. It doesn't appear Phanteks cut any corners in the build, both inside and outside of the case. There's nothing with this case that feels cheap. -All interior and parts are quality metal, with the exceptions of a few of the lock-in-points for CD-ROMs/front panels and such - which are plastic. -All panels are nice and flushed together. ---FUNCTIONALITY--- -Cable management was a breeze by including multiple large rubber grommet openings, various miscellaneous openings for other wires, and by having multiple preinstalled Velcro straps and tie-down points on the back. The case also comes with additional Velcro straps and zip-ties. -The entire case is filtered. The top, front, and bottom of the case have included magnetic air-filters. -All panels are easy to remove (with a slight exception of the glass panel due to it's weight and attach points) -The case came with preinstalled spacers for an ATX motherboard, and includes additional spacers for an e-ATX motherboard. You can easily move these to other positions for other sized motherboards. -The PSU cover is easily removable by it being attached with 3 thumb screws on the back. -I used a 280mm AIO and it fit on the top just fine. RAD and fan placements are endless. ---OTHER--- -There's a built-in power hub on the back plate where you can install all of your RGB/fans. I didn't use this and hooked up everything directly to my motherboard so I can't comment on the functionality on that. -Screws, additional Velcro straps, zip-ties, and other parts come in a nice divider box with quite a few extra (I lost a few screws while building and this saved me) -Case feet are 6x rubber pads, 4 in the corner and 2 in the middle -Instruction book was easy to understand and includes visuals

Cons: If you choose not to use the back built-in power hub for the RGB fans, the RGB wires for the front 2 fans will most likely be too short to hook up directly to your motherboard - they only reach about half the length of the case. The length of the fan cables for power is plenty long enough to reach the motherboard though.

Overall Review: ---OVERALL --- After going through other disappointing brands in the past, Phanteks has earned a new customer for future builds. This case exceeded my expectations and was happy to see they didn't cut corners in the build. For $130, this is a steal. Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG MSI Z370 Pro Carbon AC Intel I7-8700K EVGA AIO 280mm MSI 1080Ti Trio 2x8GB G.Skill RGB Trident Z EVGA G3 Supernova 750w Samsung 960 EVO 500GB Crucial 1TB SSD

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Wow!3/14/2014 10:02:03 PM

Pros: MOBO: MSI Z87 GD65 CPU: I5-4770K VID: EVGA GTX 760 RAM: 2X 8Gig Gskill CASE: THOR V2 Great after market cooler! Runs static 28-30c and under heavy load I top out 45-50c.

Cons: None at the moment

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