Awesome, truly wireless earphones9/4/2018 9:37:04 PM

Pros: - sound great - noise cancelling - decent battery life - easy controls -versatile - very comfortable in-ear

Cons: One major issue with these is that one (or both) earbud will sometimes just randomly lose connection for a few seconds, then reconnect. If this issue were resolved, these would easily be 5 eggs!

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They're alright10/12/2017 1:25:33 PM

Pros: They look nice The leds are a nice touch Sounds good

Cons: Don't stay on very well and are not too comfortable.

Overall Review: I ended up rma'ing these because they would not stay on my head whatsoever. I tried adjusting them, but had no luck; they continuously fell off if I moved my head in the slightest way possible.

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This case is fantastic!10/6/2017 7:32:20 AM

Pros: -Space, Space, Space. You have a ton of room for whatever kind of equipment you need. The HDD bays can be removed, which really helps free up a lot of extra space. -Great ventilation with there being some space in-between the glass panels and the case itself. -You can vertically mount a gpu (which requires a riser cable) -If you have a rig with LEDs, the tinted glass panels really help soften the brightness of the lights and give it a wonderful glow. -There are three fans total included with the case that are 140mm RGB led. -You can mount a CPU cooling radiator practically anywhere. *See other section* -There are mounts for SSDs and SSHDs on the rear side of the case which really helps with concealment and saves space! -From what I've noticed, the fans in this case and ridiculously quiet. -The controller for the fan setup it is to install/use. I found it kind of difficult to find a convenient and accessible yet hidden spot. -The front and rear panels are on a hinge, so the openly easily for quick and simple access if needed. -This case definitely has a lot of room for proper cable management.

Cons: -Weight: this case is pretty massive because of the panels. -Some of the threads that the screws go into needed some finessing. -The power button is on the far side of the case. This is not a huge deal for me; I just questioned why it's not on the side facing ou towards you.

Overall Review: When I mounted my CPU radiator in (because of the length of the tubes) I had to have it pretty close to the two grommets next to my motherboard. However, when I mounted my Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti, which is fairly long, the very end of the gpu was pretty much sitting flush against the one side of the radiator. *NOTE* This did NOT affect the gpu in terms of functionality and/or performance. This is just something to take into account when mounting the equipment in the case. I got lucky and didn't have any severe issues with parts and their dimensions other than stated above.

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Wonderful entrance-style MSI motherboard3/4/2017 1:16:13 PM

Pros: Easy installation First try boot up Matched my color scheme perfectly Zero issues overall!

Cons: Does not support nvidia SLI. :(

Overall Review: For someone a novice at their first build, this motherboard is great. I ended up trading up to the gaming pro carbon z170 (main reason was because it supports SLI), then traded up to its bigger brother, the gaming pro carbon z270.

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Fantastic board1/23/2017 7:21:38 AM

Pros: solid gpu slots that don't let the cards sag. LOVE the leds on it; each section of LEDs can be changed to a different color; also has a header for any extended LEDs that can be controlled via MSI's gaming app. I don't use any M2 slots; however, the heat shield is a great idea. The bios is easy to navigate, and it is extremely easy to OC your cpu and RAM (xmp OC the ram to 2400Mhz in my case) Easy installation and booted up first try with zero issues. Works great with my i5 6600K and was able to OC that to 4.4Ghz

Cons: The dram slot "armor" is very cheap plastic; it's more for aesthetics rather than functionality The XMP led cannot be turned off while XMP is loaded (which is rather annoying because it's a red LED in the middle of the board practically)

Overall Review: As an owner of the predecessor of this board (the gaming pro carbon z170), MSI hit the nail on the head with everything for my taste on this board. It has wonderful performance and looks all in one package.

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nice looking board and works flawlessly.12/20/2016 4:23:15 PM

Pros: very sturdy great color scheme

Cons: HUGE ISSUE: PCI-e slots 2 and 4 are WAY too close together. Trying to run gpu's in sli is an absolute nightmare. My two 980ti's reached 94 degrees celsius. They never did that on my msi gaming pro carbon mobo due to the slots having adequate spacing. At first glance, it looks like the cards would have enough space between them, but they don't. They pretty much lie against each other.

Overall Review: This board is perfect aside from the huge design flaw by MSI. Now I am stuck with this motherboard that will cook my gpu's if I play on them too long; huge disappointment with MSI and this issue. My only question is: why did they have the slot layout on this board the way it is, then change it for the MSI xpower titanium? If you are looking for a good motherboard to run gpu's in sli, this board is not the one you're looking for. Invest in the Xpower titanium.

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This card is absolutely fantastic.3/19/2016 7:33:00 AM

Pros: Handles every game you throw at it like a charm. I personally love the detailing of the card (color scheme, msi dragon on the backplate, illuminated msi logo, and red leds). The fans are automatic; they are stopped while not gaming. Uses a great interface to monitor temperature, usage, etc. It's a massive card, but has a great, sturdy quality feel to it.

Cons: None at all!

Overall Review: Upon gaming a little bit, I noticed a slight buzzing sound, which I thought was originating from the card itself. Research points to the psu as possibly creating the buzzing sound I am hearing. Don't let this prevent you from purchasing this card, though. It's worth every penny!

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Absolutely love this case!3/13/2016 4:29:36 PM

Pros: The fans are extremely quiet even on the highest setting, has great air flow, the leds in the fans are a nice touch, it's extremely spacious, and the window panel is awesome. There's plenty of room for navigating when installing the components of the computer, and you'll have room to spare. It has plenty of grommets that the wires can be fed through for excellent cable management as well. Also, the handle on the top comes in handy when needing to move the case somewhere.

Cons: The only down sides: 1) This thing is massive and weighs around 30 pounds or so just as an empty case. 2) The window panel gets scratched so easily. :( so be VERY careful when cleaning it.

Overall Review: I am entirely satisfied with this case and then some. I wanted a sturdy, white case with a window panel that has significant airflow for a good price. This is everything wrapped into one awesome case.

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