Seagate 8TB3/30/2018 7:43:41 PM

Pros: Read speeds over 100 MB/s. Speedy "burst" write speeds, but only for small write tasks. See Other.

Cons: Very slow random write speeds - dips down to 10 MB/s or worse for large transfers even with write caching. Cheap plastic case with little ventilation.

Overall Review: I purchased a bunch of these over the past two years and they've been running nearly 24/7 with no issues. Hard drive failures do happen from defects, but this is rare. Far more often heat is the killer. If you do not have an active cooling solution for this drive while writing to it for an extended period of time, then it will either disconnect from your system and require a restart or the drive will fry itself. I highly recommend doing the following before writing any important data onto the drive: 1. Hook up the drive and turn on disk write caching in Windows disk management. 2. Place the drive on its side and point a fan into the bottom vents. 3. Do a FULL format on the drive with the highest allocation unit size. If disk write caching is off then your write speeds can plummet to 10 MB/s or worse. The full format will take nearly an entire day to complete, but if the hard drive is defective then there's a good chance it will fail the full format or your subsequent file transfer, in which case you return it and get a new one. Having a fan blowing into the vents while writing to the disk all day is MANDATORY. Make sure the disk is reporting temperatures no higher than 50C or you will have problems. These enclosures used to come with Seagate Archive drives in them, but that changed to Seagate Barracuda Compute drives in the summer of 2017. Both drives use SMR technology rather than traditional PMR, which is why the random write speeds are so awful. The newer Barracuda Compute drives have improved SMR with additional caching that allows them to sustain longer "burst" write speeds to help offset the poor random write performance, but this only lasts a few minutes at best. In short, sequential writes to the drive are nice and speedy (100+ MB/s) provided you have active cooling. Random writes should only be done in short bursts or avoided altogether. The drive is also a good economical choice for mining hard drive based cryptocurrencies like Burstcoin.

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Good Value Workstation with a few Upgrades12/1/2017 7:26:59 PM

Pros: Low price for an Ivy Bridge Intel Quad Core. Supports AVX and USB 3.0 with four ports on the back. Room to add another 4 GB of RAM or more. Room for a low profile graphics card like a GT 1030. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit key. Mouse and keyboard are actually decent for being cheap-o extras.

Cons: Hard drive is slow, low capacity, and used. Works well as a doorstop. Some cosmetic damage but meh, it is B-grade. Came in a big box, but without much padding/protection.

Overall Review: You're going to want to crack this thing open and give it a good once-over before proceeding. You may discover an unsecured hard drive or some obnoxious stickers covering the rear ventilation. I added 4 GB of RAM, tossed the hard drive for an SSD, and replaced the CMOS battery as well. With that done, you will have a very decent workstation or general purpose PC at low cost. There's room for the SSD in the floppy drive bay if you really want to keep the doorstop as a storage/recovery drive. There's an extra SATA power plug for it too, but you'll need to grab a SATA cable. Buy cheap SATA cables from Coboc here on newegg. Don't buy expensive SATA cables.

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ASRock Mini-ITX Ryzen Goodness12/1/2017 6:43:35 PM

Pros: Decent VRM for a mini-itx. Great BIOS with overclocking options for days. No RAM compatibility issues + easy overclock with XMP profile. More than a couple fan headers. Board layout is sensible making building a breeze. BIOS update was simple and ASRock keeps up with AGESA.

Cons: Could use a few more USB 3.0 or 3.1 ports.

Overall Review: The only real difference between this board and the AB350 variant is the Wifi module that comes with this board has a higher max throughput and a nicer antenna. If you don't plan to literally saturate your entire broadband connection over Wifi, then just get the AB350 and put the rest toward overpriced RAM or a GPU. A mini-itx board doesn't have the real-estate to take full advantage of the X370 chipset anyway unless you're going for bifurcation in which case you do what you do, bro. It would have been nice to see one of the HDMI ports replaced by two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and maybe a display port stacked on top of the other HDMI port. I'm hard pressed to knock an egg off for that though since the board is quite solid as is and it's not like the I/O is a secret. The price is a bit steep, but I knew that going in and only got the X370 version because the AB350 was out of stock at the time (months ago).

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Does the job.8/30/2017 1:22:43 PM

Pros: Works well, reasonably priced. Metallic finish, seems sturdy. Drivers installed automatically with no issues on Win10.

Cons: Only USB 3.1 Gen 1, not Gen 2. I wish the cord was a bit longer or came with an optional extension. Obviously meant for a portable device.

Overall Review: This device is only USB 3.1 Gen 1, which maxes out at 5GBps. I could not find a hub for USB 3.1 Gen 2, so get on that, WavLink!

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Ryzen Rules7/27/2017 3:46:27 PM

Pros: Easily the best CPU I have ever owned. Unbelievable amounts of power at a reasonable price. So why are you even reading reviews on this chip? You already know this chip blows away the overpriced and underperforming chips from Intel in the same categories. You already know this is an 8 core 16 thread chip with IPC on par with Haswell at a fraction of the price. You already know you can overclock this bad boy to 3.6GHz with no voltage increase or 3.8GHz with a slight voltage bump. You already know it doesn't have a useless iGPU tacked on like some other brands insist on doing... So the only reason you're here is because you can't decide between the 1700, 1700X or 1800X. Well my friend, that's easy, get the 1700. The other two are quite literally the same chip, assumedly binned and clocked a bit higher, but at a much higher price. Not worth it. Bump up the multiplier on this chip to 3600 in BIOS and you're done. Mine has been running at 80% load at 3.6GHz at stock voltage for four weeks straight while plotting 128TB worth of hard drives to mine Burstcoin with. No issues. 100% stable.

Cons: Hahahaha! Cons? What?

Overall Review: If you need an excuse to buy this processor, then look into mining Burstcoin. That was my excuse. I have no regrets.

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Coboc DisplayPort to HDMI7/15/2017 3:00:47 PM

Pros: Good solution for the stupid design decisions of the video card, monitor, and television industries. I have three displays that only take HDMI and a video card with just one HDMI port... which is the only reason this adapter is even necessary.

Cons: Passive only. This adapter does nothing to convert the video from one format to another. It relies on your display output (video card) to recognize what's going on and convert appropriately. Doesn't push 4K. Doesn't push Ultrawide (21:9) aspect ratios at 1080p. Works only for 16:9 aspect ratios at 1080p or lower.

Overall Review: Product works well and is reasonably priced, but lack of features loses eggs.

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970 Chipset is the place to be6/10/2017 9:56:47 PM

Pros: Great board for leftover DDR3 and the aging AM3+ socket. Separate USB3.0 and USB3.1 controllers (VIA VL805 and ASMedia respectively). NO Etron USB3.0 controllers... trust me that's a good thing. M.2 socket type 2280 with full PCIe x4 support (960 Evo support). SLI or Crossfire, gigabit LAN, high def audio, 6 SATA ports, 4 fan headers. Looks nice if you're going for a red aesthetic.

Cons: I guess the dual PCI gen 1 slots are a bit meh. Making one of them another PCI-e slot would be better.

Overall Review: Before this board, I dealt with quite a few 990FX boards and the chipset always ran hot on them. However, this 970 chipset runs much cooler at around 40C. I never had much luck overclocking my FX-8350 beyond 4.2GHz on the 990FX boards anyway, even with a high-end cooler. And then my 'mighty' Sabertooth 990FX dies after just 3 years. I gotta give it to the FX-8350 though, because it seems entirely unphased by all of this. I got two of these boards and tested them both on arrival and had zero issues. I'm using this board with some leftover hardware to mine Burstcoin, so it's worth it to have a spare on hand to help avoid any extended downtime in the future.

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Molten IronWolf6/2/2017 8:47:49 AM

Pros: Faster than competitor's NAS drives at the same price point. 3 Year Warranty Over 180 MB/s on large sequential writes. 80 - 120 MB/s on random writes. Doesn't get too hot even while writing constantly. 35 - 40 C with a fan nearby.

Cons: 2/6 failed within 3 months. Not impressed.

Overall Review: This drive uses the same firmware as Seagate's older 8TB NAS drives and some of those had faulty firmware (SC60). Use CrystalDiskMark or Seagate's tools to make sure your drive has SC61 firmware and if it doesn't, send that bad boy back to newegg. When one of my older NAS drives did fail, Seagate's RMA process was all done quickly through online forms and the refurb is working fine, but that takes about three weeks. I'll go with HGST or WD from now on.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Karl, We wanted to note that firmware updates (if needed) can be done directly to the drive with a software update. It is not necessary to return the drive. Here is a link to check for firmware updates our our drives: If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our support staff directly and we will be happy to assist further: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Dark Rock 35/26/2017 7:32:28 AM

Pros: Massive. Looks great. Keeps my old FX-8350 chilly billy.

Cons: Massive (check board and case compatibility before you buy). Backplate is not compatible with some boards. Likes to block RAM slots.

Overall Review: Engineered well with high quality materials, but not with full compatibility in mind. Don't expect it to fit on smaller motherboards or motherboards that didn't come with a backplate. If it does fit your board, it will likely have to be mounted vertically with the fan blowing upwards and it may still block or overhang RAM slots. The Cryorig H7 and Hyper 212 EVO are cheaper and more compatible options, but they're also a big step down compared to this model. Be quiet! could take a lesson from Cryorig and offset the heatpipes and fins specifically to avoid the RAM slots, which could also allow for horizontal installation. The backplate is thick and sturdy and I'm glad it is, but it could be trimmed down or offset in places to help it avoid VRMs or other components that tend to pop out of the back of a motherboard.

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WD 16TB My Book Duo3/1/2017 1:13:09 PM

Pros: Cheap way to get two WD 8TB 5400RPM NAS drives.

Cons: The enclosure. Do not use it. Throw it away.

Overall Review: Do not use the enclosure by any means. It does not have any cooling fans and it cooked the two drives I had in it while they weren't even being used. I had to wait 10 minutes just to remove the drives for fear of burning myself. Same drives in other external enclosures are running at 32C... On top of that, data is automatically encrypted at the hardware level so when the enclosure fails, you lose all data on the drives. I tried the JBOD option and that blue screened my computer when trying to access the drives. Absolutely worthless enclosure. I use two Rosewill external drive enclosures instead. No issues with those.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, We thank you for providing us with the feedback from your review and we deeply regret that there was any inconvenience caused concerning the drive's heating up. Let us assure you this is not a common issue regarding this drive. This is probably caused by a defective enclosure. You could get this enclosure replaced trough warranty, swap the hard drives and allow the RAID to rebuild. We would like to follow-up with you on this to investigate further with you and determine what factors could be lending to this experience. You can get in touch with us below and bring the case number provided to the attention of our staff. Case Number: 030217-11845892 Need Help? Please contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932
Seagate NAS 8TB2/27/2017 11:38:26 AM

Pros: Lots of space. Does not use SMR. Fast: 7200RPM with big cache. Over 180MB/s on large sequential writes.

Cons: SC60 firmware is bad.

Overall Review: I bought two of these to mine Burstcoin about two months ago and one of them began to slow down recently. I used CrystalDiskInfo to check the SMART data on the drives and found the one with SC60 firmware was starting to fail, so it is currently in for RMA. The one with SC61 firmware is still doing fine.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Lian Li PE-5002/2/2017 7:01:52 AM

Pros: Lightweight and small - perfect for enthusiast mini-ITX builds. Fully modular and 80+ Gold certified. Single 12 volt rail. 120mm fan in SFX-L form factor. Includes a bracket to adapt to normal ATX form factor. Unit comes packed in thick protective foam. Has common sense features such as OTP, OVP, Active PFC. Warranty is 3 years per Lian Li's site.

Cons: Reliability unknown, but Lian Li puts out quality cases. Instructions are sparse - just a single sheet of paper. No warranty information included. Box art is bare bones.

Overall Review: The unit has been working well in my Fractal Define Nano S with no issues for a few months now. However, it didn't rest on the bottom of my case nicely with the included bracket, so I picked up a SilverStone RL-PP08B ATX bracket instead. My unit came with a solid black fan, solid black cables, and none of the plugs or ports are red. There are only two blue ports for the PCIe power cables and there's one cable with a blue plug. The box art is a bit misleading, but Newegg's pictures of the unit are accurate.

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Rosewill Enclosure1/19/2017 8:27:24 AM

Pros: Works with 8TB Seagate drives. USB3.0 and eSATA connectivity. Includes USB3.0 and eSATA cables of reasonable length. Front mesh provides good exhaust for the drive. Includes an 80mm fan with an on/off switch. Mostly aluminum, not so much plastic.

Cons: Enclosure projects the humming sound of the drive right out the front. No switch to turn off the blue LEDs, which are quite bright. No rubber feet on the enclosure, just bare metal all around. No rubber or cushioning for the drive inside the enclosure.

Overall Review: I have two of these and they are a bit louder and brighter than my fully loaded Fractal Define R4 case, so I ended up hiding under the desk. The majority of the sound actually comes from the sound of the drive spinning inside the enclosure, which easily escapes through the front mesh. The fan is actually pretty quiet and can be turned off, which is nice.

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Rosewill Prelude Verdict11/23/2016 7:16:01 AM

Pros: Inexpensive at the time. Looks nice. Fits comfortably. Two braided cables - one has a microphone. Does a decent job at cancelling outside noises* These run circles around the Sony clip-on ear-bud style phones they replaced. However, ear-bud style phones aren't really designed to compete with proper over-the-ear headphones like these.

Cons: Way too much bass. Drowned out highs and mids. Cords could be longer, softer, and have angled connectors. *The wooden cups on the phones drastically amplify any bump, scrape, or other noise making action.

Overall Review: I can confirm the other reviews and say that this headset certainly puts out a ton of bass. Too much, in fact. It's a bit like putting your head really close to the bass speaker on a sound system, only to overhear the tweeters somewhere in the background. Indeed, this design seems to 'muddy' up the sound. The bass seems to take over and forces the mids and highs to fit in where they can and then drowns them out a bit. Now, are you going to care about a little overpowered bass for 20 bucks? Maybe not, but I certainly would not have bought these at full retail price or even half retail price. Proper sound balance is the least I would expect from a heatset like this and it's just not here. Came with two cables, which is nice, but I still find myself wishing for a longer cord. I think my biggest complaint about this headset has to be the way any slight movement of the cord gets sent right up into the headset and amplified by the wooden ear cups. I use these to listen to music while doing computer work and the sound of the cord is a constant distraction. The cord really needs to plug-in somewhere that isn't wooden and give me a way to tuck it out of the way easier. If the cords were not so stiff and didn't plug directly into the wood, then this would largely not be an issue. TLDR - They beat cheap ear buds, but only buy them if the price is right. They will not beat a proper Beats or Bose headset, nor will they even come close.

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Good Value11/9/2016 12:43:22 PM

Pros: EVGA customer service. Holds its own pushing 1080P games. Good value at 120 bucks or less. ACX 2.0 cooler and a backplate. Doesn't spontaneously combust.

Cons: Not a 1060?

Overall Review: Valley Benchmark at 1080P with an AMD FX-8350 scores over 2000. Minimum FPS was a hair over 20. Not bad for a budget card. I wouldn't go any higher than a GTX 1050 for an AMD build with the Bulldozer architecture. My FX-8350 bottlenecks a GTX 1070 by a staggering amount. I'm talking a full 20 FPS lost across the board (min and max) as compared to a Skylake system with the same video card. I had to buy an Intel proc for my GTX 1070 due to the bottleneck, but I couldn't leave my old AMD rig without a decent video card. This GTX 950 filled that void nicely.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Yowza10/29/2016 10:32:40 AM

Pros: Cheap. Non-conductive. Zero curing time. Beats Arctic Silver 5 and most other pastes on the market.

Cons: Doesn't apply itself.

Overall Review: Doesn't beat premium liquid metal pastes, but those are really difficult to work with and much more expensive. Easily two or three times larger than a tube of Arctic Silver 5. I tried this stuff on an FX-8350 @ 4.4GHz with a Hyper212X in a push pull config. Idles at 20C and hits just 55C in an hour long Prime 95 blend stress test. Bye bye AS-5, we had a good run you and me.

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Well Played, SeaSonic10/26/2016 8:32:23 AM

Pros: Gold Certified 7 Year Warranty More wattage than any reasonable gaming rig will ever need. Fully modular with strong, yet bendy cables. Looks nice (for a PSU). Ridiculously good deal at 100 bucks or less.

Cons: I guess if you mount it upside down like I did, then the badge and text on the unit will be upside down... then again, if you're building an upside down PC, maybe you want that. I'm not here to judge you. That's all I got folks, there are no real cons.

Overall Review: I got better voltage stability with this unit as compared to my aging 850W Bronze unit from another manufacturer. Perhaps a higher overclock is in store for my old AMD build... Came with three velcro straps that I thought were ugly and that I wouldn't use them. I ended up using all three in my build for cable management. They look pretty nice installed. Well played, SeaSonic. Comes packed in thick foam inside a velveteen pouch. The foam is great and I can use the pouch to store my gold coins in for when I pay the tax collector or go to market. The SeaSonic logo should sufficiently confuse (dumb) thieves. Comes with a sticker. The sticker's not gold like the accents on the unit itself, but still, it comes with a sticker. Earns an extra egg for having a sticker. There should always be an extra sticker and this time there is.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
AMD Builders Beware!10/26/2016 7:40:20 AM

Pros: Compatible with 1151 socket. Much improved fan design over the 212 Evo. Good ol' direct-touch copper heatpipes. Same versatile spring-retention mounting system as the 212 Evo. Includes a PWM fan splitter to power both fans from the same CPU fan header. Fits in a Fractal Define Nano S (barely). Great bang for the buck.

Cons: Will NOT mount on AM3+ socket! I don't know what Cooler Master was thinking, but this new heatsink does NOT come with the circular grooves on the side like the 212 Evo does. Those grooves are necessary to allow space for a screwdriver so you can screw the heatsink down for AM3+! Loses two eggs for being ridiculous! EDIT: If you mount the heatsink horizontally (fans exhaust upwards), then you can mount it on an AM3+ socket, but when mounting vertically, the heatsink blocks the screw holes. The second (pull) fan must be mounted with the Cooler Master sticker facing the heatsink for proper airflow. It would be nice if the sticker were not pre-applied, so you could apply it to either side, or if Cooler Master just included an extra sticker. It'd also be nice if they pre-assembled and mounted the second fan for you like they do the first.

Overall Review: Skip this and get a CRYORIG H7 instead. Buy a second fan for it and your total cost is only five bucks more than this unit. And it will mount on a darn AM3+ slot any way you want it to. If you do get this, make sure to mount the brackets to the fan in the proper direction and don't forget to put the little black pads on to reduce noise from vibrations. Don't forget that you can MOVE where the fans are mounted on the heatsink up higher because they simply clip on. This can give you just enough clearance for higher profile RAM sticks. Also, take the fans OFF when mounting the cooler or you're gonna have a bad time. Cooler Master should just re-release the 212 Evo(+) with one of these upgraded fans. There should always be an extra sticker.

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Keep Looking10/26/2016 7:32:51 AM

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Can't beat integrated Intel graphics, even with two of them in CrossFireX. Unigine Valley Benchmark at 1080P with an FX-8350 scored just over 500 points, FPS never touched 30.

Overall Review: I guess if you flat out don't have a video card and you need one, this will do. These really aren't worth the power to blow them away with. Get a GTX 1050 instead after the prices come down. You'll be much happier.

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Quad Blaster10/11/2016 12:44:17 PM

Pros: Quality hardware and design. Large side window. PSU mount on the bottom. Sound dampening materials and rubber grommets. Large removable dust filers on the bottom and the front. Lots of mount points for SSDs and 120/140mm fans. Backplate cutout for access to the rear of the motherboard. Fits a Hyper 212X CPU cooler with dual 120mm fans and an absurdly long graphics card. Includes a splitter to power two fans from one header.

Cons: Power LED is blue, which might clash with your color scheme. It would be nice to see flat white or RGB options. No adapter mount for SFX form factor PSU. A minor gripe because SFX to ATX brackets are cheap and some SFX PSUs come with one anyway. However, it would be cool to see a Fractal designed bracket or mounting option specifically for SFX. No fan filter on the top, but I left the top closed. Top mounted fans should probably be exhaust fans anyway.

Overall Review: The best place for a HDD is on the non-windowed side where there's a dedicated mount area for it, but you could mount a second one on the bottom of the case at the front, or a 120mm fan, but not both. I vertically mounted my primary SSD on the bracket at the bottom of the case to show it off. Seriously consider an SFX PSU if you're air cooling, otherwise you're going to have very little room for airflow between the video card fans and the PSU. I chose the Lian Li PE-550 because it's black, has a 120mm fan, and includes an ATX bracket.

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Convenience12/28/2015 8:32:45 AM

Pros: Low price 4th gen i3 processor with hyperthreading Dedicated NVIDIA graphics card with 2GB of DDR3 Screen is nice and bright, not washed out Touchpad and keyboard are actually usable (also has a keypad) Battery is easily removable without tools Hard Disk, RAM, and WLAN are easy to swap out after removing a panel with one screw Laptop looks nice and is thin and light, but also pretty sturdy Processor doesn't overheat and the system stays quiet even under load They even managed to throw in a CD/DVD writer

Cons: Not a 5th gen i3 or i5 processor (acceptable for the price) Not a 900 series NVIDIA card (also acceptable for the price) Hard Disk is not solid state (I swapped it out for a 250GB Samsung 850 evo SSD) RAM is only 4GB and only one DIMM slot is available (I upgraded to an 8GB DIMM)

Overall Review: A 5th gen i3 would really take the cake, but also raise the price. As it is, this is already a lot of bang for your buck. For around $500 with upgrades, you can turn this into a really nice general purpose laptop that can even run some less hardware intensive games at decent framerates. I would describe the overall design of the laptop as excellent. I will be favoring Dell laptops from now on, based solely on how easy it was to upgrade this one and how well constructed it is for the price.

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Just buy one already.4/16/2014 9:28:13 AM

Pros: Day 1: What is this thing? How do I use it? This is weird. How do I make it go faster? Day 2: Hmm, well this is sorta cool. I'm getting the hang of it now. It's at least useful for getting across multiple screens quickly and for following text I read. I think I'll use it in conjunction with my mouse. Day 3: **Throws Mouse in Recycle Bin** **Buys 4 more trackballs**

Cons: Where's my scrollwheel, Logitech? Can I haz bettr butunz? Moar cliky plz.

Overall Review: Shop around. Amazing zon or other retailers may have a better deal. That is, if you want to risk dealing with customer service and shipping times that may not be up to par with the Egg. The egg usually ships hardware to me in a business day or less and for free, which has yet to be beaten by any other retailer I use.

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Mobo Compatibility4/16/2014 9:05:14 AM

Pros: 2 sticks rather than 4 help to support dual channel at high speeds with my AMD procs. Decent speed to cas latency ratio at a reasonable price

Cons: I bought two sets and neither set worked in my GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev 1.1 motherboard, even when set to 1333MHz manually running a single stick. They aren't listed on the mobo compatibility chart, but very similar sets by ADATA are; disappointing. I had to put my original 8 GB of Crucial RAM back in that board. However, these DIMMs did work in my newer ECS A990FXM-A motherboard. Egg lost for the incompatibility issue.

Overall Review: Ugh! Now I have to buy even more expensive RAM for my gigabyte board. But, I can't blame her, really. She has very good taste in RAM. If I were a motherboard, I would probably demand the same.

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Best in Class3/27/2014 11:58:36 AM

Pros: Minimalistic, professional look. All steel and plastic parts are high quality and fully painted. Bottom mounted PSU with cable management galore. Room for up to six 140mm or 120mm fans and comes with two 140mm fans. Bottom and front fan filters are included with easy access. Lots of airflow, but also incredibly quiet and includes sound dampening materials. Removable HDD cage yields room for massive video card installation. Both side panels and the front panel come off easily and snap back together satisfyingly. Included hardware is labeled and provided in separate bags to keep things organized. New car (case?) smell.

Cons: Fan controller only supports three fans. At least four would be preferable. Even so, I have a hard time even calling this a con because at this price point, I don't expect a case to even have a fan controller, but I didn't have a bunch of extra fans anyway, so it worked out. I moved the front 140mm fan to the top position so it blows directly at the video card with the HDD cage removed. I kept the 140mm fan in the back and added a 120mm Scythe fan on the bottom, all hooked to the three speed fan controller. You might consider putting a radiator up top to support water cooling, but beware, as other reviews note that space is severely limited and will not fit all radiators. Again, I don't even expect a case at this price point to even think about water cooling, but there it is. I just left this area sealed off with Fractal's sound dampening materials.

Overall Review: There is no side air duct on this model because it is the windowed version. I couldn't figure out how to install a 120mm fan in the front of the case without major surgery. It appears to support them, but they don't snap in like the 140s, so be aware of that or take it as a challenge. I didn't consult the manual either, so it might be a read the manual thing. The case allows a 140mm fan mounted at the bottom of the case to suck air from beneath the case through the air filter, which also filters air for your PSU, however, my PSU was too big and I had to settle for a 120mm Scythe fan in the bottom instead. The shrink wrap tubing used on one of the fans had slipped off, causing the mesh around the wires to fray out and look all nastysause. A trip to the hardware store to get shrink wrap tubing and carefully removing the fan plug to slip the tubing over the wires was necessary here. A well placed zip tie (included with the case) keeps it in place now. You will most likely need to sign for this package and/or be present to receive it upon delivery. My case was shipped incredibly fast via LaserShip. I am talking literally one day turn around here and that was with free shipping too. However, since I work all day all week, I missed both delivery attempts and LaserShip was unwilling to leave the package, even though I had signed for it to be left at my door after the first delivery attempt. It would be nice if newegg could be more explicit on what you can expect when your package arrives. Most of the time when I buy hardware from newegg, the driver just leaves the package at the door, but I can see why this would be considered a special case, being that it looks like a full-blown computer to the untrained eye. I just wish that I could have known about the policy ahead of time and either given explicit permission through newegg to have the package left at my door, or make other arrangements ahead of time to pick it up at another location.

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III Eggs for Antec Sonata III3/18/2014 7:15:30 PM

Pros: Nice sleek design. Pretty sturdy construction. Plenty of extra hardware. PSU included and pre-installed. Roomy interior. Rubber grommets for HDDs. Locking front and side panel doors. Two 120mm fan mounts. Front panel fan filter.

Cons: PSU is mounted at the top of the case, rather than the bottom and can't be removed or replaced without taking the entire motherboard out first... Lack of extra air vents, fans and fan mounts. There's only room for two 120mm fans and the second (internal) one would get in the way of a beefy video card, defeating the purpose. No vents on the side or top of the case and only one lame 120mm fan that comes with it (lame because it's a manual 3 speed switch fan, rather than having a fan header that plugs into your MOBO so it can control the fan automatically). I used two scythe fans instead. I bought this case 3+ years ago and I still have the original fan in the original box because I can't find any practical use for it... Flimsy plastic door with easily broken lock mechanism. Front filter slides out the BOTTOM so you have to flip the case sideways to get to it. Front panel does not come off easily - I ended up breaking one of the plastic clasps accidentally. No place to mount an SSD. I had to jury rig my HyperX 3K into one of the 3.5 slots, but the black cover panel had to come off for it to fit, so now you can see the SSD and a big gap when looking at the front of the case. I guess I could just let the SSD dangle in the case somewhere but that's pretty much the only other option. Forget about mounting it behind the MOBO anywhere. It won't mount to the hard drive bays and it doesn't look like they've updated the bays to support SSD since I bought mine.

Overall Review: This is an old out-of-date design that Antec merely slapped a new PSU into and upgraded it to USB 3.0. Overall, it's a good case and was a great choice years ago, but times have changed and this model's design just doesn't really cut it anymore. Only buy this case if you're on a budget and it's on sale and you aren't planning to put together a super powerful gaming rig or HTPC. Otherwise, you are much better off with say... a Fractal case and a nice beefy 80+ bronze certified PSU with some more wattage.

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